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How To Tell If My Acne Is Getting Better

What Is Hormonal Acne

3 reasons your CYSTIC ACNE is NOT getting better!! & How to clear acne NATURALLY…

First, its important to understand the difference between hormonal acne and good old fashioned pimples. Hormonal acne is intrinsically linked to your hormones. The hormones that cause this type of acne are fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone, which both vary widely throughout the menstrual cycle month, S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and founder of Miami Skin Institute tells SELF. In addition, the ratio of each of these hormones to each other can also affect womens testosterone levels, and can also be causative in hormonal acne. Lastly, cortisol, the stress hormone, can affect all of these hormones, too.

It is believed that hormonal fluctuations, which can be menstrual or cyclical in women do cause increased oil production in the pore, says Jegasothy. This is how skincare experts believe hormonal acne starts, although the actual cause has yet to be determined.

Vitamin C Serums To Consider

Keep in mind that a higher percentage of L-ascorbic acid doesnt always mean a better product. Sometimes it can be too strong for your skin, causing it to react via purging, breakouts, or itchiness. You dont want the product to sting and itch even after you apply moisturizer.

Beauty Shield Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum by e.l.f $16, drugstore grab and go The percentage is unknown, but for a drugstore product, the formulation of vitamin C, E, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid is primed for all skin types to apply freely.

Which vitamin C serums should you avoid?

If you have dry, dehydrated, sensitized, or sensitive skin, you may want to opt for lighter vitamin C serums that have less than 20 percent L-ascorbic acid, especially if you want to apply twice per day. If the serums you like are on the higher end, dilute it with a moisturizer with each use. Since your skin only uses 10 percent of vitamin Cs benefits, you may not need full power with each application.

People Of Color May Develop Dark Spots Of Skin Where Blemishes Were

Blemishes that leave behind dark spots, called “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,” are common in people of color. They are a natural reaction to inflammation and usually diminish over time. But many people who get them feel that they are as unattractive as blemishes. Early treatment from a dermatologist can help you avoid these spots and scarring if you have dark skin.

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You Don’t Stick Long Enough To A Regimen

Inflamed skin takes time to calm down and heal. Give yourself at least 6 weeks to 2 months of a regimen before you give up and try something else. And make sure you apply treatment to the entire affected area. If you spot treat, the bacteria could grow elsewhere.

Some people go cold turkey once the worst of their breakouts are over only to find their acne flares up again. Once your skin clears up, it’s important to keep up the regimen for a time and then slowly taper off.

How To Know If Its A Purge Or A New Breakout

hello, Is this considered severe acne ?

Simply put, a skin purge is a breakout that occurs when you start a new skincare routine with new ingredients. Youre going to notice breakouts in the typical places you always get them. For me, my regular breakout areas are my chin and cheeks. If I were to suddenly have an outpouring of whiteheads on my nose, that would be cause for concern.

In fact, it might not be a breakout at all, but instead some kind of irritation, allergic reaction, or some other negative reaction.

Irritation is more than your typical breakout and can be much worse. By identifying a few defining factors, you can differentiate between the two.


It takes about a month for your skin to completely renew. That means a full cycle of skin shedding until its all fresh, new skin. Most of the time, you’ll start to see progress in your complexion within those 30 days. But remember, your pimples begin deep below the surface of your skin and could take up to 8 weeks to surface. If you don’t see significant improvement past that 8 week mark, it’s time to reevaluate your products.


Lets say youve been using your Clear Skin Kit for 2 months, youve gone through a purge and your skin is finally flawless. Then you decide to add in a new product like the Luminous Complexion Toner and suddenly youve got acne again! What gives?

If You Get New Bumps in Unusual Places – New Breakout

If Your Skin Looks Better Overall – Purge

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Here Are The Reasons Why Your Acne Is Not Getting Better:

  • Youre using the wrong treatment for your skin
  • Acne is not one size fits all. You cant use a product that worked for some of your friends and assume it will work on you too. There are many reasons this could happen: maybe your friends acne was different from yours, or she had certain conditions like oily skin, while you have dry skin. In any case, if the treatment didnt work on her, there is no reason to believe it will work on you just because it has been advertised as acne-fighting.

  • Youre breaking out because of hormones again!
  • It doesnt happen to everybody, but acne can worsen when they have their period for most women. The hormone levels in our body rise and fall during our menstrual cycle, which can trigger acne breakouts.

  • Youre overeating the wrong foods
  • Food can affect your skin significantly, but not because it has acne-causing ingredients like sugar or chocolate . When we say food, we dont mean chocolates or chips we mean dairy products and food with many carbohydrates. People who eat more of these types of food usually have more acne than those who dont. It depends on the person: some people see an improvement, while others see their skin getting worse when eating healthier. But it would help if you tried cutting out processed sugars, dairy products, and carbs for at least four weeks to notice the difference.

