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How To Get Rid Of Arm Acne

Should You Pop An Armpit Pimple

FAQ: How to Get Rid of Body Acne, (Back acne, chest acne, leg acne, arm acne)

If you have a large, pus-filled pimple in your armpit, it could be very tempting to pop the pimple. However, there are some reasons why its never a good idea to pop an underarm pimple.

Expert in dermatology Dr. Zakiya Rice says that the pus in a pimple or boil contains bacteria that is infectious. Popping a zit can cause the bacteria to spread to other pores and cause you to have an outbreak of unsightly pimples. Also, squeezing too hard could force the infection deeper into your skin and cause an even larger pimple or boil.18

However, if you are determined to get rid of an armpit pimple by popping it, dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey recommends the following:

  • Wait until there is a firm head on the pimple. Never attempt to pop a pimple that only has a red top and no sign of pus.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Sterilize a needle putting it through a flame and let it cool. Clean the needle with an alcohol swab.
  • Clean the zit and surrounding area with an alcohol swab.
  • Carefully put the needle through the top of the pimple and gently squeeze.
  • The pus should drain easily. If you have to squeeze too hard, the zit isnt ready to be drained.
  • Wipe the pimple with an alcohol swab.
  • How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Once And For All

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    The first thing to know about how to get rid of back acne is that it’s not like the pimples you get on your face. Yes, its similar in that the pores clog and bacteria is often to blame, and also you get incredibly confused and angry and emotional about it . But it’s different in that it comes with its own rulebook for treating and preventing it.

    Luckily bacne is very treatable and very preventable. And I didnt know all the ways to keep it at bay until I sourced a bunch of board-certified dermatologists for the answers. We got the advice they often give their own patients in regards to back acne, and now theyve got your back, too: Here’s how to get rid of back acne.

    Types Of Shoulder Acne

    Not all acne looks the same. Thats because there are actually different types of acne:

    • Whiteheads are small bumps with a skin-colored appearance on them. They contain a buildup of keratin and oil.
    • Blackheads occur when a pore becomes clogged. Its often thought that their dark color is due to dirt in the follicle, but its actually because of oxidation of keratin and melanin.
    • Papules are small red bumps. Theyre less than 1 centimeter in diameter. Papules dont have a clear head.
    • Pustules are red bumps filled with pus or other fluid.
    • Nodules and cysts are large, red, often painful acne lesions that occur in severe acne called nodulocystic acne.

    There are a lot of acne medications and cleansers on the market, making it hard to choose the right one. Weve got you covered.

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    Replenix Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Body Wash With Aloe Vera

    As an alternative, use zinc-packed dandruff shampoos:

    I find that often back acne is actually pityrosporum folliculitis, an overgrowth of a yeast normally found on our skin. Using antifungal shampoos and body washes, daily for 10 days, then weekly for maintenance, is helpful, says Dr. Debbie Elder.

    Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

    Get rid of bumps on arms

    Apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to treat shoulder acne at home.ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help get rid of the redness and irritating.

    The acid in the ACV can naturally remove the excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells the pores.Moreover, it can exfoliate the skin and balances the skins pH levels effectively.

    Step 1. Dilute ACV with water

    • Dilute 1 tablespoon of raw ACV with 3 tablespoons of water.

    Step 2. Mix well and apply the solution to your acne

    • Mix the ACV and water well.
    • Soak a small cotton ball in the solution and apply it on the affected skin.

    Step 3.Rinse off and apply a moisturizer

    • Wait for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.
    • Gently dry the skin with a soft towel and apply a moisturizer.

    Do this 2 or 3 times daily until the shoulder acne disappear.

    Alternatively, you can add 1 teaspoon of raw honey with 2 teaspoons of ACV into a glass of water, then drink the solution 1-2 times daily for additional effect.

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    What Causes Bumps On The Arms

    “KP is due to plugs of dead skin in the follicles,” says Arielle Nagler, MD, a dermatologist with NYU Langone Health in New York City. “It’s most commonly found on the upper arms and legs;but can also be seen on other areas of the skin.”

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology;, keratosis pilaris usually begins either before the age of two or during the teenage years.;Although frustrating, KP;is completely harmless and not contagious. The condition appears to run in families, and people with eczema or;atopic dermatitis;have a higher risk of developing these bumps, says Ava;Shamban, MD, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and founder of SKINxFIVE. “It’s a lifelong condition,” she;adds.

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    What Causes Back Acne

    We may be used to be discussing acne on our faces but on our backs is a different story. There are a range of reasons you might be suffering from the skin condition.

    ‘Back acne is typically caused by a build up of oils and dead skin cells in and around pores. The pores can become clogged and attract bacteria which thrives. This causes leads to an inflammatory response of the skin causing pustules and bumps,’ explains Dr Adwoa Danso, NHS GP Doctor.

    If you do suffer from back acne, you’ll have likely noticed it starting around the time your hormones kick in. ‘Back acne onset predominantly starts from puberty and it tends to effect boys and men more. The main areas being upper back, lower back and shoulders,’ says Dr Vanita Rattan.

