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Where To Buy Acne Patches

Where Can I Buy Acne Patches

What is the Best Pimple Patch for Your Skin? Are Pimple Patches Good for Acne?

The early-stage, upcoming ones that previously left you helpless. When I was a teenager, I where can i buy acne patches one of the lucky few who made it through high school without any acne, so I kind of thought Id be safe forever. While pimple patches may not be the most glamorous of beauty products, theyre an absolute essential to keep on-hand. They are so effective, and they work fast. If youve used hydrocolloid patches before, you know theres nothing more satisfying than seeing it turn white from a pimples gunk. 8 hours or less, where it could be easily treated at surface level. Whether you need ones that are non-drying, vegan-friendly, or deep-reaching, youll find the best in each category, below.

A substance renowned for its use in medical dressings for the way it absorbs any excess fluid associated with healing the type that creams where can i buy acne patches struggle to access. When I was a teenager, i removed the where can why should we have a healthy diet buy acne patches the following morning. And contain acne like I was doing something productive for my pimple. If youve used hydrocolloid patches before, guess How Often You Should Wash Your Hair? It was now just a pink can be used independently to placate a superficial zit. The bigger ones take about two stickers, these hypoallergenic stickers feature hydrocolloid thats lightly treated with tea tree and calendula oil.

When Not To Use Acne Patches

Although it sounds like a promising and potentially no-pain, risk-free acne treatment, acne patches may not work on all different types of acne. For example, acne patches may not work as effectively on blackheads.

Hydrocolloid patches arent comparable to regular pore strips and may not be strong enough to remove the blackheads.

Acne patches also wont help solve the root cause of the acne itself.

Pimple Patches: What They Are How They Work And The Best Brands

Jessica MigalaRoss Radusky, MDShutterstock

What is that stuff everyones sticking on their skin these days? They look like stickers because they are stickers. More specifically, theyre acne stickers that are also known as acne or pimple patches.

Basically, these are an old-school wound dressing. Acne patches are made from hydrocolloid material. Hydrocolloid consists of gelatin or pectin, says Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York Citybased dermatologist and the author of Skin Rules. They may be made only of hydrocolloid or they might also be medicated with a common pimple-fighting ingredient like salicylic acid, she adds.

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How To Apply An Acne Patch

Press an acne patch onto freshly cleansed skin, with the hydrocolloid underside directly atop the zit itself. Leave it in place for 2-8 hours , in order to let it fully extract the sebum and grime. At the end of your wear, simply peel it off, then cleanse and nourish the area as you otherwise would. You should notice that the hydrocolloid dressing is puffy or foggy, an indication that it worked to extract grimeand that any microneedles have disappeared (having released their ingredients into the skin.

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Good to know:Dermatologically tested. This product is cruelty free.

Ingredient Features

This Florence by Mills skin treatment product contains salicylic acid, meaning it can help to remove dead skin cells and to reduce natural oil production. There is also tea tree oil contained in this item which helps to sooth inflamed skin and to reduce redness.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Cruelty Free

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Patches For Active Acne

Medicated acne patches are filled with active ingredients that help to kill the acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation. The patches enhance the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.

They help to reduce bumps, pain, and redness and can be effective when treating inflamed acne, like papules. They may also help to reduce the size of lesions caused by nodular or cystic acne. The most common active ingredients of these patches are salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

They Suck The Gunk Out Of Your Pores

If you were a fan of pore strips way back when, youll love these. These patches are effective because they absorb excess fluid and have a vacuum-like effect that gets out any dirt and oil that could be causing a breakout, says Dr. Jaliman. It then converts those impurities into a gel-like substance that sticks to the patch and is sealed away from the face. Another perk: They may also prevent bacteria from entering the pimple and exacerbating redness and inflammation. This sucking effect is central to hydrocolloid technology, according to the bandage brand Nexcare.

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Best Pimple Patches Of : Acne Patches Shared By Experts

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Acne is one of the most common skin care concerns people deal with and breakouts arent isolated to teenagers. In fact, more than 50 million Americans are dealing with acne, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association . While most of us have experienced breakouts in our teens and 20s, acne can affect people later in life, too, the AADA reports. And now that Covid-19 has resulted in the normalization of face masks, many of us who outgrew teen acne are facing breakouts on our noses, around our mouths and on our cheeks what is popularly referred to as maskne. One remedy to help spot treat your pesky breakouts is to employ pimple patches.

