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What Color Led For Acne

The Future Looks Bright For Treating Acne With Lasers And Lights

7 Color LED PHOTON MASK-Light Therapy Beauty Masks – Acne, Wrinkles, Pores & Anti-aging Treatment

These treatments show great promise in treating acne. Some patients with severe acne cysts have seen clearing for years when laser therapy was added to their treatment plan.

More studies are needed to know what will work best for most people. In the meantime, if you think a laser or light treatment can improve your acne, you should talk with a dermatologist. This doctor can tell you if youd be a good candidate for this treatment.

Light Therapy At Home

There are some products on the market for at-home light therapy treatment. In the last few years, light treatment masks and light devices that administer blue light therapy have become popular.

Research suggests that these treatments can be effective one small study found that using self-applied blue light therapy for 28 days did reduce the number of acne lesions on participants faces.

Light therapy devices for home use may seem a bit pricey , but in comparison to the price of rounds of acne treatment in a dermatologist clinic, it is a cost savings.

On the other hand, while light therapy done at home probably works, theres no evidence to suggest that it works as effectively as professional treatment.

And What About Those Other Colors

The MMSphere emits five different colors of light and shuts off after a 20-minute session. Its violet is a combination of red and blue light, so you get both colors in one treatment.

MMSpheres last color, amber, doesnt have much of a skin care benefit, but it may be a mood booster, and is sometimes used to treat seasonal affective disorder.

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What To Expect During A Led Light Therapy

If you decide to get an LED treatment along with a massage or facial at a spa, you don’t have to do much but lie there. “We place LED panels a few inches away from the patient’s face,” says Nazarian. “Eye protection is also placed as the lights are quite bright. We treat for about 15 to 20 minutes. At first, it feels warm, but patients report liking the feeling.” The light doesn’t cause any burns or skin damage. It’s pretty much painless, and if you like lights, the colors can even be relaxing.

Led Light Therapy Colour Meanings: What Are The Differences

7 Colors LED Light Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenation Mask Device Lamp Acne ...

If youre new to the world of LED light therapy, you may have some questions about LED light therapy color meanings. LED lights used in therapy come in different colours, which all mean different things. But what is the difference between the colours of light? What are their benefits for the skin? And why is LED used in skincare to begin with? Here with all the answers, co-founder of The Light Salon Laura Ferguson breaks down LED light colours, from their meanings and functions to their long-term results for the skin and body.

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Lasers And Lights: How Well Do They Treat Acne

Lasers and other light therapies may seem like the perfect acne treatment. Just beam a light to make the acne disappear.

Using them is actually a bit more involved and the results less predictable, even in the skilled hands of a dermatologist. Still, these treatments can be an effective part of an acne treatment plan.

The following explains what you can expect from an in-office acne treatment that uses a laser or other light treatment.

  • Before and after 3 laser treatments for acne: This 29-year-old man has good clearing, but you still see some acne. Most people see clearing, but its not 100%.Studies show that lasers and other light treatments can reduce acne. Rarely can these treatments alone clear acne. To give you the best results, your dermatologist may recommend using another acne treatment, such as medicine that you apply to your skin.
  • Results vary from person to person.Right now, theres no way to know who will see clearer skin and how much the skin will clear when treated with a laser or other light treatment.

  • To get results, most people need a series of treatments. Several studies have shown that multiple treatments deliver significantly better results than a single treatment.

  • Follow-up treatments may be necessary.Results from lasers and light therapies are generally long lasting. To maintain results, however, patients often need follow-up treatments once or twice a year.

  • Good For: The Lazy Skin Care Addict Who Wants An Easy Overall Treatment

    I found this to be a great option for tackling a bit of everything. When I tested this, my skin was in one of those in-between stages: no major breakouts, but it was far from cleara few whiteheads and blackheads sprinkled throughout. I tested this mask for ten days and saw a noticeable difference in my skin: my whiteheads lasted about half the time, no new pimples popped up, and my oily skin was kept at a minimum.

    Bottom line: I found this mask easy to use. You plug the mask into the activator, which is basically a controller that has a button to start the treatment. The activator is what turns on lights, and you have thirty sessions per activator. Once you use up all thirty, you have to discard it and buy a new activator I will say, I thought the light was quite bright. Even with the built-in glasses over my eyes, I was uncomfortable. But at less than $40, this is a great intro to light therapy thats not just Instagram bait.

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    What Is Led Light Therapy

    LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skins layers to improve the skin.

    In the 1990s, NASA began studying LEDs effects in promoting wound healing in astronauts by helping cells and tissues grow.

    Today, dermatologists and estheticians commonly use LED light therapy to treat a range of skin issues. Skin specialists often use LED light therapy together with other treatments, such as creams, ointments and facials, to give you the best results.

