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How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation On Face From Acne

Is Hyperpigmentation The Same Thing As Scarring

How to get rid of acne scars and fade dark spots & hyperpigmentation on the face

Its possible to have both hyperpigmentation and scars left over from a breakout, but these are two different skin concerns requiring very different treatment approaches.

Scarring occurs when theres either an excessive amount of tissue leftover from a blemish , or if theres a depressed area in the skin from a lack of tissues .

Some procedures, such as laser resurfacing, can be used to treat both skin concerns.

If youre unsure of what your blemishes are, talk to your dermatologist. They can help diagnose your concern and discuss options for treatment.

Azelaic Acid For Hyperpigmentation

Azelaic acid is a skincare ingredient that only recently became available to use in skincare products without a prescription. Before that, it was commonly prescribed to treat the papules and pustules of mild to moderate rosacea.

It is derived from whole grains such as rye, wheat and barley.

Azelaic acid is a natural exfoliator and helps to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells, therefore reducing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. However, it is a versatile ingredient that helps with much more than acne breakouts .

How Does Azelaic Acid Fade Hyperpigmentation?

Azelaic acid works in two ways to fade hyperpigmentation.

It is able to inhibit the activity of hyperactive melanocytes . It also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, therefore directly reducing the production of melanin too.

It has been found to be especially effective at treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma .

Clinical studies of patients with melasma have shown that topical 20 percent azelaic acid is superior to 2 percent hydroquinone and as effective as 4 percent hydroquinone.

It is tolerated very well by people with all skin types and doesnt cause photosensitivity . It also doesnt damage the skin barrier or cause transepidermal water loss .

What Are The Best Treatments For Acne Scars

Luckily, there’s a bevy of gels, creams, and treatments that can bring blemish-induced discoloration down. Dr. Sarkar says that collagen-building ingredients will generally help acne scars, so she looks to retinoids, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids when treating her patients.

“Retinoids, a vitamin A derivative, help to increase collagen, even out skin tone, and prevent future acne,” she explains. “Vitamin C is a brightening agent and an antioxidant, and it has been shown to build collagen as well. Glycolic, lactic, and mandelic acids help to resurface the skin to even out skin tone.”

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How To Prevent Acne Hyperpigmentation

Now you know what it is, youre probably wondering how to get rid of acne pigmentation. As always, prevention is better than cure. The sooner you treat a pimple, the easier it is to minimise the appearance of marking. However, its not just a matter of tackling pimples once they appear on the skins surface.

This is the approach used in the La Roche-Posay Effaclar range.

Cause No : Pregnancy/hormonal Imbalance

[Acne] Any recommendations on how to get rid of post ...

Skin changes during pregnancy dont stop at the pregnancy glow. Some expecting mothers experience hyperpigmentation on their faceits typically melasma or chloasma, sometimes called the pregnancy mask. Hyperpigmentation due to pregnancy may include dark splotches on your cheeks and forehead, and darkening of freckles.

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The Healing Power Of Honey

We like to recommend honey because it comes with fewer side effects, and its been proven to work. Honey-soaked dressings are actually becoming a very popular type of wound dressing in hospitals because they help wounds heal faster, and with less infection, compared to traditional dressings.

Honey is antibacterial, and can kill nearly any kind of bacterium, including P. acnes . It also has anti-inflammation properties. This makes honey one of the best ways to prevent and get rid of acne scars.

We suggest applying a small amount of honey to any pimples or cysts before bed each night, and covering them with small pieces of tissue or Band-Aids. This will treat the pimples, promote healing, and prevent acne scars.

Keep Skin Healthy With Vitamin C

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, vitamin C is one of the more effective natural ingredients that you can count on to lighten existing spots, and potentially prevent new ones from forming.

For a dark mark scar, look for AHA peels or retinol that will help promote cellular turnover to remove the top layers of the skin, Engelman suggests. To fade hyperpigmentation, look for brightening ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid, phytic acid, and L-ascorbic acid. The latter is a mighty skincare ingredient, which is also found naturally in vitamin C-rich foods like oranges and spinach. While some people prefer to lighten dark spots with lemon juice, others find the high acidic content too intense for the skin and opt to ingest their vitamin C, reaping the benefits from within. You can also try niacinamide, arbutin, and bearberry, as well as resorcinol and tranexamic acid.

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How Can I Reduce Existing Pigment Spots

While prevention is best, once you have pigment spots there are steps you can take to help fade them and prevent their reappearance

Dermo-cosmetic solutions for hyperpigmentation

If you are concerned by hyperpigmentation, look out for skincare products that have been formulated to address this concern and that are clinically and dermatologically proven to be effective.

The Eucerin Anti-Pigment range has been specially formulated to reduce hyperpigmentation for more even and radiant skin. All four products in the range a day cream, night cream, serum and spot corrector contain Thiamidol, an effective and patented ingredient that acts at the root cause of hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production. It has been clinically and dermatologically proven to reduce dark spots and prevent their re-appearance. First results are visible after two weeks and improve continuously with regular use.