SKIP AHEAD Best pimple patches according to dermatologists

Tips For Using Acne Patches


You can place acne patches either morning or night. Wood suggests leaving the patch on for 6 to 8 hours. She says, I recommend applying after the skin is cleansed and is fully dry acne patches do not stick to wet skin. Good point.

She says to apply moisturizer to the surrounding skin after the patch is applied, since moisturizers can prevent the patch from sticking.

We also want you to patch test, bb. Before using any new-to-you product, like an acne patch, its best to test it for any allergic reactions or irritation that may pop up for your skin type.

So, before you stick one of these guys right in the middle of your forehead, hoping to blast away a zit, test it out on your inner wrist to avoid the possibility of a big ol mess later.

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Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

King is also a fan of these pimple patches available in packs of 20 and 40 that combine hydrocolloid and salicylic acid to help remove oil and keratin debris from pores. She noted aloe vera leaf extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm redness, while vitamin A helps improve the appearance of texture and tone.

Shopping readers have previously gravitated toward Peace Out we featured the Peace Out strips in our guide to the best pore strips. The brands top-rated Healing Dots flex a 4.2-star average rating from more than 2,000 reviews at Sephora.

Clear Skin Days Blemish Clearing Patches

Sephoras dedicated own-brand blemish-control skincare line takes a minimalist approach when formulating new products to avoid any unnecessary and preventable inflammation or irritation everything in the range features 12 or fewer ingredients. Its blemish-clearing patches target and treat breakouts: containing fast-acting hydrocolloid, they have been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of breakouts and help speed up the pimple-healing process. Formulated to draw impurities such as pus and sebum to the surface, the patches can be used day or night and are best suited to normal, combination and oily skin types. A pack of 52 patches and available in four different sizes, they effortlessly tackle individual spots and larger areas of inflammation while keeping the skin under the patch hydrated. Powered with polyacrylic acid and glycerin, the patches are also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Leave on for eight-plus hours to absorb full benefits. £9 . At Urban


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Patches For Cystic Acne

Though the word needle may cause you some concern, worry not. Microneedle acne patches arent as scary as they sound, and they can be totally pain-free.

These patches contain dissolving microneedles very fine, tiny needles on one side and should be used to help treat cystic or nodular acne. The patches can help penetrate and deliver active ingredients to a deeper layer of the skin where its needed.

While their effectiveness may vary depending on the person and the depth of the acne lesion itself, it doesnt hurt to give it a try.

Patchology Breakout Box 3 : Buy Portable Acne Pimple Master Pimple ...

Featuring three different acne-fighting products, this skin-care collection ensures you’re ready and armed for whatever blemish comes your way. It comes with 12 Blemish Shrinking Salicylic Acid + Tea Tree Dots , 12 Whitehead-Absorbing Hydrocolloid Dots , and three Blackhead-Eliminating Nose Strips . Consider any acne problem solved.

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Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch 24patches $1290

These are probably some of the most highly recommended pimple patches on the internet. Made from hydrocolloid, a type of wound dressing that draws our pus and impurities, its the perfect way to speed up the healing process when a nasty pimple pops up. Theyre also great for reducing redness and inflammation as well as stopping you from picking breakouts.

Got A Pimple Emergency

Blemishes always show up at the worst times â before a date, an interview, or any time you want to show your best face. That’s why we created MIGHTY PATCH ORIGINAL, a new way to battle those pesky pimples without harsh active ingredients or drying formulas.

What is Mighty Patch Original?

Mighty Patch Acne Patches are made with the highest quality hydrocolloid, which is a fluid absorbing gel that draws out pus and other impurities from your pimple. This reduces blemish size, speeds up the healing process all while protecting your skin. Our product is made in Korea with the highest quality standards which results in better adhesion and a more consistent product. We are a NYC-based brand with complete control over our product and distribution so it’s a brand you can trust.

What pimples does it work best on?

Mighty Patch works best on pimples with fluid or pus in it. Usually that means whiteheads that have come to a head. Sometimes Mighty Patch can help coax fluids to the surface helping to bring pimples to a head. With cystic acne, we recommend you see a doctor or dermatologist. It does not work on blackheads.

What else do I need to know?

If you have known allergies to pectin or rubber, we advise not to use this product.

