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What Causes Acne On Cheeks

Home Remedies For Sudden Acne Breakout

What Causes Acne On Cheeks chin Forehead Face

1. Topical creams like combinations of Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinoids and oral medicines can help in reducing acne naturally.

2. Dr Smiti also suggests chemical peels for reducing acne.

3. “Inflamed acne which need improvement in a day or two can be treated with Intralesional Steroid by a dermatologist,” she says.

4. Dr Rahul suggests that washing hair regularly can also prevent sudden acne breakout. Oil from your scalp on reaching your forehead or other parts of the face may be the reason for sudden popping up of pimples.

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Pores Clogging Skincare Products

Say a big no to pore-clogging comedogenic ingredients to avoid unwanted pimples on your face. Many human and animal studies have concluded that cosmetics with comedogenic properties block skin pores and exacerbate the acne.

On the other hand, non comedogenic skincare products are safe alternatives to opt if you have oily and acne-prone skin. To deal with the acne, dermatologists recommend using face cleansers which have best acne-fighting ingredients with non-comedogenic properties.

What Are The Different Types Of Acne

Acne can take several forms. They include:

  • Blackheads: Open bumps on the skin that fill with excess oil and dead skin. They look as if dirt has deposited in the bump, but the dark spots are actually caused by an irregular light reflection off the clogged follicle.
  • Whiteheads: Bumps that remain closed by oil and dead skin.
  • Papules: Small red or pink bumps that become inflamed.
  • Pustules: Pimples containing pus. They look like whiteheads surrounded by red rings. They can cause scarring if picked or scratched.
  • Fungal acne : This type occurs when an excess of yeast develops in the hair follicles. They can become itchy and inflamed.
  • Nodules: Solid pimples that are deep in your skin. They are large and painful.
  • Cysts: Pus-filled pimples. These can cause scars.

All of these forms of acne can affect your self-esteem. Its best to seek help from your healthcare provider early so they can help determine the best treatment option for you.

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What Is The Best Treatment For Acne

Isotretinoin, often known by its original brand name Accutane, is an medication that has been shown to be the most effective treatment for nodulocytic acne. However, its effectiveness has a downside and causes serious side effects, some of which can last a lifetime.

What is a pimpleWhat is a pimple and why do I get them? Pimples, also known as acne, occur when the skin’s sebaceous glands become overactive and the pores become inflamed. Certain types of bacteria on the skin can make acne worse. Pimples can appear anywhere on the skin, but they are most common on the face.What should you put on a pimple?Try benzoyl peroxide, which kills acne-causing bacteria. Use salicylic acid. Like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid kil

Why Does Shaving Cream Cause Acne On My Cheeks

What is causing my acne?

Shaving Gel Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is also found in toothpastes, shampoos and other personal care products and is known to cause skin irritation. Many shaving creams also contain odors created by chemicals that can also irritate the skin.

How to get rid of pimple on lipHow to get rid of pimples the natural way?Tea Tree Oil Application Tea tree oil can be applied to the face to help reduce acne.Using green tea Green tea is very good for your health, but many people don’t realize that it is also very good for your skin.Using Aloe Vera to Hydrate Aloe vera is considered to be one of the most effective plants for fighting all types of bacteria.Why do

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Your Phone Spreading Bacteria

Your phone spends time in many different places, which ultimately leads to the collection of bacteria. While this alone is not a big deal, it becomes a potential issue when we touch our phone and then touch our face or worse, put our phone directly up to our ear. Unless youre disinfecting your phone screen 24/7, its likely that at least some bacteria is getting transferred to your face. This could in turn lead to clogged pores, which ultimately causes or worsens acne.

How Do You Get Rid Of Acne On Your Cheeks

The best are benzoyl peroxide and sulfur, which kill bacteria and gently remove skin cells. Apply a tablespoon of cleanser to fingertips and gently massage cleanser in small circles all over your face. Make sure to focus on the cheeks and around the mouth. Rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat your face dry with a towel.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider About Acne

  • What type of acne do I have?
  • How severe is my acne?
  • Do I need to see a dermatologist?
  • Do I need a referral?
  • What over-the-counter medications do you recommend?
  • What prescription medications do you recommend?

A note from Cleveland Clinic:

Acne is the most common of all skin conditions and can have a profound psychosocial impact.

Nose Acne And Blackheads


Blackheads are small clogged pores that turn black because the trapped oil and skin cells are exposed to the air. People tend to get blackheads on their nose because the skin on and around your nose has a high concentration of oil glands.

You might try a pore strip once or twice a week, such as Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. .

Since your nose might get oilier than other parts of your face, you might not need to apply moisturizer as much there.

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You’re Drying Out Your Skin While Sunbathing

By now, you know that baking in the sun and in tanning beds causes skin cancer, but if that still hasnt stopped you from hitting the beach without sunscreen, maybe this will: Contrary to popular belief, the sun isnt healing your acne, its actually making it worse. On top of all the other damage, the sun dries out your skin and triggers excess oil production, which, hi, is one of the acne causes.

