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How To Cover Back Acne

Try Back Acne Medication


If youve got less than a few months to go until your wedding or youve tried the recommended treatments and havent seen an improvement, its time to seek help.

If youre still not winning, see your doctor or consult a dermatologist, advises Dr Bunting. Back breakouts do often require oral medication as it can be hard to treat large areas, so if your blemishes are extensive and leaving pigmentation marks or scars behind, it would be worth seeking medical advice promptly.

Your doctor will have a few options that they can discuss with you. They might offer topical agents such as benzoyl peroxide or retinoids in a cream, lotion or gel, but often oral medication will be the key.

Antibiotics might be necessary in severe cases, or if its hormonal they may even suggest the oral contraceptive pill to help bring things back into balance. Co-cyprindiol is another hormonal treatment which is sometimes prescribed if antibiotics havent worked, but there are side effects but dont panic, your GP or dermatologist will be able to help find the right treatment for you.

Use Specially Formulated Cleansers

Take advantage of cleansers made specifically to fight bacne, like the CeraVe Salicylic Acid Body Wash . As the name suggests, this cleanser deposits salicylic acid wherever you need it most, leaving you feeling ultra-clean and helping you to fight acne all over your body. Another option is to use a benzoyl peroxidelaced wash, like PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash .

If body washes are more your style, try Murads Acne Body Wash, $44. The trifecta of salicylic acid, green tea, and licorice root extract reduces redness, soothes inflammation, and unclogs pores. If you’re still not seeing results with OTC products, ask your dermatologist about prescription-strength washes, too.

Treatments To Get Rid Of Back Acne Scars

There are many ways to get rid of acne scars. For mild or moderate back acne, over-the-counter products can effectively control the breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide foaming wash can be an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne. It works by eliminating bacteria on the skin and is most effective when used every day. There are various ways to fight acne and reduce the appearance of the scars.

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Best Skin Care Products For Treating And Preventing Back Acne

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Acne can pop up on the face, chest, scalp and back the latter popularly called bacne. Bacne, in particular, occurs because friction from clothing combined with dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum can “inflame pores” and lead to pimples, explained board-certified dermatologist Howard Sobel, MD it doesnt help anything that clothes cover a “dense collection” of sweat glands on the back.

SKIP AHEAD Best bacne treatments

While bacne looks similar to acne on the face, back acne tends to be “more severe” than face acne, said board-certified dermatologist Imran Aslam, MD. Since back skin is often thicker than face skin, its pores and hair follicles are typically larger, too, so congestion can lead to inflammation and possibly infection more rapidly and sizably. Given the similarities between back acne and face acne, board-certified dermatopathologist Gretchen Frieling, MD, advised using the two below anti-acne ingredients:

Wear Clothing That Breathes

Pin on Acne Help

“Any skin irritation can exacerbate outbreaks. Its important to stay away from tight clothing to minimize friction, especially when perspiring. Certain materials, like those that absorb sweat from the skin, will also reduce irritation. Lighter colors and cotton are ideal, especially during workouts,” says Day.

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Choose The Right Body Moisturiser

You don’t have to give up the moisturiser to keep breakouts at arms length – just make sure you choose the right one – that means ditching the thick creams.

‘Applying a moisturiser will soothe and repair your skin barrier, but make sure that any products you leave on your skin are labelled ‘non-comedogenic,’ advises Dr. Kluk. ‘This means that they wonât clog your pores.’

It’s also important to be aware of oils. ‘Some oil based products can cause acne, switching to âlighterâ creams is beneficial. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid containing products are recommended treatments,’ explains Dr Danso.

Back Acne And Prom Dress


My daughter is going to prom Saturday and has some back acne. It’s not major, but her dress is strapless and I’m wondering what is a good way to cover it? Should we try foundation or a sunless tan cream. Thanks for your help!

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Apply Concealer To Spots In A Criss Cross Motion

Jess applies a generous amount of concealer for ample coverage. If you’re using a concealer in a pot NYC Concealer Jar is a great affordable choice scoop it out with a new cotton swab each time to avoid cross-contamination from fingers and broken-out skin. Be sure you cover each side of the blemish by applying concealer in an “X” pattern.

Lululemon Men’s Mesh Workout Shirt

Easy Acne & Scarring Coverage GRWM // How To Cover Acne Makeup Transformation

Compress less: I often see folliculitis in elite athletes. They will confuse the bumps on their legs, lower back, and groin with acne, when in fact they can be infected hair follicles. A recent trend that may be contributing to this phenomenon is compression. Tight yoga pants, compression shorts and sleeves can occlude and irritate hair follicles, and you can further increase the risk of hair follicle infection with reusing clothing without washing, says Dr. John Trinidad.

