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How To Get Rid Of Dark Acne Marks On Face

Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Pimples Dark Spots & Deep Scars

How to get rid of dark spots/acne scars OVERNIGHT!

10 best home remedies to get rid of acne, pimples, dark spots & amp deep scars

Here are the 10 best home remedies to get rid of acne, pimples, dark spots & amp deep scars.

1. Iced green tea

How to use

Take a glass of warm water and steep a green tea bag into it. Remove the tea bag and pour the contents into the tray. Place the tray into freezer and allow it to form ice cubes take one ice-cube and rub all over the face. Just note before rubbing the ice cubes steam your face so that the pores get open and the goodness of green tea enter the pores. Do it twice a day in the morning when you get up and before going to sleep.


Green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants that fight free radicals that damages your skin. It has antiseptic properties that killed germs that causes acne and pimples and keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

2. Baking soda and lemon juice mask

How to use

Take a bowl add 2 tablespoon of baking soda and add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to it. Mix it properly to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the affected area. Let it dry for 5 -10 minutes. Once it dries take some water on your hand and slowly scrub the affected area on your face. Wash your face using luke warm water and pat dry. If your face becomes too dry then apply some antiseptic lotion or moisturiser.


3. Green coconut water

How to use


4. Fenugreek and rosewater mask

How to use


5. Fresh aloevera gel

How to use


6. Sandalwood, tulsi and rosewater mask

How To Get Rid Of Dark Acne Marks

Acne sucks. Unexpected breakouts have hit us all at one time or another, and they pop up at the worst possible time. But thankfully these are usually short-lived ordeals. Those of us that are plagued by acne marks know that these momentary moments of embarrassment can be much, much worse leaving behind marks, bumps and dark spots.

Lucky for us, dermatologists have discovered a handful of ways to combat acne marks and rejuvenate skin like never before. But before we get into the different ways we can treat our beloved skin, lets take a look at the difference between acne marks and acne scars.

There are a few distinguishing factors that set acne marks apart from acne scars. Its important to understand the differences between the two in order to treat them. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, dark or pink inflamed smooth marks on the skin are not signs of scarring. If there are no indented or raised areas it means that no collagen damage has occurred. These marks are treatable.

Acne scars have distinct features like those mentioned above. Abnormal collagen production causes the skin to become indented or raised.

Indented scarring are considered atrophic and come in three main forms.

  • Ice pick scars are deep with jagged edges.
  • Boxcar scars have a rectangular shape with steep and defined edges.
  • Rolling scars are broad with sloping edges.
  • Raised scarring can be either hypertrophic or keloid.

  • Hypertrophic scars are thick and stick out above the skin.
  • Buttermilk Has Your Back

    Summers favourite beverage and your Indian meals go-to side can do much more than make for a refreshing sip! Its super-rich in lactic acid and is a great exfoliant for dead skin cells. Plus, it helps brighten skin to reduce dark spots, while maintaining the skin’s pH levels. All you need to do is apply buttermilk to your face with a ball of cotton, let it sit for 20 minutes, and wash it off. And well, prepare to wish all those dark spots caused by pimples, toodles!

    However, PSA: Dr. Modi cautions against using every single home remedy for treating dark spots caused by pimples. She explains, For homemade remedies, I would suggest using something that suits you. While doing your research, remember that its not necessary that one homemade remedy suits everybody. If it’s not suiting you, don’t continue using it because I’ve had patients who after trying home remedies have come back with burns, inflammation, more acne, and irritation.

    Also, we all know repeating, recreating and getting into the process of making DIY packs and pastes can get monotonous. So, were here by your side with the scientific way out. Here are the best products in town and this is how you can integrate them into your skincare routine to treat dark spots caused by pimpleswithout breaking the bank or a sweat.

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    Do Acne Scars Go Away On Their Own

    According to Graf, acne scars will fade with time but may not completely go away on their own.

    Sometimes, it can take 4 to 6 months for acne scars to fade on their own. Since acne scars are skin damage that has affected the texture and color of the skin, acne scar treatments can help lessen these effects with active ingredients and exfoliants, she says.

    How To Remove Dark Spots On Your Face

    Completely Remove Dark Acne Marks with these Simple Remedies

    The good news is that there are many treatments available for targeting an uneven skin tone. These products contain different ingredients, each with their own benefits and instructions for use.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to reduce the number of pigmented cells, as well as reverse any damage caused by aging, leading to a reduction in dark spots. Since the body doesnt produce this essential nutrient on its own, incorporating vitamin C skincare products into your daily routine is the best solution for brightening your complexion and minimizing the look of dark spots.