  • Youre taking the wrong supplements
  • You need to remove makeup before applying spot treatments
  • Youre using too much makeup
  • Pharmacy First Scotland: Acne Treatment From Your Pharmacy

    Acne isn’t usually serious and can be treated by a pharmacist. If your acne is severe or appears on your chest and back, it may need to be treated with antibiotics or stronger creams that are only available on prescription. Your pharmacist can advise on whether you need to see your GP for further treatment.

    If you develop nodules or cysts, they need to be treated properly through your GP to avoid scarring. Try to resist the temptation to pick or squeeze the spots, as this can lead to permanent scarring.

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    Diet And Acne Does Diet Affect Acne

    Mainstream advice on diet and acne will usually tell you one of two things. Either:

    Yes, diet affects acne and you should avoid foods like chocolate, pizza, french fries, etc.

    No, diet does not affect acne at all and you shouldnt worry about what you eat when it comes to your skin

    As is usually the case its best to just ignore mainstream advice.

    The truth is that in terms of scientific evidence, the relationship between diet and acne is extremely inconclusive. has a very well-researched and comprehensive page covering many studies and theories about diet and acne and the ultimate conclusion is: we dont know. WebMD says basically the same thing.

    Experimenting with your own diet is just as likely to help with your acne than trying to follow advice you might get from the media or from listicles on the internet.

    The answer is going to be different for every person, and we are left to figure it out for ourselves .

    What To Do If Youve Over

    How I’m Getting Rid Of Acne My Skincare Products

    If you note any of the above reactions after exfoliating, whether from an overzealous face-scrubbing session or an application of acids, Geria advises the first thing to do is stop exfoliating until your skin has healed and is at its baseline texture.

    Baseline texture will differ from person to person in general, it just means the texture your skin had before overexposure. If youve always been acne prone, that will be your baseline texture. Youre really just waiting for the signs of over-exfoliation redness, inflammation, peeling to fade.

    It could take as long as a month aka, the entire length of a skin cell cycle for your skin to get back on track.

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    Are There Any Special Concerns For Women Of Childbearing Age With Acne

    Many topical and oral acne treatments are contraindicated during pregnancy. If youre a woman in your childbearing years, its important to discuss acne treatments with your healthcare provider and alert them if you become pregnant. Isotretinoin is known to cause severe birth defects and therefore, two methods of birth control are required while on this medication.

    Hormone therapy is helpful for some women with acne, especially for those that flare-up with menstruation or those with signs and symptoms of excess androgen . Hormone therapy consists of low-dose estrogen and progesterone or a medication called spironolactone that blocks the effect of male hormones at the level of the hair follicles and oil glands.

    Orange Peel To Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Back

    The delicious fruit orange has an extra effective peel that can be used for fading away your bacne scars. The retinol present in orange peel does the wonder by exfoliating your skin to drop off the dead cells as well as by stimulating collagen production. Collagen, through elastin fibers in cells, give you renewed and regenerated skin cells.

    How to Use Orange Peel to Get Rid of Back Acne Scars?

    Get this: Rosewater

    Do this: Eat your orange and let its peel dry down in shade. It can take anywhere between 2-4 days or even more, depending upon the temperature and humidity of your place. If you want it faster, place the peels in oven on single layer cookie sheets at 170 degrees for an hour or till they dry completely. However, naturally drying the peels retain most of its beneficial oils and other nutrients. When the orange peel is all dried up, grind it to get the aromatic powder. Mix the orange peel powder with milk or rosewater or both to make a paste. Apply this paste on your bacne scars. Leave for 20-30 minutes and then wash off.

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    Reduce Stress Sleep More Sweat

    Stress causes acne and acne causes stress. Its a vicious cycle. I was stressed from work, wedding planning, and unfortunate family deaths. Stress also kills off good bacteria in your gut, which is crazy! The stress hormone called cortisol also causes acne. I tried to do as much as possible to reduce stress like meditation, yoga, and frequent massages and facials. Also trying to be very conscious that acne itself was a stress trigger just being aware seemed to help reduce stress around that.

    The stress hormone cortisol causes acne.

    Getting enough sleep is vital too. When youre tired and dont sleep, that induces stress and makes your body work harder to stay healthy. Its also very important to sweat and work out. You might think that sweat makes acne worse but exercising and sweating helps rid your body of toxins!

    Why There’s No One

    Moderate to severe acne scars

    Ultimately, your dermatologist can help you determine what may be triggering your breakouts and how to best treat them. Sometimes blemishes are out of your control, but take comfort in knowing that tweaking some of your daily habits can go a long way to helping you keep your complexion clear.

