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How To Cover Up Acne With Makeup

Have Realistic Expectations And Know When To Stop

How to Cover Up Acne | Makeup Tricks

My last tip is this: girlfriend/boyfriend, use less.

Because acne is raised and often a bit flaky , its going to have texture. When youre covering acne, youre only able to address the color, turning a red bump into a skintone bump. But its still a bump, and youll never make it truly invisible.

Cakey applications over acne happen when youre determined to make the thing disappear. However, you cant ever make it truly go away. And the more concealer you add, the more obvious it will be that you tried to do something you couldnt.

So learn to trade the idea of complete coverage for letting a little of your skin show through. Thats the true way to make your application less cakey: knowing when to stop, before things start to bulk up and look unnatural.

Embrace the fact that youll never make acne invisible. And were all human acne is part of almost everyones life at some point. People understand and sympathize. Go ahead: you can release yourself from the pressure to be flawless.

But you still want to feel confident in yourself. Thats normal too! So, with that in mind, heres the final takeaway.

If you want to avoid the cake, you have a mindset to work towards:

  • Only add enough concealer to make you feel confident
  • AND learn to feel confident with partial coverage.

How Do I Prep My Skin When I Need To Cover A Pimple

The first step to concealing a pimple is extremely important. Like any work of art, you need a clean, blank, and smooth canvas to work on. So prepping the skin is essential to how the makeup will lay.

First things first, Williamson suggests “assessing the area” of the breakout.

“Is it dry and flaky or shiny with discoloration? If the blemish is dry and flaky I’d suggest prepping the skin with a chemical exfoliant followed by an emollient cream,” she says. “If there is a bit of discoloration redness you’ll want to focus on color correction and mattifying that area before applying complexion products.”

She suggests the Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Toner as your chemical exfoliant and Weleda Skinfood as your emollient cream.

For a very red complexion try the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. The treatment goes on green but dries beige to neutralize any redness. It also contains SPF to protect your skin from further damage.

If you have a more problematic spot that you maybe picked at , and it has turned into a scab, don’t fret hope is not completely lost. You can still cover it with proper prepping.

For this, Williamson suggests gentle exfoliation. “Use a cotton round that has an exfoliating side or exfoliating wipe being very careful and gentle,” she says. “Then you wanna hydrate the skin using a rich cream and color correct if needed.”

Can You Put Concealer On A Blemish Of Acne

This is actually the most cost-effective and cleanest option when putting on concealer on your face. You can easily use a cotton swab to steer clear of possible contaminations. The secret in how to cover acne with makeup is to apply concealer on a blemish to simply put an x pattern on it. Remember X marks the spot. 4. Properly blend the concealer

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How To Camouflage Acne With Makeup

As a middle-school aged gal I began my first struggles with acne. It was embarrassing so my mom started letting me wear foundation and blush to cover up the little red bumps and blemishes all over my face. Unfortunately, we were a little less educated about the dangers of putting harsh cosmetics on our face when I was in 6th grade, so little did my mom or I know that the more I covered the worse it actually got.

Fast forward 15 years and I was still having the same struggles. It’s embarrassing as a teenager, but acne is even more frustrating as an adult. Thankfully a few years ago I started working at this amazing company and within a few months of wearing my acne began to heal. Some people say, “maybe you should have stopped wearing makeup altogether” but what they don’t understand is that I didn’t want to leave the house without my “face” because I felt so terrible now the only reason I wear foundation is for the SPF and to even my skin tone. I genuinely don’t believe “not wearing makeup” was the answer, I believe it was the amazing ingredients in makeup that really helped to clear my skin. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, and many of us need more help than just a cleaner makeup with healing properties to rid our acne, but the makeup made a huge difference for me. It did take about two months for my skin to begin clearing, so during that time I needed a lot of help camouflaging my acne. Here is what I did, I hope it helps you as well!

Step : Prep With Primer

How To Cover Acne &  Scarring  My Full Coverage Foundation ...

Youre probably ready to break out the correctors and concealers to start hiding your acne scars, but youll actually want to reach for a makeup primer first. The LOréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Lock Makeup Primer smooths skin and blurs imperfections. The formula glides onto skin with a matte finish that lasts all day. Apply it all over your face or to targeted areas .

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Use A Stippling Brush To Apply Liquid Foundation

While the other steps can be done using fingertips, Jess says her stipple brush provides “good coverage and an airbrushed, even finish” when it comes to applying foundation. Apply the liquid makeup she uses Revlon ColorStay Makeup in round, stippling motions so you can get coverage without wiping off the concealer you already applied. Try a brush like like Sephora Collection Pro Stippling Brush #44 , starting off with a little product, then building to avoid going overboard.