    Because it’s linked to our hormones, some might be more prone to the condition than others. ‘Individuals with oily skin or suffer with hormonal disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome are more prone to acne,’ believes Dr Danso.

    How do you get rid of back acne??

    As debilitating as body acne can be , you don’t have to swerve plans or cover up completely, because ELLE has enlisted one of the best dermatologists in the business to help banish the breakouts once and for all. Here’s how to get rid of back acne or body acne once and for all.

    How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

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    How Does Bacne Form

    Acne tends to develop in areas where we have a high concentration of oil glands, Joshua Zeichner, a Manhattan-based dermatologist, explains. Thats why your face, chest, and back can be prime targets for pus-filled mounds and the red bumps that mark inflamed hair follicles . High levels of oil production get trapped within the pores, promoting an overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria and inflammation, he explains. While he sees blackheads and whiteheads on patients from time to time, he notes theyre less common on your chest and back than they can be on your face.

    Choose The Right Body Moisturiser

    how to get rid of acne on arms and shoulders fast

    You don’t have to give up the moisturiser to keep breakouts at arms length – just make sure you choose the right one – that means ditching the thick creams.

    ‘Applying a moisturiser will soothe and repair your skin barrier, but make sure that any products you leave on your skin are labelled ‘non-comedogenic,’ advises Dr. Kluk. ‘This means that they wonât clog your pores.’

    It’s also important to be aware of oils. ‘Some oil based products can cause acne, switching to âlighterâ creams is beneficial. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid containing products are recommended treatments,’ explains Dr Danso.

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    Try A Spot Treatment Or A Targeted Body Wash

    If your underarm pores are plugged up and need help, try a spot treatment . New York City-based, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nikhil Dhingrais a fan of the classic La Roche-Posay Effaclar Dual Action Acne Spot Treatment, which contains 5.5% micronized benzoyl peroxide. “Benzoyl peroxide is an antibiotic topical available in wash and cream forms and can target acne- and folliculitis-causing bacteria,” he explains. You can also try a medicated body wash used just in the affected areas, like PanOxyl or something with salicylic acid. “Salicylic acid can exfoliate the skin around the hair follicles, minimizing ingrown hairs and skin debris trapping into glands,” Dhingra explains. Try Neutrogenas Body Clear Pink Grapefruit Acne Body Wash.

    Finally, if the area is determined to be infected, you can use an antibacterial soap . This will help clear up the infection, Germaine adds.;

    How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne In A Week

    Acne on the shoulder is very annoying. It can make you feel uncomfortable when you wear sleeveless clothes during the warm months. This is a common skin condition, especially for teenagers. According to statistics, 30% of young people in the United States suffer from shoulder acne.

    Shoulder acne can also appear on the back, neck and upper arm area.In general, men tend to get the acne on their backs and shoulder region while women tend to get a pimple on their face.

    Shoulder acne may be mild, moderate or severe. It may cause pain, redness, and swelling of the skin with pustules, cysts, and enlarged skin pores.

    The cause of shoulder acne is the same as the acne in the other parts of your body. Excess sebum, dead skin cells, and other impurities may clog the hair follicles on your shoulders and cause acne break out.

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    Shower Immediately After A Workout

    ‘The bacteria responsible for causing acne thrive on sweaty skin,’ explains Dr. Kluk. ‘It’s important to remove your gym clothes and shower as soon as possible after a workout.’

    Even if you haven’t had a hard core work out, cleaning off any sweat is key. ‘Shower immediately after sweating. Acne isnât related to cleanliness but we certainly know that sweat can aggravate the skin. Hair shampoos and conditioners can leave residue on your back which can clog pores and cause bacne. Take extra care when rinsing hair and gently wash the back after hair washing ‘ says Dr Danso.

    That means no sitting on the end of your bed, scrolling through Instagram, trying to muster up the energy to jump in. We’re talking ASAP, people.

    Use Antibacterial Body Wash

    How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Arms

    If you work out regularly, you must use an antibacterial body wash or a non-drying, antibacterial soap. Look for a product containing tea tree essential oil as it is antimicrobial and gets rid of bacteria as well as fungi. Apply the soap to wet shoulders and back and scrub with a loofah or brush. Leave the lather on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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    Are Pimples On Arms & Shoulders Common

    Pimples can develop on various parts of your body including face, neck, upper back, shoulder, and arms upper arms and the back of the arms. People of any age or gender can suffer from these pimples. Pimples occur on your arms and shoulders due to the clogging of the pores of your skin as a result of the accumulation of dead skin cells and excess oil production. Oil glands are more active on the shoulders rather than arms. As compared to the face, the pores on the arms are larger. Therefore, pimples take a little longer to form on the arms than on the face, but once they occur, they could be more severe than your regular breakouts. Some can be full of pus; others are itchy or painful.