    Additional reporting by Melinda Carstensen.

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    Will My Skin Improve

    Yes, but youll have to be patient. Not every treatment will work the same for each person. Its important to understand what specific type of acne you have and make sure to find the best treatments for that. For some, a face mask may help clear out clogged pores. For others, exfoliating chemicals may be necessary

    Its very common for your skin to have several severe flare-ups while purging as it responds to a treatment. However, it is also important to understand the different types of this skin condition and the best ways to manage each one.

    Heres How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne

    Before you get downtrodden about the finicky nature of hormonal acne, know first that its pesky, but perfectly normal. So normal, in fact, that there are many methods to help treat it.

    Most people with hormonal acne have tried over-the-counter treatments to no avail. If they arent working for you, you may need to seek the help of a dermatologist, who can offer prescription hormonal acne treatments. In general, its a good idea to see your dermatologist if you have deep or cystic pimples, because they could be a marker of something more serious, such as a thyroid condition or abnormal hormone levels, adds Jegasothy. Keep reading to learn how to treat hormonal acne.

    The hormonal acne treatment pyramid starts with good over-the-counter cleansers. When choosing yours, there are a few key ingredients to look for:

    In acne patients of any age, most dermatologists will consider topical retinoids as the first step for treatment of mild to moderate acne, especially when its hormonal. Retinoids help your skin slough off dead skin cells at a more normal rate so the dead skin cells don’t bind together and clog your pores, explains Peredo. They are the preferred avenue for long-term treatment because of the limited severe side effects and are known for preventing new acne in the long term.


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    You Should Avoid Acne Products That Contain Which Of These Ingredients:

    Some acne products contain alcohol, but it can dry out and irritate skin â potentially worsening acne. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are effective acne fighters that reduce excess oil and help break down whiteheads and blackheads. Retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A, treat acne by unclogging pores, which helps prevent whiteheads and blackheads.

    Acne Can Be A Sign Of An Underlying Condition


    Sometimes, breakouts on the skin can be a sign of a more serious condition underneath. For example, if you have acne along with excess facial hair, thinning hair or bald spots on the scalp, or irregular periods, it could be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome, an adrenal gland disorder, or a hormone-secreting tumor. Until the medical condition is treated, your acne may not clear up.

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    What Causes Skin Purging

    So what causes this skin cell turnover in the first place? One of the most popular acne-fighting ingredients is a retinoid. Available in a variety of over-the-counter and prescription-strength acne treatments, retinoids are a form of synthetic vitamin A that boost the rate of skin cell turnover in order to help prevent your pores from becoming clogged and developing into pimples and blemishes. The end goal is to surface and expose fresh skin cells to reveal clearer, younger-looking skin. However, before these new, healthy skin cells can surface, everything else in between has to surface first. This includes dead skin cells, excess sebum and all the buildup of dirt, bacteria and other pimple-causing things.

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    During this process, your skin can become inflamed, swollen and generally break out. While it can be tempting to stop using the products that are causing the retinoid purge, itâs important to continue your skincare regimen exactly as prescribed.

    What Causes Back Acne Anyway

    In order to treat a skin condition, its helpful to learn the source of it. Bacne is similar to facial acne in the way overactive oil glands, hormones, genetics, stress and diet can cause breakouts. Your skin on your back, however, is obviously harder to reach and therefore probably doesnt receive as much attention and care as the rest of your body, says New York City dermatologist Dr. Hadley King. Some people are inherently prone to back breakouts, but it can also be exacerbated by amping up your workouts as youre gearing up for the big day, she says. Even though a gym session is great for keeping your body and mind healthy, the increase of sweat and oil on your back creates a pore-clogged New York City environment that acne loves. Stress also plays a major role, adds dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. Late nights figuring out your wedding budget can release cortisol, which is a stress hormone in your body that causes the glands under your skin to produce more oil. There are plenty of other sneaky bacne triggers, too: Brides-to-be often want to look their best, and experiment with new hair masks, self-tanners and other products that contain oils, which can clog the pores on your back, says Dr. Jaliman. Bacne is a bit of a double-edged sword: though the skin on your back is physically harder to manage than your face, it can handle more aggressive treatment since its less sensitive and more resilient, says Dr. Jaliman.

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    When To Reassess The Situation

    If the acne purge that started with your new treatment lasts longer than 3-4 weeks, it could indicate that your treatment and/or products need some updating. If youre seeing a dermatologist, book a follow-up consultation before making any changes to your routine. One of the benefits of the MDacne treatment is that users can follow-up with their dermatologist at any time to make sure theyre on the right track and see what can be done to ensure they get the best results.

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