Whey is way bad:Stop whey protein shakes and bars! Whey protein supplements have been linked to back acne. For some patients, the acne clears up after the supplements are discontinued, says Dr. Allison Arthur. Consider switching to a non-whey protein.

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What If My Body Is A Different Color Than My Face

My face is, without fail, a totally different shade than the rest of my fake-tanned body. This, of course, makes finding a foundation a pain in the ass.

Rabanal’s favorite ârecipeâ â a word I’m stealing to describe my own makeup routine â relies on a layer of MAC Studio’s Face and Body foundation followed by Pro Longwear Concealer. Blend it all out with the ultra-precise 219 Pencil Brush.

Additionally, Rabanal recommends a great primer to make the whole concealing process easier.

When Should You See A Dermatologist About Back Acne

If you often have 10 or more back pimples at a time, Dr. Mariwalla recommends visiting a dermatologist. The doctor will determine that what you’re experiencing is, in fact, bacne and not yeast or bacterial folliculitis, and will prescribe a skincare routine to follow. “Going to a board-certified dermatologist is really important,” she says. “Many people claim to be experts at treating acne and body acne, but it can sometimes be quite tricky, so I recommend going to someone who really knows what they are doing.”

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How To Prevent Back Acne

According to Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dermatology, “Because the back has a high density of sweat and oil glands, and is generally covered with clothing, its prone to heat-trapping, occlusion, and pressure,” Nazarian explains. All of these factors increase the chances of back acne formation and scarring.

  • Avoid backpacks: Rubbing and friction can cause a type of acne on the back called acne mechanica.
  • Use an acne-medicated body wash: Washing with an acne-specific body cleanser will help to decrease acne pimples and inflammation. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid that break up blocked, clogged pores and decrease back acne inflammation.
  • Wear breathable clothing: To avoid trapping sweat and heat, try wearing fabrics such as cotton rather than polyblend fabrics.
  • Dont pick: Even though some of our back acne pimples may be within our reach, picking only increases injury to the skin and makes it even more likely scars will form.
  • Dont sunbathe: Although it may be tempting to camouflage acne pimples with a tan, this will increase redness and the pigment that acne leaves behind, leaving those scars around longer and preventing them from fading.

Tips For Fighting Acne

How to cover acne [Video]

When it comes to fighting acne, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • It can be a slow process. There are so many articles and YouTube videos claiming to GET RID OF ACNE FAST. But the reality is it takes time. Your skin is an organ that takes time to heal. Even if youre treating it with medication, it can take months and months. Dont expect overnight results.
  • Be consistent. Stick to a skincare routine with ingredients that will help your skin type.
  • Avoid picking your skin. However tempting it is, picking and prodding at spots can worsen them, and scars are equally tricky to get rid of than spots.
  • Check that the products youre using are non-comedogenic. This means they wont clog pores.
  • Remove your makeup at the end of the day with remover and wash your face with a cleanser.
  • Keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean. Once a week, gently wash them in warm water with a tiny bit of baby shampoo and leave them to air dry.
  • Avoid unnecessary bacteria from getting trapped in pores by keeping your hands, phone and pillowcase clean.
  • For some people, diet can impact the skin. Some people find reducing sugar and highly processed foods from their diet helps their skin.

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Ashleys Experience With Microneedling For Acne Scars

Once Ashleys blemishes were under control, she started looking for a solution to the scars her pimples had left behind. She tried microneedling on June 25, a day after taking the final after photo in her skincare journey. Although Ashley didnt experience any negative side effects from her treatment, she also didnt see much of a positive change.

My skin felt a little bit tighter afterwards, but I didnt really see a massive difference and wasnt over the moon about the results, Ashley said.

While microneedling is a great treatment for indented or pitted acne scars, I wouldnt generally recommend it for the dark marks pimples often leave behind. The reason is because PIH is already caused by overactive pigment cells that have been woken up by the trauma of a zit. Microneedling could potentially keep those pigments cells activated longer by inflicting even more trauma on already injured skin. The goal is to get pigment cells to settle down and go to sleep, so its not ideal to keep them stimulated. Learn more about my thoughts on if microneedling for acne scars is worth it.

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How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Once And For All

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The first thing to know about how to get rid of back acne is that it’s not like the pimples you get on your face. Yes, its similar in that the pores clog and bacteria is often to blame, and also you get incredibly confused and angry and emotional about it . But it’s different in that it comes with its own rulebook for treating and preventing it.

