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How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Vag

Learn The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Baby’s Acne Using These Simple Safe And Natural Methods

Vaginal Acne and Pimples

Rare is the adult who survived their teenage years without ever getting a pimple. Most of us have a brush with acne as teenagers, and our culture tends to think of acne as being exclusive to this age group.

This helps explain why it can be so shocking for new parents to discover acne on their infants. One day your baby has soft, clear skin, and the next you might discover their face is covered in tiny, pimply bumpsjust like an adolescent. Because we dont usually think of babies as being prone to acne, these breakouts can throw parents into a panic.

In reality, it is quite commonand for the most part, its entirely harmless. Still, most parents want to help the condition clear up as soon as possible.

Thats why weve put together this guide to getting rid of baby acne. Well walk you through what baby acne is, how long it lasts, what causes it, and the fastest ways to get rid of itas well as a few strategies for preventing baby acne and helping your newborn enjoy healthier skin overall.

Bumps On Vagina Vaginal Lips Hard Small Itchy Red White Pictures Causes Treatment & Home Remedies

Various infections or health conditions may trigger bumps on vagina, vulva or vaginal lips . They can also appear inside the vagina, near or around the vaginal area, especially after shaving. Usually, the bumps are white or red in color. They might behard or soft,large or small, painful or painless, itchy or not itchy. This page presents facts, pictures,causes,signs, and symptoms of female genital bumps. Furthermore, it highlights how you can get rid of and prevent them with medical treatments and home remedies.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Pimple On My Labia

Pimples in the genital region typically heal in a few days but can be uncomfortable. A warm compress can ease the discomfort of a pimple caused by an ingrown hair while a cold compress may soothe pimples accompanied by itchiness. If a pimple doesn’t show signs of clearing up in a few days, call your healthcare provider.

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Be Careful With Acne Creams

When your face breaks out all of a sudden, your first thought is probably to treat it with a powerful acne cream. But when it comes to treating acne on your penis, this approach may not be the best.

The skin on your penis is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your face. As such, you may want to avoid harsh acne products that have been known to cause skin irritation, such as Benzoyl Peroxide.

Although Salicylic Acid is a much gentler choice for the skin, it can also irritate the sensitive skin on the penis. Be sure to do only a small dab of Salicylic Acid to begin with to see how your skin reacts.

What Are Vaginal Pimples

Antibiotic Natural Remedy

Since the vagina is the canal that attaches your uterus to the outside world, the vulva and labia are actually where you’ll see acne, says Dr. Bhuyan. Vulvar acne shows up in red bumps, and is a form of folliculitis, which is an inflammation around the hair follicles.

More From

So how is this different from facial acne? While facial acne usually forms due to a collection of oil and debris, vaginal acne is caused by an infection due to bacteria that forms around your pubic hair follicles, Dr. Bhuyan says.

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Why Do We Get Pimple On Labia

A lot of factors can play their part in forming a pimple or pimple like bump on labia. These include:

  • Skenes Duct Cysts
  • One of the most familiar reasons behind pimple on labia is cysts. These are of two types. One of the kinds is Skenes duct cyst that forms on the part from where you urinate.

    You can have this form of cyst if any of your skin glands are blocked. The puss in these cysts can be drained out. But this needs to be done by a doctor.

  • Bartholin Cyst
  • Formed due to blockage of fluids in Bartholin gland, this cyst tends to get very large in size. It becomes swollen but is generally free of irritation and inflammation.

    This cyst can form on any side of labia majora. Drainage of fluid inside this Bartholin cyst can be done by a doctor.

    How to know if you have a cyst on your labia? If your skin gets red and you have a bumpy pimple on labia, which is oozing fluid, then this pimple is caused by the presence the cysts mentioned above.

  • Folliculitis
  • Folliculitis or blockage of hair follicles might also be the reason behind a vaginal pimple. What happens is that sweat or any other bacteria/infection blocks your hair follicle and prevents it from growing properly.

    This leads to infectious pimples that cause irritation and pain. For the treatment of such pimples, medication is usually required. These pimples are found in both men and women.

  • Ingrown Hair
  • Molluscum Contagious
  • Fordyce Spots
  • Skin Cancer
  • In case you have all these symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

    Excessive Sweating And Oil Production:

    • Being covered most of the times, the vaginal area hardly gets any air and tends to trap sweat. Every woman experiences excessive sweating which leads to oil production in the genital area. This acts as a lubricant, however these secretions can clog skin pores and lead to a lesion thus form a pimple in the vagina.

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    Apply Mixture Of Corn Starch And Warm Water

    Apply this mixture over the vaginal pimples and leave it for around 15 minutes. Then rinse it off using warm water. Dry the area by patting a dry towel. Notably, corn starch can soak excess oil in the vaginal area and prevent any other acne breakout. And, warm water can suppress the development of the pimples.