    You can also buy an array of at-home devices that use LED light therapy, including LED masks.

    Top Light Therapy Researchers

    led face mask reviews, NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask acne scar treatment

    There are several leading researchers in the field of low-level light therapy . Dr. Tina Karu conducted ground-breaking early work in this area.

    In her 2008 paper Mitochondrial Signaling in Mammalian Cells Activated by Red and Near-Infrared Radiation, she explains that Photobiomodulation uses monochromatic and quasimonochromatic light in the optical region of 6001000 nm from lasers and light-emitting diodes to treat in a nondestructive and nonthermal fashion various soft tissue and neurologic conditions . Nowadays it is thought that this kind of treatment is based on the ability of light to alter cell metabolism as a result of its being absorbed by mitochondria and cytochrome c oxidase in particular .

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    Home Models To Buy Or Try

    While Umansky likes Lightwave and Robinson recommends LightStim, experts do agree that the do-it-yourself versions cant replace professional-quality machinery.

    Still, if youre looking to dip your toe into the LED lifestyle or want to maintain your results between sessions, you may want to put your money toward your own product.

    We scoured the internet and rounded up the best reviewed devices, along with expert approval:

    Which Kinds Of Light Treat Acne

    Doctors used to treat acne with ultraviolet light — the type of radiation that comes from the sun. UV light clears up acne, but it can also damage the skin and cause cancer. Today, doctors donât use UV light to treat acne.

    Instead, they use certain wavelengths of blue or red light. Blue and red light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria without damaging the skin.

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    What Are The Risks Of Led Light Therapy

    LED light therapy is a safe, relatively risk-free treatment. If youre thinking about buying an at-home mask or device, be sure its marked FDA cleared or FDA approved. Also, wear eye protection, such as sunglasses or goggles, and carefully follow instructions to confirm youre using the device correctly.

    Its rare to experience side effects from LED light therapy. If side effects do occur, they may include:

    • Increased inflammation.
    • Redness.
    • Pain.

    Experts do caution that while LED light therapy seems to be safe in the short term, theres less information about its long-term safety.

    What Are Led Light Treatments

    7 Color PDT LED Acne Light Therapy Machine LED Facial Mask Beauty SPA ...

    LED are essentially just infrared lights that are found in different wavelengths, depending on the color, explains Rachel Nazarian MD FAAD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. These colored lights send waves deep into the skin to trigger different reactions, she explains. These reactions caused by the different lights can trigger skin to do things like kill bacteria and stimulate regeneration, hence making them popular picks for skin care tools. This process is also sometimes referred to as photorejuvenation or light therapy.

    Another reason LED light tools have become so popular is that anyone can benefit from a little light action. LED lights are often used after facials or other cosmetic procedures and so can really be used by anyone if they want to improve mild acne, build collagen, or improve circulation, explains Shari Marchbein, MD FAAD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology, NYU School of Medicine in New York City.

    You may be wondering what the difference is between the damaging blue light from computer and phone screens and the LED skin therapy blue light. The difference is in the wave lengths. Screen blue light is potentially damaging due to it emitting the shortest wavelength at the highest energy, a.k.a. radiation, which can lead to free radicals that damage the outer layer of skin. Beneficial blue light sends low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing it to trigger the healthy reactions mentioned above.

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    Do They Achieve Results

    Blue light can help improve acne, but many over-the-counter topical medications have far more evidence of efficacy than the LED devices do, Avram noted. Still, if somebody is looking for an alternative acne treatment, there’s nothing wrong with using an LED light, he added. Gohara considered the masks as adding a little bit more power to the anti-acne punch that’s already in place.

    If you are looking purely for cosmetic improvements such as younger-looking skin, dont expect dramatic results.

    In terms of preventative aging, the effects, if any, would be modest at best with usage over a great deal of time, Avram said.

    If people see any improvement at all, what they might notice is maybe improved texture and tone of their skin, maybe a little bit of lessening of redness. But often the improvements, if any, are quite subtle and not always easy to detect.

    The LED mask is not going to be as good as Botox or a filler at smoothing wrinkles, but it could add a little extra radiance, Gohara noted.

    Led Acne Treatments: Blue Or Red Light Therapy

    Blue light and red light are the most common wavelengths used to treat acne, and they both have positive effects on acne and skin. Research is showing that light therapy may be most effective for acne when red and blue light therapy are used together. Lets start by breaking down the difference between blue light and red light spot treatments for acne.

    Blue light therapy is used against acne because wavelengths of blue light have an antimicrobial effect, killing bacteria on the skin that gathers in pores and oil glands and causes acne breakouts. In clinical research, blue light has been effective for acne treatment, inducing photodynamic destruction of bacteria on the skin. Blue light can also help eliminate free radicals that oxidize on the face. You can buy numerous blue light therapy masks and wands online or from beauty retailers.