Luckily bacne is very treatable and very preventable. And I didnt know all the ways to keep it at bay until I sourced a bunch of board-certified dermatologists for the answers. We got the advice they often give their own patients in regards to back acne, and now theyve got your back, too: Here’s how to get rid of back acne.

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When It’s A Whitehead

Start with a clean, dry face . Its really important that your concealer has a dry, thickish consistency almost like a putty, says makeup artist Mally Roncal, founder of Mally Beauty. The wetter and more slippery a concealer it is, the harder it is for it to adhere to that mound/bubble. This kind of concealer is usually going to be found in a pot or tube, not in a wand that type is too thin. Once youve found your spackle, use a small brush, like a precision eyeliner brush, to cover both the whitehead and the red, inflamed area surrounding it. Be as targeted as possible. You could even use a magnifying mirror, says Roncal. You dont want to cover any of the good skin around the pimple or youll create a look at my zit bulls-eye. After application, give the zit a gentle pat with a finger so it doesnt look tall. Translucent powder can make a whitehead look shiny and white instead set your concealer with a fluffy brush dipped in a powder foundation that matches your skin tone.

If the zit refuses to be covered by concealer and is in a favorable place a chin or where Cindy Crawfords mole is I have been known to take a black eyeliner and make it a mole, says Roncal. When I first met my husband, I had a mole, and a month later he asked me, What happened to your beauty mark?

When To See A Dermatologist

HOW I COVER ACNE – dry skin foundation routine

It can take time to see results from treatment. If treatment works, you may start to see results in six to eight weeks. Complete clearing can take three or four months.

If you dont see any difference in six to eight weeks, you may need a dermatologists help. With a dermatologists help, virtually every type of acne can be successfully treated.

Have a skin, hair, or nail problem?

Discover the benefits of seeing a dermatologist.

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Visit A Dermatologist Of Your Own

Our failsafe technique on how to get rid of back acne? Talk to a pro. If your back acne is progressing despite these measures, seek a board certified dermatologist. Your dermatologist can offer more aggressive treatment including prescription creams, short term antibiotics, hormonal therapy, extractions, peels, laser treatments, and even isotretinoin for the most severe cases of nodule-cystic acne to halt acne before it scars. A board-certified dermatologist can also recognize acne-imposters such as steroid folliculitis, fungal folliculitis, and hidradenitis suppurativa, says Dr. Laura Haygood.

Pick The Right Foundation

Again, if you’re using a makeup artist, they’ll know what to do, but it’ll still be helpful to familiarize yourself with a full-coverage foundation that matches your skin tone . Dermablend and Make Up For Ever have amazing options that are waterproof, matte and long-lasting. Makeup artists typically use airbrush tools for wedding makeup, and you can even ask them to use your favorite kind that you know you don’t sweat off.

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Preparing And Priming The Skin

  • 1Cleanse your skin first. Start with a clean, fresh face before putting on any makeup. You might rinse your face off with water or use a daily cleanser â follow whatever skincare routine your dermatologist recommends.XResearch source
  • 2Exfoliate your skin with a chemical exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Choose a product that contains salicylic acid or a similar exfoliator. Apply a dime-sized amount to your face and scrub it into your skin. Rinse with cool water to close your pores.XResearch source
  • The exfoliator will scrub away dead skin cells so your skin feels smoother and your pores are less likely to get clogged. Additionally, it will help fade your acne scars.
  • You can use your exfoliator once a day until your skin looks clear. After that, it’s best to use it just 2-3 times a week so you don’t damage your skin.
  • 3Moisturize your skin with a lightweight, hydrating product. Again, follow your dermatologistâs recommendations for the right daily moisturizer. It should contain SPF to prevent your acne scars from sun damage. Select something that melts into your skin and doesnât leave a greasy residue.XResearch source
  • It’s also a good idea to moisturize your face at night. Just make sure you’re using the lightweight, oil-free moisturizer recommended by your dermatologist.
  • You can also apply your serum at night before you go to bed.
  • Look For Bathing Suits That Offer Bacne Coverage



    If bacne is your constant companion, then its worth to invest in a swimsuit that covers your back. Dont worry. A swimsuit that covers the back doesnt mean it is not sexy. The fashion industry has created every possible design to meet each womans criteria of a flattering swimsuit.

    Next week, Ill write a recommendation guide on the best swimsuits that hide back acnes.

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