Furthermore, with SPF 30 and UVA filters, Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day offers effective protection from the sun and prevents the formation of additional sun-induced pigment spots. The Dual Serum now comes in a mono-chamber pack, making it even easier to apply. The formula still has the same proven efficacy as it combines active ingredients Thiamidol and Hyaluronic Acid to prevent and reduce pigment spots.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

How to Get Rid of Acne and Hyperpigmentation | DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING

1. Rubbing Potato

Potatoes contain an enzyme called Catecholase, which is known to help lightening the skin tone. That is why potatoes are believed to work well against skin pigmentation or dark spots left by acne.


All you need to do is to cut a potato into slices. Now, rub it onto your affected areas. You need to repeat this remedy regularly to see noticeable results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Spot Treatment

Raw, organic apple cider vinegar contains excellent astringent and skin lightening properties. This is what makes this ACV spot treatment highly effective for reducing dark spots or hyperpigmentation on your skin.


Mix two tablespoons of ACV and water in a cup. Now, use a cotton swab to apply this mixture directly on your affected areas. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Now, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

3. Aloe Vera

How can you not call aloe vera for help when your skin is in trouble? Aloe vera is one of those rare herbs that contain tremendous skin-friendly properties. Particularly for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, mucilaginous polysaccharides present in its gel can help shedding dead skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation.


4. Turmeric Mask

Turmeric has made to this list because of its excellent bleaching properties. Follow these simple steps to exploit the power of turmeric to reduce hyperpigmentation on your skin.


5. Avocado Paste


6. Lemon And Cucumber Combination


7. Cocoa Butter


8. Exfoliation With Papaya

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Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

Here are some common home remedies for hyperpigmentation to try out if that is the route you want to go. Home remedies may provide mixed results compared to skincare products, but here are the best ones and reasons why they could work!

Common home remedies for hyperpigmentation include

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation and acne scars are difficult to get rid of. Especially, if the acne scars and hyperpigmentation are old and deep within the skin barrier. I have finally found the best techniques and products to get rid of these two skin issues. I love to share the skincare tips and products that worked for me, in hopes it could help you too. So keep reading if you would like to know how to get rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

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What Causes Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Acne formation triggers an inflammatory response in the body, which leads to an increase in white blood cell activity in the affected tissues. This activity stimulates an increase in melanin production.

This excess melanin accumulates into clusters, which darkens the skin. This results in the appearance of the scattered darkened patches of skin characteristic of PIH.

Is The Struggle Harder For Darker

How To: Get Rid of Acne + Hyperpigmentation

Because of the way our society scrutinizes and shames any skin irregularities like acne and the scars they leave, many people with long-lasting or severe hyperpigmentation can develop low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

The struggle is doubly hard for people with a darker complexion, unfortunately. The beauty industry is slowly getting better at representing the beauty of dark skin, and products made specifically for darker skin tones have been on the rise for quite some time now. Yet, colorism and racism still play a large role in the struggle with scars in darker skin tones .

While the societal standard of beauty is still predominantly white in too many circles, dark-skinned people are encouraged more actively in the media to love the way their skin lookswith or without hyperpigmentation scars. Its about time . Were grateful for the increasing number of dissenting voices rising on every platform to set a new standard of inclusive beauty.

Of course, getting rid of acne scars should be a personal choice that has nothing to do with your intrinsic value as a human being.

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Sea Buckthorn Oil For Hyperpigmentation

Sea buckthorn oil is derived from the berries of the sea buckthorn shrub by cold pressing.

Scientific studies have found that the extract of the sea buckthorn fruit has anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, wound healing and skin regeneration properties. This is because it contains over 190 active compounds that are beneficial for the skin, including antioxidants, a wide range of fatty acids and polyphenols.

How Does Sea Buckthorn Oil Fade Hyperpigmentation?

The main vitamin found in sea buckthorn berries is vitamin C . In fact, these little orange berries contain 15 times more vitamin C than oranges!

As I mentioned earlier, Vitamin C is a good ingredient for fading hyperpigmentation as it inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which is required for the production of melanin.

Sea buckthorn also contains the antioxidants epigallocatechin and gallic acid .

Summary Of Best Acne Scar Hyperpigmentation Treatments

In summary, its more important to prevent acne scars and hyperpigmentation. I mentioned above I wash my face with Kiehl’s Blue Herbal acne cleanser which does an awesome job of stopping acne and pimples before it forms. Also, sunscreen helps to prevent hyperpigmentation and acne scars from getting darker. The sunscreens that I use all the time are Alba botanical and Supergoop.

Then at night, I use Drunk Elephant retinol. In the mornings I use Pixi by Petra vitamin-C Caviar balm. This skin care routine has gotten rid of all my hyperpigmentation and acne scars that I had for years. I finally feel like my skin looks healthy, beautiful, glowing, and most importantly clear and even.

