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Is Cetaphil Lotion Good For Acne

Ingredients In Cetaphil Moisturizer

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion | Non-Comedogenic Moisturizers | Good for Acne-Prone Skin

According to Cetaphils website, the ingredients in Cetaphil Moisturizer Include: Purified Water, Polyglycerylmethacrylate, Propylene Glycol, Petrolatum, Dicaprylyl Ether, PEG-5 Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cetyl Alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid.

Features Of Qv Vs Cetaphil Cleanser

The battle between cleansers is on. And this time, its a tough one. Both qv and Cetaphil have garnered amazing reviews among users. Hence, its a hard choice when looking for the best cleanser out of the two. However, both these cleansers have certain distinctive features. These are as follows:

  • Cetaphil cleaner-
    • Mild foaming cleanser.

    Best Splurge: Epara Moisturizing Face Cream

    This ultra-hydrating moisturizer is a great multitasker, offering multiple skin solutions including skin softening and reducing the appearance of fine lines. For those with acne-prone skin, you can get excited that this luxury product reduces hyperpigmentation and has anti-inflammatory qualities. This will decrease the appearance of inflamed breakouts and fade dark marks left behind from previous ones.

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    Cerave Vs Cetaphil Which Is Best

    Were positive youve seen Cetaphil products and Cerave products at your local target or drugstore. But are they worth the hype? Today were going to looking into both CeraVe vs. Ceatphil products and help you determine which is right for you!

    In case youre short on time, well tell you right off the bat the Cerave is our winner for almost all skincare products. While theyre very similar in many ways Cerave has added ingredients that Cetaphil doesnt have which helps it be the clear winner in our mind.

    However, we want to go a bit more in depth for body moisturizers, facial moisturizers and basic cleaners so keep ready for more information on each brands specific product to see which one is right for you!

    Also, we need to make sure that you know that skin products are not a one size fits all. What works for one person may not work for another! If you try one of these products and dont like it, try the other one. There are tons of different moisturizers and cleansers out there to try if these dont work well for you.

    Check out what’s in this post!

  • LOccitane Ultra Rich Body Cream
  • Cerave Vs Cetaphil Cleansers

    Is Cetaphil good for pimples?

    Lets talk cleansers! Facial cleansers are meant to clear the skin of makeup, dirt, dead skin cells and other excess oil. This not only clears and unclogs pores that can cause acne but it also primes the skin for treatments such as Vitamin C, toner or moisturizer. A good cleanser is essential to your skincare routine!

    *A good facial mask is a great addition to any skin care regime!

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    Is Cetaphil Good For Oily Skin

    Cetaphil formulates their products for all skin types, but certain products work better for oily skin. Foaming cleansers typically work well for combination and oily skin types, while cream cleansers tend to work better for dry skin types.

    Oil-free lotions, such as Cetaphil Daily Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion with hyaluronic acid are ideal for oily skin. This lotion is so lightweight and wont clog pores.

    Cetaphil treatment products like Cetaphil PRO DermaControl Purifying Clay Mask soak up oil to deep clean pores.

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Spf 15 $16

    Neutrogenas Hydro Boost line has become incredibly popular with skin-care enthusiasts in recent years, and Dr. Shah recommends this product in particular to those with acne-prone skin because its hydrating yet noncomedogenic.

    Buy it: $19,

    SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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    Cerave Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen Vs Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

    If you are looking for the best SPF sunscreen for the summer, CeraVe and Cetaphil both make amazing sunscreens! Here is an in depth look at the difference between CeraVe vs. Cetaphil Sunscreens. You cannot buy the CeraVe or Cetaphil Sunscreens yet in Canada I imagine due to other standards but they should be coming soon.

