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How Much Zinc For Acne

Zinc Will Make Your Acne Less Severe

Zinc supplements for acne?| Dr Dray

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Zinc does a lot of goods things in our bodies. It is required for the activity of many enzymes and proteins, supports our immune system and our sense of smell and taste. For acne, Zinc has been shown through scientific research to reduce the severity by up to 50% in some studies.


It is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and inflammatory damage to sebum is one of the root causes of acne.

It helps keeps pores from becoming blocked by reducing the production of keratin. Keratin is the tough protein that binds skin cells together . Too much keratin prevents skin cells from separating into small chunks and instead it sheds in sheets and blocks pores.

It is a DHT blocker and reduces the effect of hormones on the skin. DHT blockers reduce the amount of sebum the skin produces. Sebum sticks the skin sheets together & blocks pores.

It tempers the inflammatory response to bacteria. When bacteria breed within a blocked pore they cause irritation and inflammation . Studies have shown that acne-prone skin reacts far more strongly to bacteria than normal skin. Zinc lessens this reaction.

Do you need more Zinc in your life?

Clinical data shows that people who suffer from acne are generally zinc deficient. On average people with acne have 24% lower zinc levels than those without acne.

Not surprisingly supplementation is a good and easier alternative.

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When To Take Zinc For Acne

Unlike certain nutrients, zinc is quickly flushed out of the body and needs to be consumed on a frequent basis.

For this reason, I take zinc every day, and generally on an empty stomach. One study found that roughly 65% of a zinc supplement was absorbed in fasted individuals, versus only 33% when consumed with foodhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3724376/.

For some people this can cause discomfort, so feel free to take zinc with food if this the case. If you do need to take zinc with food, try to take zinc outside of meals that are high in phytates .

What Zinc Should I Take For Acne

Zinc is a mineral that is found in the skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant. ZINC is used in many products to help prevent and treat acne. ZINON is an important component of the human body. The body uses ZITES to make the bodys own proteins. These proteins are used to build the cells in our bodies. In addition, the ZITS are also used as a source of energy. When the zinc is not available, it is converted into the form of ZITE. This is why zinc supplements are so important. They are a great way to get the right amount of zinc. If you are taking a zinc supplement, you should take it in a dose that will help you maintain your skins natural balance.

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How Much Zinc To Take For Acne

This is where it gets all confusing of course it cant just be simple!

So you want to take around 30 mg per day of elemental zinc, from what Ive read.

You dont want to take too much zinc so dont take more than this its one of those minerals that you dont just flush out, so taking too much is toxic. This dose safely leaves some room for the zinc thats already in your diet.

So, where it gets confusing is that most of the time, the zinc picolinate will state that it has, say, 50 mg of zinc picolinate in it.

But that zinc is bound to picolinic acid, so when you take 50 mg of zinc picolinate, you are actually only getting 10 mg or so of actual zinc . Zinc supplements should list the chelate amount, as well as the elemental amount.

Often they only list one or the other though, which makes it confusing as youre left wondering if they are listing the chelate amount or the elemental amount.

Ive been taking this one from Life Choice , whose label says 50 mg zinc picolinate .

Now that I understand what that means, I just realized while writing this that I havent been taking enough, as Ive only been taking one per day.

Ideally I should be taking three of these per day to get 30 mg of elemental zinc.

So I will increase my dose and see what happens.

How Much Zinc Do I Need

Zinc for Acne Skin Formula 100 Tablets

According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, the daily recommended amount of zinc depends on your age and sex. For women over the age of 18, 8mg of zinc is the recommended daily dose. This increases if you are nursing or pregnant. For men over 18, the recommendation is 11mg. The maximum amount of zinc for any adult is 40mg. If you go over this amount, you can create gastrointestinal effects, neurological problems and compromise your immune system.

  • Through Your Food: Getting enough zinc in your diet means ensuring youre getting enough zinc-rich foods which include beans, dairy products, fortified cereals, nuts, oysters, poultry, red meat, whole grains. The body finds it easier to absorb zinc from animal-based foods than from certain plant-based foods.

Eating zinc-rich foods should be an everyday habit. With the lack of nutrition in most foods, you dont need to fret that you are getting too much zinc in your diet. This is why I also recommend a supplement like the HUM Daily Cleanse to get a balanced amount of zinc and other minerals into your diet

Because I love zinc so much, I take the HUM supplement, and luckily, I order my meats from ButcherBox so I get the most nutrition from my diet. It averages from only $4-6/meal!

I recommend checking them out for the best priced 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood. I think they have aspecial offer going on too, last I checked!

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Why Zinc Is A Good Bet For Treating Acne

In my last post, I mentioned that I was quitting Estroblock and using this opportunity to try out some different supplements for my skin.

One of those things is the mineral zinc.