    Known for its transformative effects on the skin, retinol is a popular ingredient for reducing dark spots. Products containing retinol work by boosting your skins renewal process, which helps to diminish signs of aging on your complexion. Retinol also stimulates collagen production, which is another way it diminishes dark spots. Not only will dark spots be reduced, but wrinkles and sagging skin will also begin to diminish, and the effects of retinol products will continue to work just as effectively over time.

    For skincare tips and advice take a look at our blog, or discover more about hyperpigmentation and how to prevent it.

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    Why Dark Spots And Patches Appear

    People who have medium to darkly colored skin get dark spots and patches because something triggers their skin to make extra melanin, the substance that gives skin its color. Many everyday things can trigger extra melanin in people who have skin of color.

    Dark spots and patches often appear when:

    • A pimple or patch of psoriasis clears

    • A wound caused by an insect bite, cut, burn, or other injury heals

    • You take certain medications

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    Q Are There Any Dermatologist

    A. Dr. Modi shares, When the patients come to us, if they don’t have very dark spots, we first give them certain creams. If the patients have acne along with dark spots, we give them preparations that have adapalene, benzoyl peroxide and more to use at home. Other combinations like kojic acid are also given to treat dark spots. She further adds, Sometimes, the creams don’t work, so along with the creams, we do treatments that are available in the clinic. We do microdermabrasion, where we use aluminium oxide crystals, which are abraded on the surface of the skin, thus removing the superficial layer and lightening the skin.

    The next treatment done is called chemical peeling, where we use glycolic peels and salicylic peels, all of which work really well to reduce dark spots. We also do dermaroller treatments and micro needling, where we put the cream on the roller and roll it on the face, which causes collagen remodelling and helps develop new skin. There are also laser treatments available that reduce dark spots.”

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    What Causes Dark Spots On Skin

    Dark spots seem to be pretty self-explanatorythey’re spots and patches that are darker than the rest of your skinbut the causes and treatments can be different. For example, that pimple that left behind a dark acne scar is a common cause for dark spots, but injuries, hormones, and sun exposure can also leave your skin with discoloration that may or may not go away on its own.

    Dr. Pierre explains that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne, injuries, bug bites, or scratches can fade naturally in a few weeks or months, but things like sun damage or melasma will need topical or laser intervention, if you’re trying to get rid of them. Which, speaking of…

    Salicylic Acid Is The Acne Scar And Dark Spot Fighter You Need

    How to Get Rid Rid of Acne Scars Completely!

    Image: 123rfThis ingredient is one of the best known acne fighters out there and it even works for post acne skin concerns like dark spots. Salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent that will remove acne causing bacteria and even slough of dark spots along with other dead skin cells.

    Tip:Use a salicylic acid face cleanser and then a spot treatment infused with the ingredient for best results.

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    Microneedling To Get Rid Of Acne Marks Or Dark Spots

    Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that involves making small punctures in the skin to trigger the skinâs natural healing response, which in turn, helps produce additional collagen. As the skin heals itself and produces more collagen, it smooths out, reducing the appearance of acne scars. Microneedling is best for atrophic depressed scarring as these depressions in the skin require additional collagen. Treating acne scars with microneedling is even more effective when done in conjunction with PRP treatment. Micro-needling with PRP helps amplify and speed up treatment results and reduce redness and swelling. PRP treatment includes drawing blood from the skin and separating the blood from the plasma. The enriched plasma is then prepared and injected into the skin or hair follicles. One of the greatest benefits of treating acne scars with microneedling is that it can be used to treat any skin tone, unlike laser treatments which exclude darker skin tones. Additionally, microneedling is safe for those with sensitive skin and does not irritate the skin.

    Summing Up On How To Remove Spots From Face In 2 Days Naturally

    Dark spots aren’t usually a cause for concern, but they could become one for cosmetic reasons. In general, you can control them with natural remedies. Hyperpigmentation on the face will often disappear on its own over time. Still, a dermatologist can advise on the best techniques or get rid of dark spots or what to eat to remove dark spots on the face based on a person’s skin type and tone and the reason for hyperpigmentation. If existing dark spots enlarge, change, or multiply, people must visit a doctor.

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    Q How Long Will It Take For The Dark Spots To Completely Fade Away

    A. It all depends on the treatment you choose. With retinol, it could take up to two to three months but you will see some major results. Vitamin C serums and masks work a bit quicker but will still take two months for completely clear skin. Laser treatment will take about four sittings which should be spaced out by two weeks for each one. You will see results after two sittings of laser treatment. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion gradually fade away the spots depending on how pigmented they are. Pimple patches will give you instant results.

    What Are Acne Scars

    Apply this on your dark spots to make them disappear from your skin ...

