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What Is The Best Foundation To Cover Up Acne

How To Choose The Best Foundation For Acne Prone Skin


Theres definitely no shortage of foundations available nowadays, from affordable high street formulas to super expensive options. When it comes to acne-prone skin, though, there are a few factors that you need to consider.

The first is that the formula needs to be non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog pores. Many foundations tend to be comedogenici.e., theyre more likely to block poreswhich isn’t good for acne-prone skin as it just means the situation will end up worsening, which you definitely dont want to do.

The next thing to look for is a foundation that has additional benefits: products formulated with salicylic acid are an excellent choice. Salicylic acid is a real lifesaver for acne-prone skin types thanks to its ability to flush out pores, dissolving the dead skin that blocks pores while also reducing the production of sebum.

Finally, its worth investing in a formula thatll look as natural as possible a lot of foundations targeted towards acne-prone skin have a heavy, matte finish that can often look cakey and one-dimensional. Instead, look for products that have buildable coverage but still reduce the likelihood of that 3 pm oil slick that we all know too well.

Why You Should Try It

  • Your skin will still look like skin, which should always be the goal. Though its counter-intuitive, adding color correctors to your beauty routine lets you use less of your usual products like foundation and concealer to achieve a full-coverage result. Color correctors create a smooth, perfectly even canvas without a heavy, cake-y makeup look.
  • Its simple and quick enough to use everyday as well as for special events. Dont be intimidated by the extreme way that color correction is being shown in some of the video tutorials sweeping the beauty world. There is plenty of information thats beginner-friendly and appropriate for real life. Once youve mastered the basic technique, youll wonder how you ever lived without these candy-colored skin fixers.
  • You can fake your way to a healthy, glowing, complexion. If youve noticed that using one shade of makeup on your whole face to cover acne scars is making you look washed-out, flat, or mask-y, youll be surprised at how the right color correctors bring your skin to life. This is the key to skin that looks just as perfect in real life as it does on camera and in every type of lighting.

How The Pros Cover Up Scars

Using makeup to cover acne scars may take a bit of practice, but professional makeup artists break it down into the basics:

  • Only color correction makeup for under eye circles should be applied after your foundation. This method keeps the coverage from being wiped away or smudged during your foundation application.
  • Color correction makeup to cover acne scars and other discoloration should be applied before your foundation and regular concealer. Once youve neutralized the color issue, you may not need to use as much of your other coverage products.
  • Give color correctors time to set after you apply them. Let it dry for a couple of minutes, then apply your foundation and concealer on top, if you still need it. Dabbing your other products on with a sponge or stippling brush will keep you from wiping away the corrector underneath.
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    Cl De Peau Beaut Radiant Cream Foundation

    Cle de Peau Beautes Radiant Cream Foundation leaves skin with a natural luminosity, thanks to its cutting-edge Japanese technology and research. As well as leaving the skin with a silk-like radiant finish, the beautifying foundation delivers a protective barrier that defends against the stressful effects of oxidation.

    Does Hyaluronic Acid Help With Acne Scars

    20 Best Foundations for Acne (To Seamlessly Cover up Any ...

    Hyaluronic acid is an amazing hydrating ingredient found in a lot of skincare products. Its loved by those who have dry, dehydrated skin.

    While its not primarily used for targeting acne and hyperpigmentation issues, it promotes a healthier skin barrier that is plump and hydrated. The healthier your skin barrier, the less likely you are to get acne and the consequent scarring that comes in its wake.

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    Best Full Coverage Concealers For Acne And Blemishes

    M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer has a thick consistency and covers well blemishes, spots and acne scars. Like with all M.A.C products the key is to gradually apply the product in thin layers, until the desired effect is established.

    Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream is another great concealer pallete good for covering blemishes and spots, while still being able to perform as an under eye concealer, due to its lighter texture.

    Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer is great for covering even the darkest under eye circles, due to its perfectly blendable 2 shades system. What makes it more suitable as a full coverage product is its yellow undertones that help cover up redness and even broken capillaries.

    Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer is a full coverage, waterproof concealer, with botanical extracts and other nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, essential fatty acids, maracuja oil, vitamin C. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, imperfections, dark spots and acne marks, at the same time brightening the complexion and improving skin tone and texture.

    Murad Acne Treatment Concealer contains 2% Salicylic Acid, a popular ingredient for treating acne so this has got to be the best concealer for camouflaging as well as treating acne and blemishes. Its medium to full coverage, so not as opaque as the other concealers in this category, but it doesnt look or feel dry on any skin imperfections and it stays in place all day.

    Maybelline New York Master Prime Primer

    Those with oily skin sometimes opt not to use a primer underneath their makeup because they think it can make your face even more greasy. But with a primer like this Maybelline one, you can enjoy grease-free, oil-controlled skin without the roughness from your acne scarring.

    It blurs and minimizes imperfections that keep your skin from looking clear and smooth, like deep acne scars and large pores.