Ashleys Experience With Microneedling For Acne Scars

Once Ashleys blemishes were under control, she started looking for a solution to the scars her pimples had left behind. She tried microneedling on June 25, a day after taking the final after photo in her skincare journey. Although Ashley didnt experience any negative side effects from her treatment, she also didnt see much of a positive change.

My skin felt a little bit tighter afterwards, but I didnt really see a massive difference and wasnt over the moon about the results, Ashley said.

While microneedling is a great treatment for indented or pitted acne scars, I wouldnt generally recommend it for the dark marks pimples often leave behind. The reason is because PIH is already caused by overactive pigment cells that have been woken up by the trauma of a zit. Microneedling could potentially keep those pigments cells activated longer by inflicting even more trauma on already injured skin. The goal is to get pigment cells to settle down and go to sleep, so its not ideal to keep them stimulated. Learn more about my thoughts on if microneedling for acne scars is worth it.

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Applying Cheek And Lip Make Up

  • 1Apply blush. Blush keeps your face looking rosy. When used correctly, it gives the appearance of looking sun kissed and happy, and helps you avoid looking too pale, which could give the impression you are ill or nervous. Start at the apples of your cheeks and move up toward your temples using a blush brush. Blend using your fingers so you do not see an obvious line where you applied.XResearch sourceXResearch source
  • If you are fair skinned, stick with soft pinks, peaches or light corals and apply lightly in order to keep a natural look. Applying too darkly or using a darker color will look too dramatic.
  • For a medium skin tone, use pinks and peaches and avoid applying too darkly. Refrain from using colors with a blue undertone, as those could create a bruised look rather than the naturally sun-kissed you are going for.
  • If your skin tone is dark, use deep reds, oranges, or browns to highlight your cheeks.
  • 2Finish with your lips. For a natural yet lasting look, use lip balm, lipliner, and lipstick. Make sure your lip balm has an SPF of 15 or more to protect your lips. Your lip liner and lipstick should be a softer shade that resembles your natural lip color. We are enhancing your natural beauty, not changing it!XResearch source
  • Start with lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. This will serve as a base for everything else you’re going to do.
  • Apply lipstick by puckering your lips and starting from the middle of your lips .
  • Concealer: The End Game

    How to Cover Up Acne With Makeup

    After you’ve applied foundation, it’s now time to use concealer to hide any acne scars that can still be seen. Apply the concealer directly to the scar and to any red or discoloured areas surrounding the scar. Blend so that there are no obvious edges, but not so thoroughly that the mark becomes visible again.

    If you want the best concealer to hide acne scars, the Kryolan Concealer Wheel is for you. Presented in a 6-pan concealer palette, the full-coverage shades can be used individually or blended for an exact colour match. With high concentrations of pigment, this workable concealer formula creates your ultimate level of coverage, even for concealing deep pitted acne scars.

    Other concealer options include Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer is non-acnegenic and oil-free. ‘Non-acnegenic’ means it won’t clog your pores and is less likely to cause further breakouts. This tube concealer also provides immediate hydration to keep eye-area skin feeling comfortable and looking fresh and natural.

    And to keep your makeup on-point throughout the day, throw Clarins My Clarins Pore-Less Blur & Matte Stick into your bag. Like a blotting powder in stick form , this matte product can be used under or over makeup to instantly blur the appearance of pores and shine.

    Sensitive & Acne Friendly Makeup

    Filled with the usual things we know you’ll love, and surprises you might not expect, it’s real rewards, really simple.

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    First Things Got Worse

    The first couple of days of the experiment, I felt my skin panic. It was so used to the same makeup routine that I had been doing for years, when I skipped it, even for a day, my skin still felt irritated, and the pimples didnt immediately go away, or get better, like I hoped they would.

    I felt extremely self-conscious not wearing makeup, so I did notice that for the first few days, I would have my hands on my face, blocking the patches of acne, so that people wouldnt see. That didnt help my skin at all.

    Step : Set Your Makeup

    After applying face makeup to cover your acne scars, setting all of your products with a finishing powder or spray is a must. A setting product can help prevent your makeup from budgingrevealing your scarsas you go about your day. Use the LOréal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray, holding the bottle eight inches from your face and misting four to six times. Spray in an X and T motion to help ensure your makeup is totally locked in place.

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    How Should I Apply Concealer To Cover A Pimple

    Now your skin is nice and prepped for makeup application. But before we get to the good stuff, consider a color correcting product to mask any remaining redness. Williamson suggests the L.A. Girl Pro Corrector or the MAC Conceal & Correct Palette.