Zinc is a pretty well known natural acne treatment with several studies done to back it up, but its something that I have never tried myself.

Now is the time!

Zinc For Acne: Does It Work How To Use It Side Effects And More

  • Zinc is effective against mild to severe acne and is available as a topical or oral treatment
  • Zinc has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, can regulate sebum production and boost cell turnover
  • Oral supplements are considered more effective than topical applications, especially for severe acne

Zinc for acne is an effective treatment available in both topical and oral formulations.

This important mineral strengthens the immune system, blocks harmful bacteria, protects the body from illness and helps maintain a state of homeostasis, or balance, within the body.

Zinc also fights inflammation, moderates oil production and is a natural treatment for acne.


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Are You Getting Enough Zinc In Your Diet To Help Fight Acne Already

Maybe, but maybe not.

According to WebMD, the typical North American male consumes about 13 mg/day of dietary zinc and the average female consumes approximately 9 mg/day. This meets the RDA according to the US Governments zinc recommendation of 9-13mg per day depending on your age. However, many people consider the RDA range low. Regardless, the daily dietary consumption is below the 30mg per day shown beneficial in the studies.

Why Is Zinc Important For Clear Skin

Zinc for Acne – Taking Zinc Supplements for Acne – Natural Acne Treatment

Zinc is found in every single cell in your body, and more than 100 different enzymes need it to function. Skin cells are particularly dependent on zincs powerful propertiesin fact, the top layer of your skin is concentrated with up to six times more of the mineral than is found in the lower layers.

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Which Brand Of Zinc Should I Take

Well I cant objectively say what is the best zinc supplement.

But Thorne is a quality brand that Ive used before and seems to be highly regarded by naturopaths.

They make a zinc picolinate supplement and so I will probably be ordering this one next time.

It lists the zinc in their product as 15 mg. I emailed Thorne and they confirmed this is the elemental amount. So youd probably want to take two of these per day to get the best results.

They also have the same product in double strength, which gives you 30 mg of elemental zinc in one pill so you only need to take it once a day.

The good news is that this is also quite a cost effective supplement! The double strength one weighs in at only $7.50 USD for a months supply.

What Is Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance occurs when some bacteria randomly mutate when exposed to antibiotics, in ways that prevent them from being killed by the medicine. These resistant bacteria reproduce until there is an entire colony of them that cant be killed by the antibiotic. Because we have been using antibiotics for so long now, and often not finishing the course as prescribed, most of us carry some form of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This means antibiotics have become even less effective in treating acne.

So, for acne vulgaris, antibiotics alone arent as effective as other options, and they have to be discontinued after three months to prevent antibiotic resistance from getting worse. In combination with other treatments, however, they might have a positive effect. So if you are taking antibiotics, you should ask your doctor about taking zinc for acne as well. Used alone, zinc for pimples has the same effect as antibiotics, but when they are combined, your skin could see fast and drastic improvement.

As previously mentioned, studies have found that zinc can cause certain antibiotics to be absorbed into the skin more easily. Also, it can help make the transition from antibiotics to no antibiotics smoother after that three-month point. Some people see a resurgence of acne when they stop taking their antibiotics, which can be very disheartening after three months of clearer skin, but the zinc should prevent some acne from returning.

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Best Form Of Zinc For Acne

What it really comes down to is if youre taking the right zinc for your current situation. The best form of zinc is going to be person-dependent, as some people simply respond better to oral treatments, while others thrive under topical care.

Zinc Supplement for Acne

There is never-ending debate surrounding whether zinc works best when applied directly onto the skin versus ingested into the body. Dr. Patel had some words to share on this, too: The data with zinc supplementation and acne is with oral supplementation. The effective dose is usually 30mg of elemental zinc/day or 200mg zinc gluconate. Topical products containing zinc have results when they contain other ingredients to help with the absorption of the element.

Zinc Pills for Acne

Its important that zinc not be substituted for antibiotics in any context. Dr. Patel explains that though zinc is an important mineral in immune health, supplementation would not substitute for an antibiotic as antibiotics are generally used in moderate to severe acne, and their efficacy seems to be due to anti-inflammatory effects as well as anti-bacterial properties. They are not as utilized in the treatment of acne in my clinic, as they should not be used for long periods of time, and the underlying causes of acne can be treated in other ways, states Patel.

According to her, 4 things cause acne:

  • Follicular occlusion
  • Growth of organism in clogged oily pore
  • Inflammation
  • Topical Zinc for Acne

    Zinc Lotion for Acne

    How Does Zinc Compare To Antibiotics

    Buy Puritan

    Patel said zinc for acne certainly isnt a replacement for antibiotics in the big picture, but it can be a much better treatment option in some cases. Antibiotics can still be used for moderate to severe acne, however, it can be a much more natural and easy way to get clear skin without all of the nasty side effects.