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Other Techniques To Treat Acne Scarring

So far, weve discussed home remedies to treat pimples and acne scars. However, there are other, more drastic treatment options, especially for severe acne scarring, but these may need to be done at the dermatologists rooms. Different types of acne scars require different treatments, and home remedies are not always the safest option.

To get rid of acne scars completely, the techniques basically involve removing the top layer of the skin, while also encouraging collagen production. They include :

  • Laser resurfacing: Laser resurfacing is normally used to address serious keloid scars, and it takes a longer time to heal.
  • Chemical peels: A chemical peel is a concentrated treatment for getting rid of acne scars. Many chemical peel products contain alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of animal and plant-derived acids that include lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, and so forth. Some products in chemical peels can be quite abrasive, so be careful of this treatment option if you have very sensitive skin.
  • Retinoid products: Retinoids are vitamin A products that can help lighten scar tissue for a more even skin tone.

How Can I Prevent The Formation Of Hyperpigmentation

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation & acne scars |DIY at home face mask| Turmeric Mask| CLEAR SKIN

Sun protection is the most significant step you can take in helping to prevent hyperpigmentation in the first place. Its important to remember that the suns rays affect skin even on cloudy days, so give your skin the daily protection it needs. As well as reducing hyperpigmentation, Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day SPF 30 offers effective UVA and UVB protection and prevents the formation of additional sun-induced pigment spots. Used in combination with the Dual Serum, now in a mono-chamber pack but with same proven efficacy, as part of a holistic skincare routine will also help prevent and reduce pigment spots.

Limiting skins exposure to the sun will also help to reduce instances of hyperpigmentation. Try to keep out of the sun during its most intense hours and wear protective clothing including sunhats and glasses whenever possible. When skin is exposed to the sun, apply and regularly reapply a sun protection product:

  • with a suitable SPF level
  • which has been specially formulated for your skin type and condition

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Is There Any Way We Can Prevent It

Dr. Battle notes that even with the best prevention, that doesnt mean dark spots will never form. However, its still what you want to do to help keep hyperpigmentation at bay. The most crucial part of prevention is a consistent routine. Keep the skin clean, bacteria-free, well-hydrated, slathered with sunscreen, and appropriately take care of any scrape, cut, irritation, or acne bump.

Dr. Battle uses his daughters skin-care routine as an example of how to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation, especially if you are dealing with acne. In the morning: a mild exfoliating cleanser combining glycolic acid and salicylic acid , an antibiotic gel to both prevent and treat her acne, and a moisturizing sunscreen at night, she washes with a nonexfoliating gentle facial cleanser, a low-strength retinoid, and a moisturizer. If she has a dark spot, she treats it with hydroquinone.

Aesthetician Ashley White has three white-cast-free suggestions for sunscreen:

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30: This moisturizing formula avoids the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that are known to leave a white cast on darker skin tones and still give you broad spectrum protection.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sunscreen SPF 30: White refers to this as the lazy-girl sunscreen. Infused with hyaluronic acid, it’s so hydrating that I’ve been able to just cleanse, apply this SPF, and retain moisture all day long.

Diy Oil Serum For Reducing Hyperpigmentation

This wonderful oil blend has been made in collaboration with Tracy Tighe.

  • 2/3 rosehip oil
  • 1/3 argan oil
  • 5% of total essential oils, here we use two that work synergistically to reduce hyperpigmentation: frankincense and copaiba

To make a 15ml oil blend, follow this recipe:

  • 10mL or rosehip
  • 5mL of argan
  • 11 drops of each essential oils . To start with, I recommend doing the 3% concentration, which is ~6 drops of each essential oil

Roll the bottle between your fingers to blend the oils, and leave overnight in a cool and dark place. I stored my bottle in the fridge.

1-2x per week I would also do a gentle exfoliation after the cleansing step, usually with my beloved Harmony Rescue Mask by Lena Wild.

This beautiful product is packed with skin-brightening vitamin C, and I believe it to be the key step in my hyperpigmentation-reducing routine as well!

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How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation

December 25, 20196 min read

Hyperpigmentation is also known as dark spots, sun spots, or melasma. It is a harmless skin condition that many people have, but the fact is it can cause distress for people and many may want to fade it faster. We’ll be diving into many of the different ingredients, products, and remedies that can get rid of hyperpigmentation faster.

Freckles Can Be Cute But If You Have Dark Spots On Your Skin That You Don’t Want There Are Ways To Remove Them

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Hyperpigmentation ...

If youre bothered by darks spots due to hyperpigmentation on your skin, one thing is clear: Today there are more options for erasing that harmless but irksome discoloration than ever before.

What exactly is hyperpigmentation? Its any patch of skin that looks darker than your natural skin tone due to overproduction of the brown pigment melanin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology , the most common causes of hyperpigmentation which can affect people of all skin tones in varying degrees are:

  • Inflammation Skin trauma such as acne, eczema, bug bites, cuts, scrapes, even scratching or friction from, say, vigorous rubbing can set off inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, can send pigment-producing cells into high gear, leaving behind a dark spot after the injury has healed.

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