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    How To Get Rid Of Bumps On The Vaginal Area From Shaving


    Some women prefer the smooth, clean look of a shaved vaginal area. This practice is not new it dates back to ancient Egyptian times3. Shaving your pubic area is also helpful in the summer months if you plan on wearing a bathing suit.

    Since the skin in this area is quite sensitive, razor burn can be a problem. Bumps from shaving can ruin the aesthetic effect of shaving. Fortunately, there are ways you can get rid of razor bumps and maintain a smooth bikini line.

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    How Does One Prevent Vagina Acne

    • Wash every piece of clothing that will come into contact with your genital area with unscented detergent. If your vaginal acne is caused by contact dermatitis, make sure to use only unscented products for your menstrual cycle and avoid douches .
    • Diligent hygiene during your period can help reduce acne flare-ups during this time. If you do have an acne flare-up, its very important to protect broken and infected skin from bacteria during your period.
    • Irritation and tight clothing can further irritate the skin and cause pimples. Re-wash anything that was washed with a fragrance and apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas until it heals.
    • Preventing ingrown hairs may mean foregoing hair removal or opting for other hair removal treatments, such as laser hair removal, instead of shaving. If you prefer shaving, use a sharp razor and change it frequently.
    • Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliant around the pubic area if you do choose some form of hair removal.

    Your choice of underwear and other clothing can have a big impact on the recurrence of vaginal acne. Pure cotton or other natural, breathable material may help keep the skin from trapping sweat. Wash frequently, and avoid overly tight clothing for prolonged periods of time.

    Something contagious can easily be mistaken for vaginal acne certain kinds of STIs, such as genital warts and herpes, may mimic the appearance and symptoms of vaginal acne.


    What Are The Treatments Available For Vaginal Pimples

    Vaginal pimples usually clear up in some time. Consult your doctor if the pimples are cause more than a minor irritation. Doctor can prescribe you some topical medication. It is important to keep your genital clean and dry as wet environment in ideal for infection causing bacteria. Wash the genital area with a mild soap and use a soft towel to dry yourself. It is advisable to use a mild medicated soap for the area. . Also Read – World Liver Day: Meet Living-Donor Transplant Survivors, Who Will Represent India at World Transplant Games Federation 2023

    You can use tea tree oil to get rid of the acne as this essential oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. All you have to do is mix equal portion of tea tree oil and olive oil, take a cotton ball and use it to apply the mixture on the affected area. Lavender oil is also an excellent remedy for vaginal acne thanks to its antiseptic properties. Take two teaspoons of lavender oil and add a few drops of almond oil. Mix it well and use an earbud or a cotton ball to apply the oil mixture on the affected area. Do not use these essential oils undiluted as it can cause skin burns.

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    What Else Could This Bump Be

    Some things may appear to be pimples, but are actually cysts, warts, or other growths. Some of these are:

    Bartholins cysts usually occur near one side of the vaginal opening. If cysts dont clear up within a few days, or become painful, see your doctor. Large cysts can be drained.

    Genital herpes lesions can look like pimples. They appear around the vagina, vulva, and anus. Genital herpes can be treated.

    Genital warts can be mistaken for pimples. You can have a single wart or a cluster of warts. Theyre caused by the human papillomavirus , a common sexually transmitted infection that can be treated.

    Skin tags can look like pimples, but theyre just small flaps of tissue that pose no health threat. Skin tags in the genital area can become irritating, though. A doctor can remove them for you.

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    Remedies For Vaginal Pimples


    Fact Checked

    Pimples in the vaginal area should be treated carefully to prevent infection. The tissues of and surrounding the vagina are very sensitive. A blemish in the vaginal area that appears red, raised and with a white top can appear to be a pimple but it could be a symptom of another infection like genital warts, herpes or an inflammation of the hair follicles 2. For persistent or numerous vaginal pimples, medical treatment is needed.

    If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

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    Types Of Pimples On Labia

    The thought process involved with identifying a pimple on your labia probably looked something like this:

    • Hmmm. Whats that thing?

    • It definitely wasnt there yesterday.

    • Wait, was it?

    • Is that a pimple? That cant be just a pimple. Can it?

    And then you spiral into the ol What if its not a pimple? inner monologue, where you reflect on every single thing youve done in the last couple months, and how those things may have resulted in whatever is happening on or around your vagina.

    Were we close?

    Well, the first thing to do is . Take a deep breath. Whatever that blemish is and it can be quite a few things its treatable to one extent or another. And in a lot of cases, itll clear up on its own.

    However, being able to identify what kind of blemish that is, and what caused that blemish, is the first step you should take in figuring out how to remedy the situation.

    Let Your Pubic Hair Grow Out

    Although you may cringe at the idea of letting your pubic hair grow out, think of all the shaving or waxing-induced bumps that often result. Ingrown hairs can cause folliculitis, which according to the American Academy of Dermatology, is a common skin infection that develops in the hair follicles, often brought on by habits like shaving and plucking. Resist the urge to squeeze or pop bumps too doing so can lead to an infection.