    Not treating the pimples on your arms and shoulders on time will lead to the appearance of long-lasting scars and marks, damaging the tone and texture of your skin. In order, to effectively treat these pimples you must find out the underlying causes.

    Here are the major causes of pimples:

    • Overactive Sebaceous Glands: Sebaceous glands in the skin are responsible for secreting natural oils to hydrate the skin. Sometimes, excessive oil production by the skin can clog pores and cause pimples.
    • Hormonal Fluctuation: Hormonal fluctuation in both men and women can cause the sebaceous glands to go into overdrive, leading to pimples on the arms.

    Apart from these major causes, there are few secondary ones as well which can lead to the development of pimples on shoulders and arms :

    Tips To Prevent Pimples On Arms & Shoulders

    Here are some tips from the dermatologists desk to reduce the occurrence of pimples on the arms and shoulders.

    • Opt For Gentle Cleansing: Using water that is too hot to shower can strip your skin of its natural oils. It is recommended to use lukewarm water for bathing. Use gentle cleansers and avoid skin products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate and similar ingredients.
    • Moisturise Regularly: Good moisturizers with urea containing preparations help control the breakouts. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ to protect your skin from sun damage
    • Exfoliate The Right Way: Exfoliation helps to prevent the clogging of the skin pores, however, doing it the right way is important, as excessive scrubbing will only aggravate the problem and cause redness and inflammation.
    • Consume A Diet Rich In Vitamins and Minerals: Pimple like eruptions for e.g, phrynoderma on arms can occur due to vitamin A,;vitamin E and zinc deficiencies. Your diet should include vitamin-rich food such as eggs, green vegetables, oranges, almonds, olive oil, red meat, and pumpkin seeds. A diet with a low glycemic index will also help control the breakouts. Now you know the possible causes of pimples on shoulders and;arms. If you are suffering from breakouts on your upper limbs, consult a skin specialist today to know the best treatment option for you.

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    What Is Body Acne

    Body acne refers to any type of acne that appears on the back and upper half of the body, including the chest and shoulders. These breakouts are classified similarly to acne on your face, and are often accompanied by oily skin and scarring. While acne can appear anywhere on your body , it tends to concentrate on the back, chest and shoulders where there is a higher density of hair follicles and oil- and sweat-producing glands. To make matters worse, the pores and hair follicles on your body are much larger than those found on your face, and the skin on your back is extremely thick. These factors heighten the potential for dirt and oil to become trapped, block pores and cause breakouts.

    Acne On Your Arms: Everything You Need To Know

    How to Get Rid of Body Acne, (Back acne, chest acne, leg acne, arm acne)

    Getty/Design by Cristina Cianci

    We can get pimples almost anywhere on our bodies, seeing as our bodies are covered in hair follicles, and when hair follicles become clogged, thats when we break out. And so, annoyingly, we can break out on our arms too.;

    That said, when our arms appear to be broken out, its more likely something else, such as keratosis pilaris or folliculitis. The first step to getting rid of a breakout on the arms is correctly identifying what youre dealing with.

    Meet the Expert

    Annie Gonzalez, MD, FAAD is a Miami-based, board-certified dermatologist.

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    How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Arms

    Acne can occur anywhere on the body.When acne appears on your arms, it can cause the skin to feel rough and unevenly textured. The skin on your arms can hurt if clothing constantly rubs against the acne. You can treat acne on your arms with a routine that involves cleaning, medicating and moisturizing on a regular basis. The arm acne may completely disappear, and your arms can return to their original smooth state.

    Cleanse acne on the arms with a gentle soap formulated for sensitive skin types 1. Wet your arms with water, and lather up your hands with a sensitive skin soap. Spread the lather onto your arms, covering the entire area affected by acne. Rinse off the skin well. Repeat twice per day.

    Medicate acne on your arms by using a low concentration benzoyl peroxide cream. Squeeze out a dime-sized amount of 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream and distribute it evenly onto both hands. Apply the cream to the affected areas of your arms. Continue to smooth the cream on your arms until it has been completely absorbed into the skin. Repeat twice per day.

    Moisturize arm acne using an oil-free moisturizing lotion. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of an oil-free moisturizing lotion into your fingers, distributing it evenly between your hands. Apply the lotion to the affected area of your arms. Repeat twice per day.


    Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin during cleansing, which can exacerbate acne.

    Common Causes Of Shoulder Acne

    • Dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum may block the pores in the skin and cause shoulder acne.
    • Food allergies, drug allergies, or certain product allergies can lead to redness and acne on the skin.
    • Taking steroids can cause acne on your shoulders.
    • Shoulder acne can appear due to the hormonal changes in the body such as adolescence.
    • Wearing tights during exercise can prevent sweat from evaporating, this can lead to acne.
    • Some oily cosmetics or skin care products can irritate your skin.
    • Shaving, waxing, or laser treatment can also damage the skin.
    • Some diseases such as diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome or undernutrition can also cause acne.
    • People who are obese or have a weakened immune system are more likely to suffer from acne.

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