    Your makeup will go on your skin smoothly and flawlessly after using this primer, thanks to its silky matte yet not too drying finish. It allows your makeup to be more long-lasting and stay put on your face all day without melting or being easily rubbed off.

    Its the perfect formula for oily skin because its water-based, so it doesnt feel oily and greasy. It even helps manage sebum production to make sure you dont look oily throughout the day.

    If you have sensitive skin that always tends to break out, youll also love how gentle this primers formula is. Its dermatologically tested to not clog your pores, so you dont have to worry about it causing any pimples.

    • Blurs and minimizes imperfections like deep acne scars and pores
    • Allows your foundation to go on flawlessly due to its smooth matte finish
    • Lets your makeup become long-lasting and stay on your skin all day
    • Has a water-based formula that doesnt feel thick and greasy
    • Controls sebum production on the skin so that you dont look oily
    • Dermatologist-tested to not clog any pores

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    What To Look For In A Foundation For Acne

    I’ve tried hundreds of bottles of foundation , and have finally found a few that really work for me. Keep in mind you’re going to have to try several formulas before finding the perfect one, and what works for me might not work for you. “There isnt a best type of foundation for acne-prone skin, because there are many types and causes of acne,” says makeup artist . As a general rule, though, she says acne is usually easy to cover with a formula that’s dense in pigment but has a light texture: “Think a few sheer coats, instead of a spackle.” For special occasions, she suggests a full-coverage cream, but notes it can be a bit too heavy for everyday use.

    Kasey Spickard, a makeup artist in New York, notes that while those of us with acne may gravitate toward matte or powder formulas, they can accentuate healing blemishes and make them look worse. “I recommend that you look for a natural or dewy finish, which will help your skin look hydrated and healthy,” he says. Spickard says to then use powder strategically to set makeup on any blemishes. If you have a lot of blemishes to cover, he recommends a green primer or color corrector and a layer of concealer before your foundation, and another layer on top before adding powder. This ensures you get plenty of coverage where you need it, while keeping things light and dewy where you don’t.

    Over the years I’ve assembled a small army of the best foundations for acne-prone skin. Read on for my picks, as well as a few from other experts.

    We Reviewed The 32 Best Lip Balms To Hydrate Chapped And Dry Lips

    How To Cover Up Acne Properly For The Summer || Best Foundations, Products, Tips, Tricks

    Selecting the perfect foundation tube, bottle or compact is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. How on earth do I find the shade thatll match me best? Should I opt for liquid or powder? What about SPF?

    All of these questions are valid believe me. As someone who loves trying new makeup brands , Ive been wanting to dig into the makeup minefield of liquids to powders and drugstore to high-end for quite some time.

    So, naturally, I tested 38 foundations for months to put together a comprehensive list of the best ones worth your money. No more sifting through shades or spending big bucks only to discover your new foundation only lasts for two hours and becomes cakey.

    As one of our most comprehensive product reviews yet, were here to make the makeup hunting process simpler. Heres an overview of our testing method and what we looked for:

    For a closer look, I have a normal skin type with some dry spots around my nose, on my chin and above my eyebrows. But, even if you have oily or mature skin, our roundup of the best foundations can still be helpful.

    That said, we have you covered literally. From Benefit Cosmetics and FENTY Beauty to Revlon and Maybelline, check out our edit of the best foundations money can buy below. Plus, some new and not-as-talked-about brands may surprise you.

    Here are our top 15 favorite foundations:

    Wow, this foundation certainly worth the coin. Ive never applied a more luscious, creamy and flawless foundation making it our top choice.

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    Beauty Bakerie Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation

    Covering blemishes, acne scars and skin imperfections is made easy with this foundation from Beauty Bakerie. The best part? Its natural-looking.

    The Aqua Glass formula has been specially created to provide a flawless, dewy finish that leaves skin comfortable. Expect a silky-smooth result that never feels cakey, dusty or drying.

    Is Mineral Makeup Better For Rosacea

    This depends on what youre trying to achieve. In terms of safety, mineral-based powder foundations are better for your skin. They tend to be more breathable, and they usually offer more reliable sun protection because they stay on top of your skin instead of sinking down into your pores.

    The drawback, however, is that powder doesnt usually offer the same full coverage that liquid foundations do. While they can reduce redness significantly, during an active flare-up, they are unlikely to fully mask the redness. If you apply more in an effort to get better coverage, it quickly looks cakey and heavy.

    Liquid foundations are much better suited to masking redness. Its easier to build up to the level of coverage you need without getting a cakey, heavy look. Liquid foundations also tend to cling to your skin better.

    Unfortunately, they arent nearly as breathable as powder. Moreover, if you arent careful to check the formula, the risk of irritation and flare-ups from a bad liquid foundation are much higher than from a bad powder foundation.

    We recommend using a powder foundation when you dont currently have a flare-up. This will let your skin breathe and prevent a flare-up from happening. When you do have a flare-up, switch to a lightweight liquid formula that is gentle on your skin.