    A generalised term, acne scarring can be used to refer to a multitude of different marks that a breakout may leave behind. “Acne scars come in different forms, including rolling, boxcar and ice-pick scars,” explains Pamela Marshall, clinical aesthetician and founder of Mortar & Milk.

    While most types of scarring can be treated via various methods, there is one subset that requires specialist treatment, as aesthetician and founder of West Room Aesthetics Dija Ayodele explains. “Be wary that keloid scarring, which darker skin can be prone to, can make you contraindicated to treatment that works on the basis of inducing a mild trauma to the skin, such as chemical peels and microneedling. If youve got this type of scarring, it’s best to see a doctor or dermatologist that can provide steroid shots or advise on removing with surgery.”

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    Soothe Skin And Reduce Spots With Almond Oil

    Another skin-strengthening ingredient thats used both in the kitchen and on the complexion is sweet almond oil, which Engelman likes to use to treat discolorations in the skin. However, the almond oil commonly used to cook isnt quite the same as that used on the skin, which is often fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. The presence of Vitamin E and niacin help with hyperpigmentation and improving skin tone, she says. Because sweet almond oil is generally viewed as non-comedogenic you can add it to your nightly routine as a makeup remover or moisturizer meant to help protect the skin barrier.

    Laser Resurfacing Treatments Target Dark Spots And Scars

    Image: 123rfLaser resurfacing treatments are actually painless and non-invasive. These treatments can specifically target dark spots in the deep layers of your skin and bring them to the surface. After which a chemical peel can be used to take off the dark spots.

    Tip:This treatment can not only treat dark spots in at least four sittings but can also reduce excessive facial hair.

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    How Long Does It Take Acne Scars To Go Away

    Acne scars do not go away entirely on their own. Depressed acne scars often become more noticeable with age as skin loses collagen. However, there are a variety of treatments that can make acne scars less noticeable.

    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or redness may lighten on its own within several months. However, it may take years to go away without treatment for some people.

    Pamper Yourself With Papaya

    Clear Acne Scars, Dark Marks and Lighten Skin in 1 Week

    Famous far and wide for everything it does for the gut, this natural exfoliant thats rich in AHAs also helps with cell turnover. Were talking about its ability to remove the top layer of the skin and produce new ones. So, if the melanin has accumulated in one specific skin area, bid those dark chunks adieu by rubbing mashed papaya on it. Scrub the fruit on the affected areas, wait till it dries and then get going with a rinse. And guess what? Once done, youll be a step closer to an even skin tone!

    This remedy leaves an unmatched radiance and is suitable for all skin types.

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    The Wait And See Approach

    In some cases, no treatment may be the best option, as the spots could go away over time.

    For example, this may be the case for some types of hyperpigmentation that occur during pregnancy or those that appear after an acne pimple goes away.

    In the meantime, the use of sun protection can help prevent the spots from getting darker.

    How Long Does It Take For Hyperpigmentation To Fade

    Once whats causing the dark spots or patches is found and stopped, fading can take time. A spot that is a few shades darker than your natural skin color will usually fade within 6 to 12 months.

    If the color lies deep in your skin, however, fading can take years. Discoloration that lies deep in the skin is often slate blue to gray in color. It may also be brown, but the brown is much darker than your natural skin color.

    Treatment can speed up the fading of dark spots and patches.

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    Diy Natural Remedies: How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face

    Are you wondering where to go to reduce or eliminate those dark spots on your face? If youve had too much sun exposure then you can most likely blame that for those dark spots, known as hyperpigmentation. But heres the thing, its not just external factors that cause those frustrating dark spots on your face and body. Aging, acne, pregnancy, prescription medication and hormonal imbalances are some of the other culprits.

    Those dark spots occur when your skin produces more melanin, which gives your skin its color. The good news for you is that there are different ways to treat hyperpigmentation including strict sun protection, topical medications like Retin-A, chemical peels, manual exfoliation, glycolic acid pads, microdermabrasion, laser treatment, a great concealer, and more. At Pure Fiji were all about natural skincare. Were going to reveal DIY beauty treatments and masks for removing dark spots that you can make from everyday ingredients found in your kitchen. BTW, make sure you always conduct a patch test for sensitivity before applying these homemade natural remedies on your entire face. You can expect to see results within 4-6 weeks.

    How To Remove Dark Spots On Face And How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face

    Red marks

    After figuring out what your dark spot on face cause is, the next course is to focus on getting rid of dark spots on face. Get a deep insight into removing dark or black spots on face and count on your dreams to be achievable. Basically, dark spot treatments, dark spot removers and products to remove black spots will be indispensable.

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