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    How To Figure Out Bump Is A Pimple Or An Ingrown Hair

    It’s important to note the difference between acne and ingrown hair on the vagina. Don’t jump to conclusions all by yourself if you notice bumps down there where you have removed hair. If you notice a hair trap under the skin surface, its more likely ingrown hair. But if a bump is formed in an area where you have not removed hair, it is likely a pimple.

    Be Careful With Hair Removal


    If you opt to get rid of some or all of your pubic hair, it’s important to do it the right way. “For prevention, it is helpful to get rid of hair that is causing ingrowns in the bikini line that lead to painful pimples,” says Dr. Michele Farber of Schweiger Dermatology. “This means gentle shaving practices using shaving cream instead of plain soap and water. For the ultimate solution, laser hair removal can get rid of dark and thicker hairs.” If you’re planning on waxing, be sure the area is clean ahead of time, and exfoliate after any hair removal to avoid ingrown hair. Another important rule of thumb? “Any tool that is used on your body daily needs to be cleaned regularly,” says Dr. Ross. “The bathroom can be a reservoir for bacteria, so it is absolutely necessary to clean or replace bathroom items weekly.”

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    Is It Safe To Pop A Vaginal Pimple

    Its best not to try to pop a vaginal pimple. For one thing, it can spread bacteria and lead to infection. For another, this sensitive area can be easily irritated. And youre likely to end up making things much worse.

    The pimple can become a boil if it fills with pus and continues to grow bigger for several days. As it grows, it can become painful.

    You should never try to burst or pick at a boil near your genitals. Its likely to rupture on its own. Instead see your doctor, who can lance the boil in a way that will prevent infection.

    How To Treat These Pimples

    As always, dont try to squeeze a pimple in order to speed up recovery, especially one thats on the vulva or scrotum.

    These are sensitive areas that are difficult to see. If you go in blind to pop a pimple, youre asking for trouble. The same goes for your ears, she says. The problem with people trying to treat the pimples on their buttocks is that they tend to be very deep, and people end up digging at them and causing more inflammation. I see a lot of scarring from people trying to self-treat.

    In some cases, dermatologists will put their patients on an acne medication, like Accutane, to deal with these breakouts, although it will take about six weeks before it starts to work. And Carroll will extract certain types of pimples for patients, but she stresses that this should only be done by a board-certified dermatologist or a medical aesthetician under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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    To prevent future breakouts, she advises showering regularly to keep the skin as clean as possible. For the buttock area, she says to use an exfoliating or antibacterial body wash, and to avoid spending too much time in sweaty gym clothes.

    Sometimes its about the fabrics, too. Look for sweat-wicking fabrics because bacteria loves sweat, she says. And if those glands are already a bit inflamed, sweat hanging around in those areas will make your condition worse.

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    Know That Vaginal Acne Is Totally Normal And Occurs On Its Own

    First things first: don’t freak out over a zit down there. Pimples on your vagina are totally, totally normal.” has sweat glands and hair follicles that are prone to buildup, just like any other of the body,” explains gynecologist and author of She-ologyDr. Sherry Ross. A pimple here or there is completely to be expected.

    Rodial Super Acids Daily Azelaic Acid Serum


    “Found in certain grains like wheat, rye, and barley, azelaic acid is a natural organic compound that decreases inflammation, removes dead skin cells, and has antibacterial properties,” says Gaither. Formulations with at least 20%, like Rodial, have been noted to be an affective acne treatment, she adds.

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    Got body acne? Here’s the secret to clearer skin all over:

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    Pimples Are Fairly Undesirable But Even More So When They Appear Down There But Are Zits In The Vaginal Area Something To Worry About Lets Find Out

  • It might trigger a full-blown panic attack, but heres the thing about that pimple on your vagina: its mostly normal! Yes ladies, you might be surprised to know this but getting pimples or bumps below the belt is absolutely alright and not a cause of worry.

    You see, pores in your vulval area are just as prone to build-up of dirt and oil, which then causes pimples. Even if they are pink or red and filled with white pus, its nothing to be panicked about.

    But what causes these insidious pimples? Well, they can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from tight clothes and lack of hygiene to hormonal imbalance.

    Here are the other reasons why you are getting pimple-like bumps in the area:

    1. Razor burns It is very common to experience razor burns if you shave your vulvar region especially, if you dont use shaving cream. The pimples that appear are red in colour, usually appear in clusters, and can be quite itchy.

    The good news is that razor burns can be avoided by using coconut oil or shaving cream. Using aloe vera gel or a moisturising cream once youre done can also calm the sensitive area and avoid razor burn from cropping up.

    3. Folliculitis This refers to the infection of the hair follicle. While a pimple happens because of the buildup of dirt in the skin pore, folliculitis occurs when the very hair follicle develops an infection due to sweat or bacteria present in the area.

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