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    The Best Hydrating Foundation For Dry Skin: Kvd Beauty Good Apple Skin

    • Shade tested: Light For fair skin with warm undertones
    • How long it lasts: Eight hours
    • Pros: Ultra creamy and smooth, dont have to reapply, doesnt leave skin cakey
    • Cons: Not the best for oily skin

    Hello creamy. The KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Foundation Balm is one to put on your radar. Its a heavenly fix for your dry skin that doesnt leave the skin cakey or force you to reapply.

    • Shade tested: Ivoire Neutral Fair-light skin with neutral undertone
    • How long it lasts: 12+ hours!
    • Pros: Extremely blendable, super creamy and dewy, great for traveling, great control with applying
    • Cons: None to speak of

    Another creamy option is Lancômes foundation stick a travel-friendly, long-lasting and luxe option for foundation hunters everywhere.

    How To Apply Concealers

    How To Cover Acne &  Scarring  My Full Coverage Foundation ...

    Concealers have a thicker composition than foundation, and are available in cream, stick, tube, pots, and liquid.

    Although most of us need it to cover spots, blemishes, acne scars and dark under eye circles, you can also use concealers on the body to cover any unattractive marks, bruises, or scars, or to cover tattoos.

    How to apply concealer

    For the face and body , concealers with a high pigment are best for camouflaging because they provide complete coverage and last longer. You need to blend the concealer well into the skin so that it disappears, especially if you are not using a makeup foundation on the skin. You can apply concealer under or over makeup foundation, depending on the product.

    Be aware that concealers are designed to be applied over the foundation if you are using a liquid or cream base.

    If you are using a powder or dry foundation, apply the concealer underneath the base. With the exception of dry foundations, most makeup artists recommend both, under and over, when applying concealer. Your choice will become part of your working technique and style.

    Here is a make-up tutorial Ive posted on my YouTube Channel, that shows you how to apply under-eye concealers properly. Hope you like the bronzed makeup look, as well.

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    Buying Guide For Best Foundation Makeup

    When it comes to flawless makeup, it all starts with a good base. Thats why finding the right foundation is so important. Its also the makeup product thats the trickiest to get right, which is why shopping for foundation makeup is such a challenge.

    Not only do you have to figure out the right shade which is a struggle in its own right you have to choose the best formula, finish, coverage, and ingredients for your skin type and concerns. When you consider just how many foundation makeup products are available, finding the right base can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Color Corrector For Acne Marks How It Works

    • Swirling shades of green and purple all over your face may look complicated, but the concept of color correction is as basic as the standard color wheel beloved by elementary school art teachers everywhere. The bottom line? Two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel cancel out or neutralize each other when mixed together. Bonus points if youve read our color wheel intro.
    • Color correctors come in different formulas of makeup to cover acne scars that can be used on top of the marks including creams, powders, sticks or in liquid drops that can be mixed into your moisturizer, primer, or other makeup to spread over large areas of discoloration such as sallowness or rosacea. The corrector is used along with your regular foundation or concealer if you even need it.

    If youre not sure what color will correct your skin issue, we have simplified it for you.

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    The Best Foundation For Acne

    Struggling with acne is no funbreakouts are painful, hard to get rid of, and can make you feel self-conscious. Trying to cover acne with foundation helps, but sometimes, makeup aggravates your skin more than it helps it. Fortunately, beauty brands have done the work to create foundations specifically for acne.

    When looking for a foundation to reduce and soothe acne, you should look for ingredients like salicylic acid. Be sure to avoid things like parabens and phthalates in your foundation, as they cause flare-ups. If you can find a foundation thats cruelty-free or vegan, even better! But if youre looking to trade breakouts for airbrushed skin like Kim Kardashians, there are plenty of foundations to help you get there.

    Because there are so many foundations out there that help cover and reduce acne, weve compiled a list of the best foundations for acne-prone skin. Youre sure to find something on this list that will help you take on the day with your best face forward!

    What Is Color Correction Makeup

    Acne Foundation Routine Full Coverage (The BEST Foundation for Acne, ALL Drugstore Makeup)

    Color correction makeup to cover acne marks and other discoloration is a longtime makeup artist secret for film and photo shoots thats turned into a huge beauty trend. Its based on the concept of using contrasting hues to cancel out discoloration caused by acne, scars, blemishes, birthmarks, and other pigmentation issues. Now, a category that once consisted of yellow concealer has exploded into a race for beauty brands to launch a wide array of color-neutralizing liquids, sticks, powders, and multi-hued cream palettes. Available in a kaleidoscope of shades from yellow to green, lavender, orange and peach, color correction makeup goes beyond basic concealer to achieve the look of flawless, even, glowing skin in an instant without adding more layers of makeup. This unique ability to make your skin look unbelievably perfect yet undone is what makes color correctors ideal for wedding day makeup and other special events.

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