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Is Differin Gel Good For Acne

Why Consistent Skin Cell Turnover Helps Prevent Acne

My Favourite Acne Treatments – Adapalene | Dr Sam Bunting

Sebum and bacteria can definitely clog pores and lead to acne, but pores can also get clogged by skin cells, and as we discussed before, thats the kind that Differin is especially helpful with.

Consistent cell turnover helps prevent clogs because it keeps the process moving. If lots of skin cells are produced and then they live longer than normal, they get stuck in the pore. Even though new cells are being created, the old ones wont shed because theyre still growing. If skin cells are produced normally, but die abnormally fast, then those cells block pores too. The dead skin cells are free to be shed, but there arent enough new skin cells to replace them. In both scenarios, its not the amount of skin cells that is causing the issue, its abnormalities in the life cycle.

The reason Differin for acne works is because it regulates these abnormalities and keeps pores clear. Sebum and bacteria could still pose a problem, but stable skin cell turnover can help prevent their influence as well. Its harder for sebum and bacteria to build up in a pore if it is producing and shedding skin cells at a consistent rate.

It’s Not For Everyone

The FDA advises that women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding not use Differin. Some studies have linked other retinoids to birth defects, and there aren’t enough good studies on adapalene to deem it safe for pregnancy.

You should also skip Differin if you have ultra-sensitive skin or certain skin conditions Dr. Jaliman recommends those with eczema or seborrheic dermatitis avoid it.

How Does It Compare To Other Products For Serious Pimples

Differin acne treatment is not really as effective for serious inflammatory acne as some other retinoids, such as Retin-A or Tazorac. Cystic acne, specifically, may or may not respond to adapalene 0.1% or 0.3%. In this regard, products like Retin-A on their own are often more helpful than adapalene. However, Differin in combination with other treatments could work.

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It Doesn’t Always Play Well With Others

In addition to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, you shouldn’t apply Differin while also using products that contain chemical exfoliators or drying agents . Like retinoids, exfoliators increase cell turnover, but too much exfoliation can lead to raw, irritated skin. Toners, meanwhile, can be too drying when used along with a retinoid.

Instead, follow Differin with an ultra-rich moisturizer that will calm irritation and deliver much-needed hydration. We like CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion , a cult favorite that’s famously gentle.

It Boosts Collagen Production

Differin Gel Acne Treatment

The skin produces less collagen as you age, leading to dull, aging skin plagued with fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to boost collagen production for firmer and radiant skin, using the Differin gel will leave you with the best results. It penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to allow easier skin cell regeneration, allowing more collagen to be produced.

Because of the Adapalene, the gel also acts as an exfoliant that will reduce signs of aging. In addition, it comes as an easy-to-apply water-based gel that is gentle on your skin. You will notice fresher-looking skin within weeks of using it, and it would be best to continue using it as part of your skincare routine.

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First Retinoid Approved For Over

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Differin Gel 0.1% , a once-daily topical gel for the over-the-counter treatment of acne. Differin Gel 0.1% is approved for use in people 12 years of age and older.

Differin Gel 0.1% is the first in a class of drugs known as retinoids to be made available OTC for the treatment of acne, and contains the first new active ingredient for acne treatment for OTC use since the 1980s. Differin Gel 0.1% was originally approved in 1996 as a prescription product for the treatment of acne vulgaris in patients 12 years of age and older.

Millions of consumers, from adolescents to adults, suffer from acne, said Lesley Furlong, M.D., deputy director of the Office of New Drugs IV in the FDAs Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Now, consumers have access to a new safe and effective over-the-counter option.

Acne is a common skin disease that affects approximately 50 million people in the United States. Acne pimples form when hair follicles of the skin clog up. Generally, pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Anyone can get acne, but it is most common in teenagers and young adults. Acne can cause scarring and have adverse psychological effects . Several OTC and prescription treatment options are available for people with acne.

Differin Gel 0.1% is distributed by Galderma Laboratories, L.P., based in Fort Worth, Texas.

What To Know When Buying Products For Acne

Experts told us acne-fighting products can be used every day salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, for example, can be used both in the morning and at nighttime. Adapalene can be used during the day since its more stable than older retinoids, according to Bordone however, if you are going to get a lot of sun during the day, its better to use it at night since it can make your skin more sensitive to the suns UV rays. For those with sensitive skin, Bordone suggested using acne-fighting products every other day at first and patch-testing them to make sure theres no allergic reaction.

OTC products can help with mild to moderate acne, but they generally take regular daily use for three months to see results, Deignan said. It’s also safe to use all of the aforementioned acne-fighting ingredients together, but keep in mind that this can cause a lot of irritation and layering products on top of each other wont make them more effective, according to Graber.

The dermatologists we spoke to noted a few other considerations when using skin care products on acne-prone skin.

