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How To Deal With Hormonal Acne

Avoid Temptation To Pick

How I FIXED My Hormonal ACNE – Dealing with an IUD and Weight Gain

As irresistible as it can be, picking pimples or over-exfoliating your skin is not the right idea. “I always say, start to bug out, and then they scrub,” says Dr. Gohara. Try to avoid that. Do not overdo any treatments in an attempt to heal your acne. It could just make it worse. “It destroys the skin barrieryour protective mechanismand just enflames things a hundred times worse,” says. Dr. Gohara.

Plus, picking just gives the bacteria that lives in acne more opportunities to spread, says Sylvia Brownlee, an esthetician, holistic acne specialist, and founder of Skin by Brownlee Co., a Cincinnati, Ohio-based spa. “This can just lead to more breakouts!” she shares.

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Take An Oral Antibiotic Or Medication

While topicals can be great, they are limited in how much work they can do when it comes to breakouts. Antibiotics are ingested, circulating through the body and targeting the root cause of breakouts: the sebaceous glands. “Trying a different combined oral contraceptive pill may also help, as can oral antibiotics or a medication called spironolactone, which has been used off-label for years to help treat hormonal acne in adult women,” says Granite.

Other commonly prescribed antibiotics for acne include doxycycline and erythromycin, which are meant to help lessen inflammation and therefore breakouts. It’s worth noting that antibiotics can lead to resistance, so they shouldn’t be used forever, and some people might develop side effects as a result of adding them to their routine. They can also be used in conjunction with topical products, such as retinol or benzoyl peroxide, or alongside procedures like light and laser therapy as well as chemical peels.

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Do Diet And Lifestyle Affect Hormonal Acne At All

“There is no evidence that poor hygiene, chocolate or greasy foods cause acne in all people,” says Dr Tomizawa.

“Although eating healthy will improve your well-being, changes to your diet will not miraculously cure your skin.

“Dermatologists have researched diet modification for a number of skin diseases and unfortunately avoiding certain ingredients in foods usually does not improve the appearance of the skin or cure acne for all people.

“However, in certain people, they may find that a particular food group especially those in high refined sugar can exacerbate their acne. For these people, avoiding these foods can help to reduce their breakouts.”

Endocrinal Evaluation In Patients With Suspected Hormonal Acne


Hormonal evaluation is not mandatory for those who experience short bouts of onset and offset or those who respond well to standard treatments. However, in the more resistant cases and for those who fail to respond to conventional therapies, endocrinal evaluation is an important tool to consider as well as in the following cases:

  • Late-onset acne

  • PCOS

  • Signs of hyperinsulinemia

  • Distribution of the acne lesions. It is well recognized that hormonal acne concentrates in the lower third of the face along the chin and jaw lines.

  • It is important to remember that many patients with hormonal acne might not have a raised level of circulating testosterone in their blood and that some women with raised androgen levels can still have normal menstruation. This is primary because only a small portion of the testosterone is being free and able to bind to the androgen receptors to induce action, so unless free testosterone is measured separately, total testosterone level may still be normal in spite of obvious hyperandrogenism signs. Signs of hyperandrogenism despite normal levels of both total and free testosterone can be explained by the fact that there is an increased sensitivity of the receptors to androgen at the pilosebaceous unit or an increased activity of the 5-reductase enzyme resulting in overproduction of DHT, which is five times more potent than testosterone.

    Certain factors may aggravate acne, including:

    Use oil-free skin and hair products to care for acne-prone skin.

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    Tweak Your Diet To Reduce Inflammation

    Im a sugar addict. I wish I could eat pizza and cake all day. Every day.

    My body has other ideas. Sugar promotes inflammation. Inflammation is bad on so many levels. Its what causes deadly diseases like cancer and Alzeheimers. It makes you age faster. And it increases your risk of breakouts.

    Now, dont get me wrong. Theres no way this Italian is ever gonna give up pizza for good . But, Ive seriously cut back on grains and sugar.

    Instead, Ive upped my fat intake. Im eating more foods rich in omega-3, such as salmon, avocado and walnuts. Ive added more probiotics, such as kefir and Greek yogurt. I have my fair share of vegs with every meal.

    And, then, once in a while, I have a cheat day when I eat pizza at dinner and snack on chocolate. A healthy diet is about moderation, not deprivation.