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Peter Thomas Roth Acne

While most pimple patches are intended to be worn at night, you can technically wear ’em during the day. The only problem? Not all clear adhesives were created equal. Meaning: some are a bit more obvious than others. So, if you’re concerned about your coworker calling out that “dot” on your chin, look no further than these translucent stickies from Peter Thomas Roth. They’re made of an especially thin material that allows the pimple patches to seamlessly blend in with your skin while still delivering salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and hyaluronic acid to treat and heal.

What About Cystic Acne


Those pimple patches with active ingredients like salicylic acid are the best options for cystic acne. By wearing it overnight after the first sign of a deep, cystic blemish, you can possibly avoid eruption altogether, and even relieve pain in one nights sleep. Less aggressive pimple patches are better for less furious breakouts.

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So Do They Genuinely Work

From my experience, the combination of acne-fighting ingredients, hydrocolloid bandage, and not being able to get at the pimple will lessen the lifespan of your unwanted little friend. Like any good treatment, though, it can only work if you let it. I suggest using the acne patches overnight. This way, youre not even tempted to pick at it, and it gets a full 6-8 hours, depending on your sleeping habits, to work its magic.

Ahead, weve rounded up some of the best-selling acne patches so you can give em a whirl.

Hero Cosmetics Invisible Mighty Patch

You’ll know these thin, hydrocolloid pimple patches are working because as they draw out all of the fluids from your acne, the invisible patches turn white. The brand claims these patches flatten acne and calm redness within six hours. That timeframe is relatively quick since other patches typically produce similar results overnight or require all-day wear, depending on the severity of your acne.

If your skin tends to scar due to breakouts, consider the Micropoint for Dark Spots pimple patches, as well. Overall, Hero Cosmetics pimple patches are popular, clean, award-winning and debuted at Target last fall you can find them at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide, too. These boast a 4.7-star average rating from 1,380 reviews at Target.

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The Best Acne Patches For 2022 Are:

  • Best overall Patchology breakout box: £18,
  • Best vegan and cruelty-free patches Starface hydro-stars: £11.99,
  • Best value By Beauty Bay dot-a-spot blemish stickers: £4.80,
  • Best for a hit of moisture COSRX acne pimple master patch: £4.75,
  • Best for catching zits early Squish Beauty flower power acne patches: £18,
  • Best quick fix ZitSticka killa spot clarifying patch kit: £27,
  • Best variety of shapes BH Cosmetics hydrocolloid pimple patches: £8.50,
  • Best for zits under the skin Revolution Skincare pick-me-not blemish patches: £6,

When Should I Not Use Acne Patches

Top 10 Best Women Acne Patches To Buy In 2019 â My Stylish Zoo

Wood says patches are pretty harmless overall, but if you have sensitive skin, you might have a reaction to the adhesive on the patch. Goldstein adds that if a lesion is actually an infection and not acne, a patch could make the infection worse.

If youre unsure if what youre lookin at is actually acne, make an appointment with a derm.

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How To Use A Pimple Patch To Help Shrink Blemishes

Above all, follow the directions on the brand youre using. Beyond that, Jaliman says that theyre best saved as an overnight treatment. At night while we sleep, skin cells regenerate, she says. Meaning: Skin is repairing and rejuvenating, and treating your skin at night can tap into that natural process, improving your results.

Wearing them at night also allows you to leave them on for a long time. To use pimple patches, first clean and moisturize your face as normal. Then apply the sticker to your pimple and wear it overnight. You can keep it on for your shower, as theyre waterproof. Then wash your face as you would during your normal morning routine.

Another note, these are clear and some people swear that no one can tell when you have them on. According to Hero Cosmetics, you can also wear them during the day and apply makeup on top.

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Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Easy-to-use and effective AF, each COSRX pimple patch is essentially a little hydrocolloid bandage that that sucks up oil and pus while protecting your blemishes from added bacteria and your own fingers. Yup, one of the major benefits of pimple patches is that they keep you from hacking at your skin. Sure, you know that you shouldn’t try to pop your pimples, but sometimes you can’t help it and then you’re left with a worsened skin situation. Slapping on a COSRX pimple patch, however, can help you keep your hands to yourself and encourage effective healing. Plus, they contain liquid paraffin to form a barrier and lock moisture into the skin, betaine salicylate to exfoliate, and white willow bark, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Buy It: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $7 for 24,

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