    Cerave Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen

    Review: Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion on Acne-Prone/Oily Skin

    CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen is the newest sunscreen and has an SPF of 30. It has ceramides in it to protect your skins moisture barrier as well as hyaluronic acid so it doesnt dry out your skin. Its also not greasy and it wont leave a white cast on your face. Its lightweight so you dont have to worry if it will clog your pores. This is the best drugstore sunscreen with SPF 30 for your face that money can buy!

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    Best For Sensitive Skin: Renee Rouleau Skin Recovery Lotion

    Your skin can be sensitive and prone to breakouts, and it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to address both issues at the same time. Many acne-fighting ingredients and formulas can be harsh and drying, which can turn already-irritated or red skin into a tailspin.

    If that’s what you’re experiencing, we recommend this gem by Byrdie-favorite Renee Rouleau to calm things down. It’s got water-binding ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin so it feels infinitely more comfortable and less sensitive in the plight against zits.

    Ingredients In Cerave Moisturizer

    According to CeraVes website, the ingredients in their moisturizer contains Purified Water, SPF30 Glycerin, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Behentrimonium Methosulfate And Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6-II, Ceramide I, Hyaluronic Acid, Cholesterol, Petrolatum, Dimethicone, Potassium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Phytosphingosine, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum.

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    Best With Tea Tree Oil: Dr Jart+ Teatreement Moisturizer

    Tea tree oil may not be an FDA-approved ingredient for acne but that’s not to say that it’s not an effective choice against breakouts. It’s a natural ingredient, andstudies show that it can help address mild to moderate acne. Derms like it too because its anti-inflammatory properties can make a big difference on acne-prone skin when applied topically.

    This pick by Dr. Jart is a great one to try it boasts the brand’s Teatreement Solution, which is a blend of tea tree leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil, and 4-terpineol, to reduce the look of blemishes. That’s combined with a soothing mix of extracts from green tea, chamomile, and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate.

    Does Cetaphil Lotion Cause Acne

    Cetaphil Face &  Body Moisturizing Lotion

    Before deciding if Cetaphil Lotion is the cause of an acne breakout, learn a little more about acne face mapping. The location of the breakout may help you determine whether a specific product is to blame, or whether there is a different cause.

    Acne is the result of clogged pores that often lead to blackheads or white heads. The Propionibacterium acnes bacteria is also present with acne, and leads to red bumps and inflammation.

    Below are some common areas for acne breakouts and the most common causes for breakouts in these areas:

    • Also called forehead acne, acne in this area is sometimes caused by different hair products. The oil and wax from the hair products gets on to the skin on the forehead and clogs the pores.
    • Acne in the T-zone, the forehead, nose, and chin area, is typically caused by skin producing excess amounts of sebum. You may notice you have more frequent acne breakouts in these areas because of this.
    • Oftentimes, acne on the cheeks is acne mechanica. This type of acne is caused by rubbing or friction, such as against a pillow, cell phone, or a strap.
    • Some scientists think acne on the jawline is caused by hormone fluctuations, but more research is still needed in this area.

    But, does Cetaphil Lotion cause acne? In some individuals it can.

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    Do Cetaphil Products Work For Acne Treatment

    By Dr. Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Double board-certified dermatologist

    Cetaphil offers a range of dependable, affordable, safe and effective products for daily skin care. Cetaphil products are unadorned with ingredients that only make marketing sense. If its in Cetaphil, its there because it works.

    The cleansers made by Cetaphil are good for cleaning sensitive skin. They are reliably free of substances that cause allergies and irritation. The only shortcoming of the Cetaphil line is that it is not really the greatest for treating acne. All major over-the-counter Cetaphil products are reviewed in this article.

    Article Table of Contents

    St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

    The basics: Its impossible to talk about divisive skin-care products without talking about St. Ives. The physical exfoliant was once a mainstay in many a teen shower its crushed-walnut formula helps to buff away dead skin on the face and body.