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What Are The Best Ingredients For Acne

The dermatologists we spoke to highlighted four key ingredients to help fight acne: salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, adapalene and azelaic acid. These are available as prescriptions for more stubborn acne, but there are plenty of over-the-counter products that offer these ingredients at a lower dosage.

Other acne-fighting ingredients found in OTC products include alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids . These compounds can help with clogged pores like blackheads and can cause the top layer of dead skin cells to shed, according to Dr. , a board-certified dermatologist and associate professor at NYU Langone Healths Department of Dermatology. However, experts agreed you should consult your dermatologist to see what works best for your skin and wont cause irritation .

How To Get The Most Out Of Differin Gel


Use a mild face wash, like Differin Daily Refreshing Cleanser, to remove surface oil and dirt without overly drying skin.

Then apply a thin layer of Differin Gel once every day all over your face â even when youâre not breaking out. Differin Gel might take a few weeks to start to work, and during this time, you could experience some dryness and irritation while your skin gets ready for gorgeous.

Keep skin protected all day with a hydrating SPF lotion like Differin Oil Absorbing Moisturizer, and soothed all night with a gentle moisturizer like Differin Soothing Moisturizer.

Clearer skin, eventually! The retinoid in Differin Gel may take a few weeks to work, and it may seem like itâs getting a little worse before it gets better. But, like your old track coach used to say, ‘You just gotta push through it!’

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What Clears Acne Scars Fast

How To Remove Pimple Scars From Your Face

  • Lemon Juice. Lemon juice not only has powerful skin lightening properties but also heals and makes the skin look fresh and youthful.
  • Baking Soda. Because baking soda has exfoliating properties, it can be used as a homemade remedy to erase pimple scars.
  • Honey.
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    Our Skincare Brand Is Live

    After five years of writing research articles on Simple Skincare Science, we have developed our own products based on the content written around this site. To place an order simply go to, or for updates! We hope you have a great day

    Kinda late to the party, but WOHOO! Differin has officially been approved for over the counter use in #Amurica. Its about time the peasants get a new acne medication, says the FDA.

    To celebrate this wondrous occasion I thought Id do a differin review. or more like OVERVIEW since we will literally be going over everything you need to know. Lets get started!

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    It Treats Or Reduces Skin Inflammation

    Inflammatory acne, such as pus-filled pimples and cysts, manifests as painful bumps on your skin. To heal them, you will need a gel designed to reduce inflammation, and this Differin Gel does the job perfectly.

    It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties thanks to Adapalene, which also reduces skin redness. In general, most topical retinoids such as Adapalene are powerful anti-inflammatory agents used in treating inflamed acne such as pustules and papules.

    Better Acne Products Than Differin

    3 Pack

    Instead of working to mitigate the many side effects associated with retinoid-based products like Differin, someone trying to reduce their acne could first try a gentler skincare regimen that is still effective against acne like the kits offered at Exposed.

    Exposed uses benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to reduce acne plus natural extracts like sage and passion flower to soothe redness.

    The skin turnover associated with retinoids can also be achieved by ingredients like the azelaic acid found in the Exposed Clearing Tonic without the side effects like photosensitivity and dryness or peeling.

    The Exposed method to heal acne combines the best of science and nature to reduce acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation, and clear skin during present breakouts while preventing future ones.

    Other Posts

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    How To Tell If You’re Suffering A Reaction

    Because of the Differin purge causing the acne to return, it can be difficult for a Differin user to tell when they’re suffering an actual reaction to the treatment. There are four situations in which you should have your symptoms inspected by a medical professional:

    • You break out in new areas. The Differin purge will only bring existing blockages to the surface, not create new ones.
    • The acne gets significantly worse than ever before. A resurgence of your acne shouldn’t be markedly worse than it was before you began treatment.
    • Major side effects become apparent. Aside from your original acne, the development of pain or swelling on the application area, or irritation, redness, itching or swelling of the eyelids.
    • You see no improvement after 2 months. A purge shouldn’t pass 2 weeks, so if there are zero improvements after 8 weeks, you should discuss other options with your doctor.

    If we’ve prescribed you Differin and you’ve found yourself in such a situation, let us know. We’ll take a close look at your symptoms and find a better alternative.

    What Is Adapalene Gel

    Adapalene is a retinoid, which is a catch-all term for vitamin A products. Retinoids increase the rate of skin cell turnover, which means that they increase the speed that new skin cells are made and travel to the surface of the skin. This can prevent dead skin cells from building up on the surface of the skin and blocking pores. They can also reduce the inflammation that is commonly experienced with acne.

    Compared to tretinoin, the original topical retinoid, adapalene is a lot less irritating, more stable, and is better able to penetrate the oil glands which makes it particularly suitable to treat acne.

    Lower concentrations of adapalene gel are available over the counter in some countries, but higher concentrations usually require a prescription.

