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How To Get Rid Of Bad Back Acne Scars

Swap Out Your Current Body Wash


That ultra-creamy, coconut-scented shower gel may feel seriously luxe, but if it doesn’t contain zit-zapping ingredients such as salicylic acid , glycolic acid , and lactic acid , then it might not be doing your body acne any good.

‘Acids like these prevent dead skin cells from building up and blocking your pores,’ explains London-based consultant dermatologist, Dr. Justine Kluk. ‘And remember, cleanse your skin thoroughly in the shower every day.’

Lemon To Get Rid Of Back Acne Scars

Lemon juice is one of the best back acne home remedies due to its natural bleaching and skin lightening properties. While the citric acid in lemon lighten the acne scars on back, the alpha hydroxy acids in it help remove dead skin cells as well assist in the growth of new cells grow. Vitamin C is also helps your skin regenerate new cells as it boosts collagen production in your body which helps in bringing back the elasticity to skin. To get all the benefits of lemon, you should drink a glass of water mixed with juice from one lemon everyday. For specific benefits in removing back acne scars, use lemon as per the following tips.

How to Use Lemon to Get Rid of Acne Scars on Back?

Get this: Lemon juice- from 1-2 fresh lemon Warm water- to wash your back Cotton ball

Wash your back with warm water and pat dry Pour lemon juice on the cotton ball. Apply this lemon juice on your acne scars. You sure need someones help as you cannot apply anything yourself on your back. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. Its better to do this at night because if you step out in sun after applying lemon juice, your skin might get damaged as lemon makes your skin sensitive to sunrays.

Baking Soda As An Exfoliate

One that you will definitely have in your house is baking soda. if you don’t have it though, you can buy it here. This rising agent is an excellent natural remedy for all sorts of problems, whether youre looking to whiten your teeth or stop your washing machine from smelling.

Because of its roughness, it works as an excellent exfoliate for your back acne scars.

All you need is the baking soda and some water.

It works as any exfoliate would do so just apply it directly to the skin. You can turn it into a paste and then pop it directly on the scars only, leaving it there for the skin to soak some of it in.

Rinse with warm water and youre ready to moisturize, which is worthwhile with another natural remedy to get rid of scarring.

It is also possible to mix this with the lemon trick. Rather than using sugar or salt, dip the lemon or lime half into the baking soda and use it as a scrub.

Youll not only get the exfoliate but also all the nutrients from the fruit.

You only need to do this two to three times a week. It will take some time to see the results, but it really does work and is affordable.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Severe Acne Scars

The most effective treatments to get rid of severe acne scars include

  • Chemical peels: This involves the use of strong chemicals to remove the outer layer of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Some salicylic acid, glycolic acid containing peels are available OTC.
  • Botox injections: These are highly effective for acne scars with puckered skin around them. These puckered areas can be treated with botulinum toxin injections to improve the appearance of skin.
  • Dermabrasion: The procedure involves the removal of the top, damaged layer of skin with a rapidly rotating wire brush or wheel with a rough surface. The procedure deeply exfoliates the top layer of skin to reduce the appearance of deeper scars.
  • Microneedling: This uses a small, handheld pen or needle-studded roller to puncture the skin on the surface of the scars. As the punctured skin heals, it makes collagen and reduces the visibility of acne scars by smoothing out the skin.
  • Laser resurfacing: The procedure involves removing the top layer of skin to reveal younger underlying skin cells to reduce the appearance of scars. It creates a more even skin surface.

Speak with a dermatologist to determine the best treatment for your acne scars.

How To Prevent Back Acne Or Ways On How To Stop Back Acne

Pin on Center for Acne Scar Relief Options

Instead of waiting until you have acne on your back and then begin fighting back, here are some of the ways to prevent acne or reduce back acne if you already have it.

These are some of the easy ways to prevent, reduce or stop back acne breakouts on our back, shoulder, buttocks or even chest. I hope it is clear on how to stop back pimples or prevent them.

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Lululemon Men’s Mesh Workout Shirt

Compress less: I often see folliculitis in elite athletes. They will confuse the bumps on their legs, lower back, and groin with acne, when in fact they can be infected hair follicles. A recent trend that may be contributing to this phenomenon is compression. Tight yoga pants, compression shorts and sleeves can occlude and irritate hair follicles, and you can further increase the risk of hair follicle infection with reusing clothing without washing, says Dr. John Trinidad.

Whey is way bad:Stop whey protein shakes and bars! Whey protein supplements have been linked to back acne. For some patients, the acne clears up after the supplements are discontinued, says Dr. Allison Arthur. Consider switching to a non-whey protein.

Types Of Back Acne Scars

Back acne can cause severe physical complications, including scarring and skin color changes, such as darkening of the skin. With nodular or cystic acne, scars can be pitted or raised and thick. The best approach to spots and skin blemishes is to prevent them by seeking powerful acne treatment early.