The zit fix:

For starters, stop going to tanning beds. Period. And if you are in the sun, make sure to slather on a titanium dioxide- or zinc-based sunscreen, and wear a hat to shield your face from harsh rays.

When To See A Doctor For Acne

You need to see a doctor for acne under the following conditions

  • There has been no improvement in your skin condition despite the use of the best home remedies.
  • When acne is associated with fever.
  • Acne rapidly developing into a puss-filled, painful abscess.
  • Acne producing scarring or hyper-pigmentation needs proper treatment from a dermatologist.
  • Acne specifically does not require any treatment unless it is of a severe form. What causes pimples on cheeks generally helps in guiding the line of treatment so that the root cause can be addressed.

    Grade 1 and 2 acne can be treated by simply taking better care of the skin by regular cleansing, dietary and lifestyle modifications.

    Grade 3 and 4 cystic acne requires dermatological assistance as these are severe forms of acne and can produce severe scarring if left untreated or if managed poorly.

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    Can Birth Control Pills Help Treat Acne

    For women who break out mainly around their menstrual cycle, some birth control pills can help. Research shows that these pills can clear acne by slowing down overactive oil glands in the skin. Sometimes, birth control pills are used along with a drug called spironolactone to treat acne in adult females. This medication lowers levels of the hormone androgen in the body. Androgen stimulates the skin’s oil glands. Side effects of this drug include irregular menstruation, breast tenderness, headache and fatigue. Spironolactone is not appropriate therapy for all patients.

    Your Face Scrub Is Making Your Breakouts Worse

    Not regularly exfoliating is one of the acne causes, yes, but if youre of the mindset that the more you scrub your skinwhether with a washcloth, rough acne face washes and face scrubs, loofahs, or cleansing brushesthe smoother it will be, Im here to tell you that your breakouts are only gonna get worse. The idea here is to repair your skins protective barrier to keep bacteria out, not cause further trauma by scrubbing the sh*t out of it.

    The zit fix:

    Wash and exfoliate your face with a mild yet effective formula that contains chemical exfoliators and dont require scrubbing, like lactic and glycolic acids.

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    Your Cloth Face Mask Is Causing Maskne

    If you’ve noticed more breakouts on your chin, jawline, and cheeks as a result of wearing your cloth face mask, you’re not just seeing things. Turns out, all that sweat, oil, bacteria, and humidity trapped under your face covering can create the perfect breeding ground for breakouts.

    The zit fix:

    The CDC recommends wearing face masks, so consider switching yours to one that’s made with a breathable fabric and stock up on a few so you always have a clean one ready to go. Oh, and if you’re not washing your face twice a day and your mask after each use, you’re doing it wrong. Remember all that oil and bacteria trapped between your face and your mask? Yeah, you don’t want to reintroduce that if you’re trying to avoid breakouts. And lastly, skip makeup. Since you’re covering your face, you won’t need to wear a heavy foundation underneath it that could cause clogged pores anyway.

    Hairstyling Products That Touch Your Skin Can Contribute To Acne

    Santi Nunez/Stocksy

    Breakouts caused by hair-care products are so common that theres a name for them: pomade acne.

    Styling products seep oil onto the forehead, which can trap acne-causing bacteria in your pores, says Richard Fried, MD, PhD, the director of Yardley Dermatology Associates in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and the author of the book Healing Adult Acne.

    Clogged pores become inflamed, resulting in redness, pus, and ultimately blackheads and whiteheads along the hairline and forehead.

    Your hairstyle matters too: Bangs make acne worse by bringing skin-clogging hair products right against your forehead. .pdf” rel=”nofollow”> 9)

    Many times, what youre using on your hair winds up on your face, especially if you use products with spray applicators, Dr. Fried says.

    Zit zapper Apply products with your hands and keep them away from your hairline. After applying, wipe your skin with facial cleanser to remove any stray styling product.

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    Cheek Acne Treatment #: Take An Oral Contraceptive

    There has long been a debate whether birth control helps or worsens acne. For some women, taking an oral contraceptive can help regulate hormones and help get rid of cheek acne. If youre considering taking birth control for acne, you want to choose one that has the right amount of estradiol and low levels of progestin. Before you try to control your acne with birth control, youll want to speak with your doctor.

    How Is Acne Diagnosed


    Your healthcare provider can diagnose acne during a skin exam. They may also ask if youre undergoing significant stress or if you have a family history of acne, all of which are risk factors. Teenage girls and women may also be asked about their menstrual cycles, as breakouts are sometimes related. Sudden, severe acne outbreaks in older people can sometimes signal another underlying disease that requires medical attention.