    What customers say: A few years ago, St. Ives was part of a class-action lawsuit. The plaintiffs argued that the crushed walnuts caused damage to their skin, and that claims that the formula was non-comedogenic were false. These complaints are shared by other customers, who say the stuff is tough on their skin. But others love St. Ives, saying it helped cure their acne and smooth their skin. In fact, even Gigi Hadid said shes used the scrub since high school.

    On Twitter, the discourse can get heated. A few years ago, one customer tweeted out her hate of St. Ives, and her mentions quickly turned ugly. Defenders jumped in, claiming that the scrub worked wonders for them. But her retort was pretty spot on: The well it worked for me! concept in skin care to me is the equivalent of I eat whatever I want and I never gain weight!

    What pros say: Theres always a question of whether the walnuts are smooth or jagged, because jagged edges can cause abrasion, Goldbach says. Shah agrees, saying that not every skin type needs physical exfoliation. Sensitive-skin types especially can have negative reactions.

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    Cerave Vs Cetaphil: Are They Cruelty

    Lets get this straight.

    Both Cetaphil and Cerave are currently NOT cruelty-free because they test new products on animals.

    Cerave has recently become cruelty-free in the UK but are still doing animal testing in their other locations which keeps them considered cruelty.

    If this is important to you, we have a few brand alternatives that are just as good and completely cruelty-free!

    Whats The Difference Between Cetaphil And Cerave


    Very generally CeraVe is slightly better than Cetaphil for dry skin, and Cetaphil is better than CeraVe for sensitive skin.

    CeraVe is different from Cetaphil in that it contains ceramides to help protect the skins outer barrier, as well as hyaluronic acid. CeraVes formulation is also slightly more advanced, being a newer product, and is designed to release gradually throughout the day.

    Both CeraVe and Cetaphil have won awards for their products, and both are non-irritating and fragrance-free.

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    Is Aveeno A Good Brand For Acne

    Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser is a good example. Like many other skin cleansers marketed to people who have acne, it contains salicylic acid that, used properly, opens pores and takes the red out of pimples. It wont exfoliate or condition the skin, and you rinse the salicylic acid right down the drain anyway.

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

    A very absorbable gel texture sets Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel apart. Its formulated with hyaluronic acid, which is a hydrating compound naturally found in the skin, and works with all skin types. You can also get both SPF and non-SPF versions, depending on your needs. This one does include fragrance and dye toward the end of its ingredient list , so people with high sensitivity may want to go with a more traditional lotion.

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    Cerave Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Ceraves hydrating hyaluronic acid serum is perfect to help restore and maintain your skin barrier to keep your skin moisturized all day long.

    This product contains their signature ceramides as well as their patented MVE moisture releasing technology.

    Cerave claims that 90% of users felt their skin was intensely hydrated immediately after the first use. After 4 weeks, users say their skin texture improved and was smoother.


    Which Product Is Better

    Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Normal to Oily Skin, 16 oz ...

    To protect yourself from dry or dehydrated skin, youll need to choose products that help to preserve your skin and lock the moisture in. With CeraVe, youll find the best ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides, which really help to keep the skin glowing and hydrated.

    While Cetaphil does offer ingredients such as plant oils and vitamin complexes, it cant compare to the powerful ingredients of CeraVe.

    If you find yourself not loving either the CeraVe or Cetaphil Moisturizers, here are a few additional lotions to try out! All skin types respond to ingredients in different ways so as we mentioned above, finding the best skin care products is not a one size fits all!

    We understand that the 2 popular brands may not be the best products for you so heres a few other popular products we like.

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    Cetaphil Lotion And Acne

    If you have been dealing with more acne breakouts after trying Cetaphil, it may be time to find a new moisturizer. Many with acne-prone skin can use Cetaphil without issue, but for others it isnt an ideal option. If youve noticed a negative impact on your skin, look for a non-comedogenic moisturizer without the cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20 ingredients found in Cetaphil Lotion.

    Looking to learn more about caring for acne-prone skin? Have a look at some of these related posts on our blog:

    Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

    Ceraves hydrating cleanser is a great example of an effective gentle cleanser.