    Personally, Ive found this has the biggest impact on my hormonal acne. Its easy to eat a balanced diet at home, but when I travel, I cheat a little too often.

    I dont feel too guilty about it. In the grand scheme of things, eating more sugar for a week every few months wont kill me. But, I find it makes pimples more prone to come back during that time of the month.

    If I want clear skin, a low glycemic diet is the way to go.

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    Diet Plays A Very Important Role:

    Reduce refined carbohydrates in the diet and increase fibre. Avoid dairy as much as possible, as milk and milk-based products can cause hormonal imbalance in the body and lead to acne. Keep junk food, caffeine, aerated drinks, artificial sugars, processed foods at bay if you want to tackle hormonal acne.

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    How To Prevent Hormonal Acne Without Medication

    Hormonal Acne ! How To Deal With Breakouts On Your Period | Euniycemari

    Once you have treated the root cause of your hormonal acne with lifestyle changes, hormonal medications or antibiotics, you may start focusing on preventing hormonal acne from returning.

    While it isnt possible to eliminate acne-causing hormones without disrupting essential body functions like the menstrual cycle, it is possible to establish a consistent skincare routine as a method of preventing acne flares.

    Luckily, most of the treatments for hormonal acne double as prevention methods, including:

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    Adult Acne Solutions: How To Deal With Hormonal Acne

    New York dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton explains how to treat adult acne in women and why breaking out at this older age is still common.

    Adult female hormonal acne is a very common problem, says Dr. Jeremy Fenton, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. Hormones play a role in acne to some extent in everybody, but adult women can sometimes have a type of acne that is primarily driven by their hormones.

    Some of the most common areas for breakouts in adult women that signify its hormonal acne include cystic acne along the jawline / chin area and acne that flares in sync with a menstrual period. Hormonal acne is generally driven by the androgens .

    How Do You Know If Acne Is Hormonal

    There are several signs that your pimples are related to hormones. According to dermatologists, here are a few signs of hormonal acne:

    While wed love to leave acne behind once we enter our 20s, the reality is acne flare-ups are possible at any time. Hormonal acne is the type thats most likely to attack in your 20-something years, since those are the years when people with vaginas tend to be most hormonally active. Your 20s is often the peak childbearing age, says Dr. Jegasothy. This makes people with vaginas more prone to the intense hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

    But age alone wont determine whether or not youll break out. Genetics can dictate when hormonal breakouts start and stop. Throughout my professional career, Ive found that nearly half of women in their 20s experience acneand menopause can cause a resurgence of breakouts, Marina Peredo, M.D.6, cosmetic and medical board-certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, tells SELF.

    One of the telltale signs of a hormonal breakout is its location on the face. If youre noticing inflamed cystic acne on your chin or jawline areaanywhere around your lower face, reallyyou can bet your bottom dollar that its probably hormonal acne. Derms dont exactly know why this beard of acne is so common, especially in women, but it likely comes down to too much oil production clogging up your pores.


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    How Do You Treat Hormonal Acne

    When you sense a breakout brewing under the skin, your first instinct might be to pile on the spot treatments. However, most of the products available at the drugstore arent strong enough to combat the deep pimples associated with hormonal acne.

    One of the hallmarks of hormonal acne is that it is typically resistant to over-the-counter remedies, but we include these treatments in addition to hormone-specific remedies for the best chance at clearance, MacGregor said.

    Your favorite drugstore toners and acne treatments are likely no match for stubborn hormonal acne breakouts, but that doesnt mean hope should be lost. There are a few things to try for stubborn hormonal acne breakouts, including changing your diet, topical treatments and oral medications, according to Jaber and MacGregor.

    I always tell people to cut out sugar and dairy, Jaber said, citing a study that showed a link between skim milk and low-fat milk and acne. Ive definitely seen a correlation with low-fat milk and acne. But Ive also seen it with any dairy.

    Jaber also said he recommends his patients cut out simple sugars, which include white rice, white potatoes, candy, cake, soda, juice and processed foods. He made sure to note, though, that a change in diet may work for some patients and not for others.

    MacGregor takes a similar approach, telling her patients to try a 60-day gluten-free, dairy-free diet that is free of processed carbs to see if it helps clear acne.

    What Can Make It Worse

    Hormonal Acne: 5 Signs You Are Dealing with It &  How to ...