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    Adjust Your Skincare Routine

    Some skincare products can irritate the skin. If you notice that your current routine is causing discomfort or simply not working, switch it up. While you typically cant go wrong with gentle, unscented soap and warm water, you may need additional treatment if your acne is severe. In this case, its necessary to consult a doctor, so they can assist you in finding a routine that best meets your needs.

    Heavier Sunscreens May Promote Acne Breakouts

    Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy

    Sunscreen is a must-have if you have acne-prone skin, but which sunscreen is right for you?

    People with acne or acne-prone skin should look for oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreens, says Yoram Harth, MD, a dermatologist and the medical director of MDacne in San Francisco. “Heavier” sunscreens, which arent labeled as oil-free, can clog the skin pores and cause more acne, he says.

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    Adult Acne: Understanding Underlying Causes And Banishing Breakouts

    • , Contributor

    “Im not a teenager anymore, why do I still have acne?!” This is a question we hear from patients on a daily basis. The truth is, it is quite common to see acne persist into adulthood. Although acne is commonly thought of as a problem of adolescence, it can occur in people of all ages.

    Adult acne has many similarities to adolescent acne with regard to both causes and treatments. But there are some unique qualities to adult acne as well.

    You’re Not Washing Your Face And Pillowcase Enough

    Acne Face Map: What Are Your Breakouts Telling You ...

    During the day, dirt, oil, makeup, and grime build up on the skin. If you don’t wash your face before you go to sleep, all of that garbage then gets transferred to your pillowcase, which gets transferred back to your face again. Board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, says long-term exposure of your skin to this type of soiling, along with the friction of the face rubbing against the pillowcase, may promote inflammation and acne breakouts. But that’s not all! An oily environment may be a breeding ground for bacteria that can infect the skin if there are any raw or open areasone of the many acne causes.

    The zit fix:

    Wash your pillowcases every few nights. Oh, and if you haven’t yet, switch to a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction .

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    Stress Is Accompanied By Hormonal Changes That Increase Your Risk For Acne

    Are you worrying about that deadline for a big project? Relationship troubles keeping you up at night? While stress alone cant spark breakouts, it can exacerbate them.

    Stress can worsen acne by leading to a release of inflammatory chemicals called neuropeptides and hormonal changes, Fried says.

    Even good stress, like getting ready for a big event, might trigger breakouts. Thats why a huge pimple pops up on your wedding day or before a big date.

    Zit zapper Use acne products with ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to clear up stress-induced breakouts. To prevent future flareups, find a way to calm your nerves, whether its yoga, deep-breathing, or watching a chick flick.

    Why You Get Acne On The Cheeks

    Unlike breakouts on your chin or T-zone, spots on your cheeks dont necessarily reveal much about the underlying cause. Could be genetic, could be a fluke

    Cheeks dont tell us much, Dr. Kassouf admits. Still, there are some things to keep in mind when treating blemishes here.

    The skin on your cheeks tends to get dry and irritated more easily than the skin on the rest of your face, so dont go crazy with acne treatments, she says. You can treat cheeks with the same products you use elsewhere, including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids.

    But instead of applying it daily, go for every other day on your cheeks. Youll still get the benefits without the irritation, she says.

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    A Final Word On Identifying The Cause Of Your Acne And Zapping Zits For Good

    Even though its possible to get acne well into your twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond, pesky pimples dont have to take over your face.

    Take note of when pimples occur to help you identify a pattern. Recognizing the underlying causes of your adult acne is the first step to getting blemishes under control.

    Acne On Cheeks Causes And Cure

    Why You’re Getting Acne Breakouts On Your Cheeks?

    Upper CheekYour upper cheek is linked to your lungs. Outbreaks here can be caused directly by smoking and passive smoking. The air you are breathing will show in this area of your face, so you are more likely to break out in this area if you are living in a highly polluted area.If you sleep on the side of your face, or use your mobile phone on this side, the germs and dirt can be transferred and will clog your pores, causing breakouts.Pimples on the chest, as well as on the back and cheeks indicate the lungs overload. According to the Eastern medicine, the lungs accumulate unbalanced, heavy and viscous energy that does not find a way out.

    Lower CheekBreakouts on your lower cheek can be an indication of poor dental hygiene. If you have any infections in your mouth, especially involving your gums, this will show on the outside too.

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    What Are The Best Remedies For Acne Scars

    Some of the most effective home remedies for acne scars include sandalwood, ice, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, turmeric, and aloe vera. You can also treat acne scars with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, lavender oil, fenugreek, and various organic foods. Regular hydration also helps improve skin health.

    Vaseline benefitsWhat are the health benefits of Vaseline? In the case of using petroleum jelly for the skin to treat acne, petroleum jelly can act as a skin barrier and protect the skin from the bacterial load that can cause infection. Petroleum jelly also soothes painful pimples and reduces redness.What are the side effects of Vaseline?As a general rule, no side effects are seen with daily use of petroleum jelly. However, since petroleum jel

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