    Our first impressions of this cleanser is that Cerave really outdid themselves with this one.

    Like, really.

    This cerave product has become the favorite of so many due to all the skin care goodies theyve packed into these bottles.

    Yes, its worth the hype. They even worked with dermatologists to make the perfect formula for a gentle cleanser.

    With ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this facial cleanser will:

    • Repair skins natural moisture barrier
    • Soothe dry skin

    Of course, this Cerave hydrating cleanser has a non-comedogenic formula, non-irritating, and fragrance-free.

    Yep, no fragrance .

    It also has a thick consistency that is gel-like.

    Its one of the top rated cleansers for eczema and sensitive skin.

    Notably, it was actually chosen by the national eczema association as the go-to cleanser for eczema which speaks volumes for Ceraves cleanser.

    For these reasons, if youre looking for a gentle skin cleanser that protects your skin barrier and keeps the moisture locked in to your skin , this is a seriously amazing cleanser to consider.

    It might be the best decision you could make for your skin.

    With this Cerave formula adding loads of natural ingredients such as Vitamin E that are beneficial to our skin, with little to no questionable ones, theres no going wrong with this product.


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    Final Thoughts On Is Cetaphil Good For Acne

    Cetaphil is a popular dermatologist-approved brand with a range of products like lotions, cleansers, and other treatment products which help in treating acne, cleanse and moisturize your skin.

    They have products specially formulated for all skin types like oily, dry, sensitive, combination, and acne-prone. The best thing about the Cetaphil brand is that their products are both effective and affordable and are bestsellers in the drugstore range.

    Have you ever used Cetaphil products? Which are your favorite products from the Cetaphil brand? Share your answers in the comments below.

    Best For Sensitive Skin Runner


    Yes, it’s possible to have skin that’s sensitive and acne-prone, all at the same time. Since typical acne-fighting ingredients are powerful and drying, you want to be extra picky about finding a formula to reduce breakouts without irritating your sensitive skin. Rest assured that you can trust this guy from Cetaphil, which is another favorite of Dr. Rabach. It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic, and lightweight.

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    Cetaphil Pro Dermacontrol Purifying Clay Mask

    Cetaphil PRO DermaControl Purifying Clay Mask is a clay mask formulated to deep clean pores and reduce excess oil. Bentonite clay helps to absorb excess oil and sebum while helping to improve the look of pores.

    Amazonian kaolin clay helps to remove dead skin cells and improve skin tone and texture. Apple fruit extract supports skin hydration while cucumber seed extract helps to brighten skin tone.

    The creamy fragrance-free formula doesnt dry out skin, so this clay mask can be used up to 3x a week. Its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, and even gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

    Cerave Sa Smoothing Cleanser Vs Cetaphil Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

    The CeraVe and Cetaphil cleansers for exfoliation are both very different. CeraVes cleanser is a chemical exfoliant whereas Cetaphils cleanser is a physical exfoliant.

    Exfoliants remove dead skin cells which allows your serums and moisturisers to then be absorbed better into the skin.

    Physical exfoliants include scrubs, brushes, sponges, and loofahs. They remove dead skin cells using friction. This is what the Cetaphil exfoliating cleanser does.

    Chemical exfoliants on the other hand are acids which work to remove dead skin cells by disolving the glue that holds them together. This is the way the CeraVe exfoliating cleanser works, containing Salicylic acid.

    A chemical exfoliant is generally considered better than a physical one in that it doesnt contain harsh microbeads which can not only scratch your skin, but are also harmful to the environment.

    Some people however prefer the feeling of a physical exfoliant so the choice between the CeraVe and Cetaphil exfoliating cleanser will come down to a personal preference as to whether you prefer physical or chemical exfoliation.

    Vogue published an article on the pros and cons of each option to help you make up your mind!

    Best Chemical Exfoliant

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