    If you are dealing with hormonal acne, balancing hormone levels is a great first start to treating your breakouts. However, there are other factors that can aggravate acne and make breakouts worse if you arent aware. Keep these triggers in mind to help mitigate the frequency of any hormonal acne.

    1. Stress

    Since stress can spike cortisol levels and throw off the balance of other hormones involved in hormonal acne, its vital to keep stress levels under control. Breathwork, meditation, and other mindfulness practices are great tools for alleviating stress.

    2. Humidity

    Thank goodness for air conditioning. Humidity and sweat can result in your skin being the perfect sticky surface for dust and other bacteria to cling to, leading to clogged pores and increased breakouts.

    3. Picking

    Not only does picking or popping your acne cause permanent scars and dark spots, it can also lead to further acne as the force of popping pushes the bacteria deeper into your hair follicle and other surrounding areas of your skin.

    4. Poor diet

    A poor diet filled with inflammatory foods can directly impact your hormone levels and cause imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The food you eat on a daily basis also contributes to chronic inflammation of your gut and other areas of your body, directly impacting your bodys ability to detox leading to even more breakouts.

    5. Menopause

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    Why Is Hormonal Acne Important

    Hormonal acne does not always respond fully to treatment with acne creams, such as topical retinoids, and antibiotics. In some cases hormonal acne does not even respond well to treatment with Isotretinoin . Hormonal acne is more likely to come back after a course of Roaccutane has successfully cleared it.

    Besides being stubborn to treat, hormonal acne causes redness for prolonged periods, scarring and pigmentation. Some types of hormonal acne cause a large number of comedones to develop especially on the sides of the face temples, cheeks and jaw line.

    Enlarged pores on the nose and cheeks are commonly seen with hormonal acne. Hormonal acne can be really frustrating and cause a reduced quality of life for sufferers.

    Hormonal acne can be distinguished from fungal acne on the type of spots and their location. Fungal acne causes smaller spots that are more evenly sized and itchy.

    How Can You Tell If You Have Hormonal Acne

    If you are struggling with breakouts it can be frustrating to know how to treat it without knowing why you are dealing with it in the first place. Once you identify that you are struggling with hormonal acne, youll be able to start addressing the underlying cause and work toward finding the right treatment for your particular type of acne.

    Chances are if you identify with one or more of these characteristics, you are dealing with hormonal acne.

    1. You are no longer a teenager

    Unfortunately, acne doesnt just go away once you graduate high school and turn 20. Dont we wish!? If you are dealing with breakouts well-into your 20s, it is most likely hormone related as hormone levels should balance out after puberty. Unless you are pregnant , acne that continues after high school can be a sign that your hormones are out of whack.

    2. You have acne on your chin and jawline

    Location, location, location. Since a good chunk of your oil glands sit around your chin and jawline, excess oil production caused by a hormone imbalance can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. If the majority of your breakouts happen in these two places, its a telltale sign you are dealing with hormonal acne.

    3. You have cysts

    Hormonal acne tends to appear more often in the form of painful cysts. This type of acne occurs deep under your skins surface caused by a large accumulation of oil leading to a more severe inflammatory response.

    4. You breakout when you are stressed

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    Research Other Prescription Options

    Zeichner says that the best prescription options for hormonal acne are birth control pills and Spironolactone . Birth control pills help regulate your hormones and decrease testosterone levels, which can mean fewer hormone-induced breakouts. Zeichner notes that there are four birth control pills currently approved for acne: Yaz, Beyaz, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, and EstroStop.

    Another option is the aforementioned Spironolactone. Though not specifically designed to treat acne, it is often used for exactly that purpose because it prevents testosterone from stimulating the oil glands. “Less oil means less shine, fewer clogged pores, and less food to feed acne-causing bacteria,” Zeichner explains.

    Learn More About Acne

    How To Deal With Adult Acne | Products for Sensitive Skin & Dealing with Hormonal Cystic Acne

    Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting around 50 million Americans every year. While all acne is hormonal, it can be triggered by a variety of factors, from androgens to stress, medication and more.

    Interested in learning more about acne? Our guide to androgen hormones that cause acne goes into more detail about how testosterone and other androgens can trigger an acne outbreak. You can also learn more about common acne triggers in our guide to what causes acne breakouts.

    Want to solve your acne breakouts as quickly as possible? Our guide to getting rid of acne fast covers the most effective acne treatments available, as well as the amount of time required for you to see results.

    This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your healthcare provider about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

    This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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