Treatment options may vary depending on the acne scar types:

  • Atrophic Scars: These appear as small indents in the skin. These occur during the healing process when the skin doesnt make sufficient fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that aid in the wound healing process and synthesis of collagen.
  • Hypertrophic Scars: These scars are elevated and resemble a keloid. It does not spread into surrounding tissues and regresses spontaneously. It is rarely painful.
  • Keloid Scars: It is similar to hypertrophic scars but much thicker than the original lesion spot. These occur in the dermis and adjacent subcutaneous tissues, darker than the surrounding skin. Keloid scars may sometimes cause itchiness or pain.

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Tackle The Root Of The Problem

To effectively treat your acne scars, you first need to get a handle on your acne breakouts.

Otherwise, youll likely spend hundredsif not thousandsof dollars attempting to get rid of your acne scars after each breakout.

If youre a younger guy with oily skin, dealing with the occasional cystic acne breakout is to be expected.

You probably have male hormones to thank for these nasty breakouts.

Guys have more testosterone in their bodies that can be converted into 5a-dihydrotestosterone , a male sex hormone that has been linked to higher oil gland activity.

According to a 2011 study published in Dermatoendocrinology, researchers found that patients with acne had increased levels of testosterone/5a-dihydrotestosterone in their skin in their skin than healthy individuals.)

To save yourself both the money and the hassle of acne scar removal treatments, begin using an acne treatment system thats specifically formulated for your skin.

When To Consult A Medical Professional For


There is no need to see a dermatologist for dark spots on the skin, as there are plenty of over-the-counter medical products that you can try to help your marks to fade more quickly. It is always a good idea to get a doctors advice on which products to use.

Some of these include products containing the following ingredients:

  • Azelaic acid

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The Best Cream For Acne Scars

Of all methods available for getting rid of acne scars, nothing is easier to use, painless and less invasive than best cream for acne scars. AENO cystic scar removal, for instance, is infused with an array of ingredients that are optimized to reduce scarring and skin deformity without necessarily having risk additional inflammation and flare ups.

As you would predict, the best serum for acne scars is guided by the exact nature of scarring that you are looking to get rid of. If your acne scars are dark, for example, you might want to go for serum for acne scars that contain ingredients such as azelaic acid, hydroxy acids, retinol, vitamin C and hydroquinone. On the other hand, ceramides, niacinamide and licorice are best suited for red and highly inflamed acne scars. Finally, a combination of retinoids and hydroxy is best recommended for acne scars that have caused significant deformity in the external-most skin layer.

As much as acne scar creams can be effective, you will have to combine your topical regimen with other advanced dermatological procedures if the scarring is significant. The reasoning behind this is influenced by the observation that the action of these creams is limited by the presence of excessive scar tissues which have to first be physically removed for the subsequent treatment procedures to be effective enough.

Make A Yoghurt And Cucumber Juice

Plain yoghurt is full of healing properties due to the lactic corrosive. It is full of natural acids, which will help to lighten the skin and reduce the look of scars similar to the way that lemon and lime juice work.

The yoghurt will also help to rejuvenate the skin, encouraging dead cells to shed so the new cells come through. This instantly reduces the look of the scarring.

Cucumber is also rich in nutrients not just water! It has vitamin C, which has already been linked to collagen repair.

It is also full of vitamins A and B1, which both help to reduce scarring, whether from injury or acne.

Due to the water in it, the vegetable is also revitalizing. The skin will soak up the moisture, also helping the repair of the collagen.

Making juice apply on the skin with the two is very easy. Start with the cucumber and make that into juice.

Then you can add yoghurt. You want to use plain yoghurt and not one of those with all the flavours.

The flavoured ones have a lot of extra sugars. Mixing the two together will create the glue that is then applied directly to your back acne scars.

Sit with the paste on for about 20 minutes, before washing it off with lukewarm water. If you are short on time, you can leave it on for a few minutes.

Having it on longer just helps the skin absorb all the healing properties to make really sure this is something that works.

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Will I See Immediate Results

The only type of acne scar that can be treated relatively quickly is PIH. You may see substantial improvement after only one professional treatment or a few weeks of using an over-the-counter product.

Atrophic and hypertrophic scarring usually require several months of treatment to see noticeable improvement. Maintaining realistic expectations about what a procedure or product can do for your acne scars is key to being content with your skin in the long run.

Raised Acne Scars: Treatment Can Ease Pain Diminish Scars

How I Got Rid of My Back Acne (Backne)

Other treatments that a dermatologist may use to treat raised acne scars follow.

InjectionsYour dermatologist may recommend injecting medicine directly into the scars. This can soften and flatten raised, thick scars.

Getting the best results often requires repeat visits. These injections are usually given once every few weeks. How often you will need to return for treatment depends on the scar and many other considerations. You may need to return once every two to six weeks for a while.

Many patients receive injections of corticosteroids. A chemotherapy medicine known as fluorouracil can also be effective in treating raised acne scars. Some scars respond best when injections of both 5-FU and corticosteroids are used.

Interferon, which is also used to treat cancer, can be effective. Our bodies naturally produce interferon.

If the scar does not respond after you receive the 4th injection, acne scar surgery may be recommended.

Best for: Painful, raised scars

Acne scar surgeryDermatologists perform acne scar surgery to reduce raised acne scars. This surgery can be performed in a dermatologists office.