    Once you’ve covered any redness, it’s time to apply the concealer. Of course, the end goal is to get the product to look completely natural and skin-like, while also providing ample amounts of coverage to hide even the biggest pimples. Sounds tricky right? Well, Williamson stresses buildable coverage.

    “To achieve great coverage that looks like skin I’d suggest laying down the firmly then blending and building on that coverage using patting motions,” she says. “A small blending brush or damp beauty sponge will do the trick.”

    Her favorite concealer brush is the MAC 217 brush. Its soft, dense bristles and oval shape make blending concealer effortless.

    As for the actual concealer she swears by? “I’d suggest something creamy that melts into the skin, like Evio Beauty’s Character Concealer, my personal .” She also loves the NARS Soft Matte Concealer and Kosas Revealer Concealer. She suggests going a shade lighter when concealing blemishes and then going over your whole face with a good foundation that matches your complexion perfectly.

    How To Cover Acne Makeup Tutorial

    How To Cover ACNE &  SCARS with Makeup! Full Coverage ...

    Pimples. Whiteheads. Blackheads. Zits. Blemishes. Acne. However it’s defined or labeled, we’ve all experienced the results of clogged pores. For some of us, its an occasional annoyance, and for others it’s a constant struggle. No matter how acne effects your life, when a blemish rears its irritated head, we all think “oh no, this has to go!” So, let’s talk about how to cover acne and acne scars using makeup.

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    When It’s A Blackhead

    I cover blackheads on the side of my nose every day, says Roncal. I like thin layers of different textures. First Ill do a liquid foundation or cream foundation, then if I need extra coverage Ill dab on a similarly colored concealer, patting it so that it blends, then top it off with a dusting of powder foundation. If they are still peeking through, Ill hit them with more concealer using a precision eyeliner brush. Hmm, Mally, that sounds like a lot. Hey, the key to covering any zit is patience, says Roncal. If you think you can cover it in one fell swoop, youre wrong.

    UNLESS. You could always just remove them, says Moultrie. Get some Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

    Use A Flat Shader Not Your Finger

    This is my first and best tip. To make the application as precise as possible, dont use a finger to blend out your concealer. Concealer texture is different than that of your skin or your foundation, and it shows even if you blend it way out.

    After all, the texture of your skin is already different where your acne spot is. You dont want to make it worse by changing the texture all around the spot, too!

    You want to put your concealer on the acne and the acne only, blending only by dabbing.

    To do that, youll need a very small, flat shader. Think the 207 Detailer in Real Techniques Flawless Base Set or the #9 detailing brush found in BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz brush set.

    Apply the product to the your flat shader, and then dabdont blendit just where the acne spot is. Push that concealer right on there and blend only by dabbing.

    This technique has been a lifesaver for me.

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    Two: Apply A Light Layer Of Foundation

    J.Crew jcrew.comTiffany & Co.

    Formulation-wise, concealer is heavier than foundation. To make the cover-up look natural, you want to use as little concealer as possible. Start with a light layer of foundation all over the face, including on the spot.

    There are dizzing array of foundations out there, but you want to choose one thats matte and offers medium coverage. Your pimple doesnt need to be dewy. Dont pick a foundation with super light coverage or one specifically designed for radiance, Barose says. Hes using with Thrive Causemetics Blend + Blur sponge.

    The Best Makeup For Cystic Acne


    The best makeup for cystic acne is definitely something that is full coverage. I would stay away from extremely matte foundations though, as I find those tend to accentuate the texture.

    Instead, I would go with something that has a luminous matteor natural finish. Remember, the texture will still be there, but at least you are not accentuating it more.

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    How A Makeup Artist With Acne Cleared Her Skin

    During our call, I asked Ashley a few questions about her breakouts to better understand what had gotten her to this point. We spoke about acne treatments shed tried , the routine that finally cleared her skin and which Renée Rouleau product she considers her holy grail.

    Renée Rouleau: When did you first start experiencing breakouts?

    Ashley Landry:I started getting regular breakouts about a year ago. It was the first full year of my business, so I think stress was definitely a factor. I had a few cystic breakouts on my right cheek almost all the time. Because Ive always been a makeup person, Ive also always been a huge skincare personthe two really go hand in hand. If your skin doesnt look good, your makeup wont either.

    RR: Did you try any treatments for your acne?

    AL:Yeah, I tried out an all-natural line after I bought a bunch of stuff during their Black Friday sale. That was kind of a turning point for me. The products really didnt agree with my skin, and between that and the hormonal acne I was already having, my breakouts ended up getting worse than ever. I tried using Proactive to fix it, but that made my skin so, so dry to the point where it hurt. Thats when I decided to start trying Renée Rouleau products.

    RR: What has been your holy grail Renée Rouleau product since you started using my line?

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