    Red light therapy isnt antimicrobial like blue light. Instead, wavelengths of red light have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and promote the healing of skin and acne scars. While blue light kills acne-causing bacteria on the surface, red light works below the surface and in the cells, helping to repair damaged tissues and rejuvenate the skin from within.

    As for near-infrared light, research shows its less effective for acne than red light therapy. . One trial compared red light versus NIR light for acne and determined that red light therapy is safe and effective to treat acne compared to NIR light, which doesnt work as well.

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    What The Studies Say

    Several in vitro studies show that green can stimulate fibroblasts, hepatocytes , neurons, adipocytes , mitochondria etc.

    However, academia is still waiting for a clear demonstration of its clinical efficacy.

    Furthermore, green is significantly absorbed by melanin in the epidermis increasing the risk of persistent hyperpigmentation!

    How Led Light Therapy Works

    7 Color LED light and spray facial beauty acne wrinkle remover pdt led light therapy machine

    Light therapy works by impacting the function of cells in your skin. As your cells absorb wavelengths of light, they produce energy more efficiently, in structures called mitochondria. Specific wavelengths of light impact the cells in different ways, including:

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    Is It Safe To Do At Home

    Go ahead! Both of our experts say using an at-home light is totally safe. The only downside is that they are a fraction of the strength of what you would find in-office, Dr. Nazarian explains. But benefits are still there, and I would recommend home treatments over doing nothing.

    Can you mess it up and hurt yourself? Nope! Its totally pain-free and doesnt cause any damage. According to Dr. Nazarian, LED lights do not create burns or skin damage and most impressively, they can be used on every skin type and color. The most important thing is to wear eye protection to protect your eyes from the light, she says. Dr. Marchbein agrees and explains that although LED lights dont damage the eyes per say, they can be quitebright.

    Lastly, dermatologists say to avoid open wounds or active skin infections, Dr. Marchbein adds. This is overall a very safe treatment, she says. LED does not contain UV light and so is not damaging to the skin.

    Good For: Someone Who Wants It All And Is Willing To Pay For It

    Alright, first thing’s first with this light: Its a three in one. Theres blue, red, and yellow light in one device. Now, obviously I feel pretty well versed in the blue and red light territory, but yellow light which targets collagen production was fascinating to me. This handheld device is super easy to use and youre never more than a click away from each light. I tested this product for about five days and felt like I was basically having a rave in my bathroom each night.

    Because there are three lights, you have the option of using just one treatment or using a combo of a few. I tended to stick to blue and red each night, with a little yellow here and there. The instructions say to use for 10 minutes per application, twice daily. The overall effects were solid: blemishes looked less red and irritated with the blue and when I used the yellow, I swear my skin looked just a little perkier.

    Bottom line: Because of the amber and red lights, which tend to have results that take time to surface, sticking to the proper usage method is crucial to seeing the improvements. Also, for $265, youre going to want to stick with this treatment to make sure it’s worth every penny.

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    Clueing In Through Consultation

    In order to formulate an effective treatment protocol for an acne client, it is imperative to understand their specific concerns. The power of observation can also contribute to the ultimate plan, but what the client says and what the professional sees are equally important. It may seem obvious that the client has open or closed comedones, papules, pustules, or nodulocystic acne and appears to have grade I, II, III, or IV acne. His or her skin may be oily, dry, dehydrated, or a combination of all of three. Redness, inflammation, pitted scarring, and hyperpigmentation may all be visible, but it is valuable to find out what bothers the client the most. Consider what cannot be seen. Is the acne painful? Does the client have acne on his or her body that is covered by clothing and is not visible? Is visible acne worse that day, better, or typical for the clients breakouts? His or her age, physical activity, stress level, and general health are also relevant and should be considered as steps taken for an effective solution. The clients concerns will guide the treatment process, but the consultation is a perfect opportunity to educate the client on their particular skin condition, how they can be helped, why aggressively scrubbing their face daily using harsh topical agents and skipping a moisturizer or avoiding sunscreen is not a good idea, and what they can do at home to expedite a resolution.

    Answer: Does Led Therapy Work For Acne

    7 Color LED Photon Light Therapy Face Body Beauty Machine Skin ...

    Hello. LED therapy can help with acne by killing acne bacteria. In that regard it’s like Benzoyl peroxide and many antibiotics. Because there is no cure for acne, different treatments will have different benefits for different patients. If you have not down well with options like over the counter products, antibiotics, Retin A, Benzoyl Peroxide or even Accutane, then you may want to consider a light based treatment like LED. At our practice, we use LED combined with aminolevulanic in a procedure called Photodynamic therapy. This process kills acne bacteria but also helps shrink sebaceous glands. Both help in fighting acne.

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