To obtain the best results, acne scar surgery is often followed by another treatment.

Acne scar surgery, followed by radiationStudies show that radiation can prevent raised scars from returning after acne scar surgery. Due to the potential for radiation treatments to cause problems years or decades later, some doctors do not recommend radiation treatment.

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How To Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin condition affecting about 80% of those between the ages of 11 and 30 at some point. It can be on your face, chest, back and shoulders. It may seem like the irritation will never go away, but it does. When it goes away, then you can deal with any remaining scars.

Your first line of defense is to consult a dermatologist. They will first focus on getting your acne under control. The fewer breakouts you have, the fewer scars youll get. The good news is that not all acne scars are permanent.

When your doctor turns attention to the scars your acne has left behind, they will typically explore three main treatment options:

1. Laser treatments

Vascular-specific lasers target blood vessels and can help lighten flat or raised scars that are pink or purple and help flatten raised scars. Doctors often use fractional or carbon dioxide ablative lasers to treat acne scars.

Afterward, the skin is swollen and red, and may bleed, for up to five days, says Dr. Kassouf. Also, you may need between three and five treatment sessions.

Laser treatments arent just for acne. Doctors use lasers to treat other types of scarring as well including those from burns, skin cancer and tattoo removal.

2. Chemical peels

Your dermatologist may apply a chemical solution to the skin. This causes it to blister and eventually peel off, creating new, regenerated skin thats usually smoother than the old skin.

3. Microneedling

Tomato Pulp To Remove Bacne Scars

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C and K, and additionally have vitamin E B vitamins that are particular. All these vitamins are vital for skin. The truth is, retinol that is a derivative of vitamin A is used in lotions that were commercially available to treat acne along with acne scars. Our body absorbs the Beta Carotene content of tomatoes and after that converted into retinol. Therefore, while it is possible to eat a tons of tomatoes to get your dose of retinol that is natural, it’s also possible to use it in your back acne scars to remove these. Tomatoes also provide various antioxidants which help rejuvenate skin to not forget.

The best way to Make Use Of Tomatoes to Remove Bacne Scars?

Do this:
  • Instead, you can mash up some tomato bits to create its pulp. Use this pulp on leave and your bacne scars for 30 minutes then wash away it.
  • After youve got it done, allow the tomato pulp sit in your back acne scars for about 15-30 minutes.
  • Now give one half of the tomato to a person who is able to rub the interior part of cut tomato in your bacne scars lightly.
  • Now wash off with water.
  • Have a tomato and cut it.
  • You can even cut tomato in pieces. Lying down in your belly, request anyone to put these tomato pieces in your back acne scars. Let them be there for about half an hour. Subsequently remove and wash off.

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How Does Acne Cause Scars

Your skin is your largest organ. It has three main layers. They are, starting with the outermost, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The layers protect your fragile insides from the elements, from UV rays and bacteria, and they also help produce vitamin D thanks to sunlight. Any area with sebaceous glands is prone to acne especially the face, back and chest.

Acne scars are the result of inflammation of acne blemishes. The acne pore swells and a breakdown occurs in the wall of the pore. Some acne blemishes are small and the scars created are shallow and heal quickly. Sometimes the contents of blemishes spill into the surrounding tissue and cause deeper scars. The skins response is to repair the scar by forming new collagen fibers.

Acne scars take on two main forms: either a scar develops when there is a loss of tissue, resulting in an indentation in the surface of the skin or, a scar develops that is raised on the surface of the skin. This type of acne scar, in fact, is a sign that your skin is doing its job but, perhaps, too well. Your skin creates collagen to help heal the wound the acne but, if it makes too much collagen, raised scars form.

Keep in mind that just because you have acne, that doesnt mean youll get scars. And if you do , the good news is that not all acne scars are permanent! Treatments are available. Some treatments nearly remove the scars while others help the skin heal itself with its own collagen.

Giving Home Remedies A Try

Why you can’t get Rid of your Acne Scars!
  • 1Apply tea tree oil 2-3 times daily. Stir 2รข3 tsp of tea tree oil into 1 c of lukewarm water. Use cotton balls or swabs to apply the mixture to your back acne scars 2-3 times per day.XResearch source
  • Tea tree oil has possible anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which may make it useful as an acne scar treatment.
  • As with other home remedy treatments, there is little to no medical evidence that tea tree oil works for reducing back acne scars.
  • Also, like with other home remedies, it may be difficult for you to reach the acne scars on your back yourself. You may need to enlist the services of a helper to apply the treatment.
  • 2Put on a baking soda paste for 10-15 minutes. Add a spoonful or two of baking soda to a bowl, then stir in just enough lukewarm water to create a thick paste. Use your fingers to apply the paste to your back acne scars, massaging it in gently to help exfoliate your skin. Rinse the paste away after 10-15 minutes.XResearch source
  • This is ideal to do once daily before you take a shower, which is the easiest way to rinse the baking soda paste off your back.
  • Baking soda may provide some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it serves as an exfoliator that may help reduce the appearance of your back acne scars.
  • If you have red, inflamed acne on your back, do not exfoliate it. That will make the inflammation worse.XExpert Source
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