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    Overview Of Differin Gel

    Established in 1981 and headquartered in Switzerland, Galderma is an umbrella company that makes many skincare brands like Differin, and is now owned by a group of private investors.

    With their special formulation approved by the FDA since 2016, the brand has been operating for almost 20 years in creating products for teens and adults with acne-prone skin.

    Of course, even with their long history, there are always pros and cons to any skincare product and brand, so well take an in-depth look to provide some transparency around what they have to offer.

    Mistake #: Expecting Results Overnight

    Your Differin Skincare Routine | Acne + Anti-aging Solution with Adapalene

    People start using differin and expect results overnight and they get very frustrated when they dont see results and they abandon it too quickly.

    You want to keep using differin gel at least for 90 days, takes about 12 weeks to start seeing results. If you just use it for a week and expect to see a difference, youre going to be let down. It takes time. Anything in the skin takes time.

    Nothing really yields results overnight!

    Youve got to stay consistent, youve got to keep using it in order to see results. My tip is take a photograph of your skin before you start using it and take a picture of your skin every month while youre using it and then compare the photographs.

    Always take the photograph in similar lighting, with a similar setup, ideally in front of a window, so you have natural lighting in your favor, so you can really see your progress.

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    Ingredients: It’s A Retinoid Not Retinol

    What is the difference between a retinoid and retinol? Well, its mainly about how fast they work. In a previous story for Byrdie, Senior EditorLindsey Metrus talked with Melissa K. Levin, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York, about the key differences between them. Levin told Byrdie, “Retinol works more gradually compared to retinoids due to their difference in molecular structure and how they are processed in the skin.” Essentially, it usually takes more time to see results from retinol compared to retinoids.

    What Are The Causes Of Hormonal Acne Breakouts

    Hormonal levels can trigger hormonal acne breakouts during the menstrual cycle, higher amounts of a specific hormone in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome , hormonal changes before and during menopause, and increased androgen levels.

    The hormones that influence hormonal acne are estrogen, progesterone, which fluctuates during the menstrual cycle month, testosterone , and cortisol that rises in periods of stress. These hormones can also fluctuate during pregnancy and breastfeeding and cause acne flare-ups.

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    Mistake #: Stopping Once Your Acne Is Clear

    Mistake number two that people make is stopping differin gel once they get the results that theyre looking for.

    Thats a huge mistake!

    Because differin gel can keep your acne from coming back and it has benefit to the skin when used long term.

    Not only can it help impart ongoing acne control, it also can help in improving hyperpigmentation that you may have left over from old acne.

    It can help clear up post acne marks and again its going to help prevent breakouts in the future. Its going to help minimize the appearance of blackheads, reduce whiteheads, all of those beneficial things.

    In order to maintain that you need to keep using it.

    I think people are under the impression that somehow its not safe to use differin every day. It absolutely is.

    The only real reason that you should stop differin is if your doctor tells you to, maybe because they prescribed you something else or if you become pregnant, because using differin gel is contraindicated in pregnancy, or if its just too irritating.

    Theres really no reason to stop it once you see results. Those results will be maintained by continuing to use it. If you stop it, there is a good chance that your acne may come back.

    Does that mean that you have to use differin gel for the rest of your life? No, but so long as you have a a tendency towards acne, using differin gel will help keep it from flaring.

    Does This Medication Help With Acne Scars

    Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

    This treatment speeds up the regeneration process of the skin, which may help reduce the appearance of scars. This cream/gel can also prevent future breakouts, which in turn leads to reduced numbers of scars.

    Avoid popping your spots, as this can worsen the problem and create scars. Laser and derma rolling treatments are recent developments, available from cosmetic dermatologist clinics, which are designed to fade scars.

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    What Are The Common Side Effects Of Differin

    Skin redness, scaling, dryness, and stinging/burning are common when using Differin gel. These side effects start in the first four weeks of treatment and may decrease with continuous use. In some cases, a severe irritation real allergy to Differin requires discontinuation of the treatment. Differin should not be applied to skin cuts, abrasions, and sunburned skin.

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    The Pathogenesis Of Acne

    In the pathogenesis of acne, the most important site is pilosebaceous unit which consists of a hair follicle and several sebaceous glands. These units are found everywhere on the body except the palms and soles. Pilosebaceous density is greatest on the face, upper neck, and chest, in roughly nine times the concentration found elsewhere on the body .

    There are four main interacting factors in the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris:

    • a) Increased sebum production,
    • b) Microbial flora changes,
    • c) Abnormal keratinization,
    • d) Inflammation .

    To be able to treat acne, these factors should be targeted. The aim is to reduce or eliminate the primary clinical lesion, microcomedone, which is the precursor of almost all other acne lesions . There are a lot of topical or systemic agents for this purpose.

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