    Antibiotics can mess with your gut microbiome, in the long run, which can possibly make your acne last longer. I highly recommend trying a natural approach before you accidentally extend your battle with blemishes.

    If you can devote the next 90-days to creating a more natural approach to your health and acne routine, then I just know that you will see results and feel completely different. Check out my natural acne guide for more info on how to make those healthy lifestyle changes for clear skin.

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    Zinc For Teenage Acne

    Were big fans of zinc acne treatments for teenagers who are struggling to get their breakouts under control. Medicating developing bodies with harsh pharmaceuticals has shown time and time again to cause health problems later in life, so wherever there are natural alternatives is where we should be shifting our focus.

    Teenage acne tends to be a direct result of excess oil in the skin during puberty, as well as general lazy hygiene or lack of skin care flow. This kind of acne can be easily improved with a targeted zinc-filled sunscreen that is applied daily and maintaining a zinc-heavy diet.

    Best Zinc Supplement For Acne:

    As mentioned previously, different zinc forms may vary in certain characteristics, but as far as effectiveness against acne, it probably does not matter what form you take as long as you get enough elemental zinc.

    Zinc formulations also differ in bioavailability, which increases the amount absorbed in the body and thus the effects on acne. We recommend choosing the formulations with the highest bioavailability such as zinc picolinate and zinc methionine. If those forms are not available, zinc gluconate is also a solid option.

    Keep in mind that with higher bioavailability the higher potential to cause gastrointestinal problems, especially with dose-dependent formulations like zinc gluconate. Zinc oxide, zinc citrate, and zinc sulfate are known to have lower bioavailability. Avoid supplements that do not indicate or specify the form of zinc as they likely contain cheap, poorly bioavailable zinc.

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    Benefits Of Using Zinc For Acne

    Numerous clinical trials have examined the benefits of zinc for different types of acne. Some of that work looks at zinc taken alone as an oral supplement, while other studies look at using zinc in the form of a topical agentmeaning a form of zinc you spread on your skineither alone or with something else. Some of the theories about zincs benefits include :

    • Blocking the spread of P. acnes, the skin bacteria associated with acne
    • Reducing the activity of oil glands in the skin
    • Better wound healing

    How Much Zinc Per Day For Acne

    Zinc Deficiency Signs & Symptoms (ex. Hair Loss, Acne, Infections) & Why They Occur

    The correct zinc dosage for acne is essential, as taking too much of any vitamin or mineral can be detrimental to ones health. CEO and founder of Amber Moon, Erum N. Ilyas , walks us through the correct way to does a zinc supplement:

    The dosage of zinc for the treatment of acne has been found to be zinc sulfate in a dosage range of 400 to 600 mg by mouth daily or 90 to 150 mg of ionized zinc daily. Please note this is well in excess of the daily recommended dosage of 8 to 11 mg of zinc. Zinc for Acne by Puritans Pride is a supplement that I tend to recommend because it contains zinc along with other vitamins that have been shown to benefit acne. Please note that this supplement contains 50 mg of Zinc gluconate which is better absorbed than zinc sulfate.

    Can You Take Too Much Zinc?

    Indeed, one can consume too much of this good thing and start to experience some adverse effects. Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and headaches can be a sign of excess zinc. Stomach cramps and eventual diarrhea are also common.

    Should you start to experience any of the above when taking zinc, consider reducing your dosage or stopping altogether until your symptoms clear up. You can then start again at a more mild dose, and build it up to learn your tolerance.

    How Long Does Zinc Take to Clear Acne

    As Dr. Patel explained to us earlier, using a topical zinc twice a day should show a decrease in acne within 2 weeks. When taken orally there should be a visible difference in about 4 weeks.

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    Is Zinc The Best Mineral For Acne

    Zinc is often overlooked in favour of more popular supplements such as iron or vitamin D, however this nutrient is absolutely essential for maintaining your immune system and energy levels. With zinc deficiency on the rise, more and more research is suggesting that there may be a link between low levels of zinc and the appearance of acne. Today Im here to take a look at how zinc may affect certain acne symptoms and whether or not it may be worthwhile taking a supplement.

    Felicity Mann

    The Best Zinc Supplement For Acne Prone Skin

    Now that you understand how zinc can help acne-prone skin, it’s time to choose the best zinc supplement. We recommend trying our Exposed Skincare Probiotic Complex. It’s made with the best scientific and natural ingredientsall responsibly sourcedto balance the body and nourish the skin from the inside out. Probiotic Complex supports a strong immune system and improves skin’s clarity.

    Tackle your acne with a 360-degree approach by using the Exposed Skincare Ultimate Kit. This nine-piece acne set contains complexion boosting solutions designed to work together to support clear skin, including the Probiotic Complex. Plus, with the best guarantee in the industry, you can try the Probiotic Complex risk-free. If you don’t see improvements to your skin within one year, you can return it for a refund!

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