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How Long Do You Stay On Spironolactone For Acne

Whats Involved In Taking Hormonal Therapy For Acne

Treat Hormonal Acne with Spironolactone: A Dermatologist Explains | DERM CHAT

These medications must be prescribed by a doctor. Each is a pill that you would take daily.

If youre wondering whether hormonal therapy could help clear your acne, you may want to make an appointment to see a dermatologist. After examining your acne and gathering the necessary information about your health, this doctor can tell you if hormonal therapy may be an option.

Before you see a dermatologist, it helps to prepare for your appointment. Youll want to be able to tell your dermatologist the following:

  • Medical conditions you have , including high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clots, migraines, or cancer

  • Medications you take

  • Supplements and other natural products you take

  • Surgeries youve had

  • Medical conditions of close blood relatives, including cancer, kidney disease, or heart disease

If the pill is an option for you, you will have your blood pressure taken to rule out high blood pressure. You dont need a Pap smear or pelvic exam before a dermatologist can prescribe the pill to treat acne.

Before your dermatologist prescribes spironolactone, you will need some blood tests.

If you begin hormonal therapy, you will need to keep follow-up visits with your dermatologist. Spironolactone requires that you gradually increase the dose, so youll need to see your dermatologist every 4 to 6 weeks when you start taking it.

Does Aldactone Cause Weight Gain

Weight gain wasnt a reported side effect of Aldactone in clinical studies.

However, Aldactone can cause hyperglycemia .* If your blood sugar stays high for a long period of time, it can lead to weight gain.

Symptoms of high blood sugar can include:

If you notice any of the above symptoms, talk with your doctor. If youre taking Aldactone, your doctor can help determine if these are side effects of the drug and advise you on treatment.

* Its not known exactly how often people in clinical trials may have had high blood sugar, but this side effect is rare.

Does Spironolactone Cause Emotional Side Effects

Its not known to. Emotional side effects werent reported in people who took spironolactone during clinical studies.

Spironolactone can sometimes cause sexual problems, such as reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction. It can also cause breast growth in males. These side effects could possibly lead to emotional problems in some people.

If you feel that spironolactone is affecting your mood or emotions, talk with your doctor. They can check to see if the medication or something else is causing the change. They may also be able to suggest ways to help manage it.

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Can Spironolactone Oral Tablet Be Crushed Split Or Chewed

Spironolactone oral tablets are meant to be swallowed whole.

If you have trouble swallowing spironolactone tablets, talk with your doctor. They may suggest a different form of the drug.

Using more than the recommended dosage of spironolactone oral tablets can lead to serious side effects.

Do not take more spironolactone oral tablets than your doctor recommends.

Is It Ok To Use Aldactone If I Have Addisons Disease

106 best Spironolactone images on Pholder

No, it isnt OK to use Aldactone if you have Addisons disease.

People with Addisons disease dont produce enough cortisol or aldosterone, two hormones important to many body functions. Aldactone lowers aldosterone levels in your body, so it can make Addisons disease worse.

If you have Addisons disease, ask your doctor what medications other than Aldactone are right for you.

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Don’t Expect Instant Results

Although I started seeing an improvement in the cystic acne on my chin and jawline after being on the pill for around a week, don’t expect that spironolactone will work as quickly for you as it did for me. “It takes about three months at the right dose to get the full effect,” says Dr. Zeichner. “If the dose is too low for an effect in you, you may need to increase the dose and need to wait a few months for that dose to kick in.”

The writer’s skin before taking spironolactone, after two weeks taking the pill, and four weeks after taking it.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Spironolactone

Possible side effects of spironolactone include drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, upset stomach, and headache. These symptoms are typically mild and can be treated with adequate rest and hydration. More serious side effects are as follows: increased thirst, excess urination, mood fluctuations, unusual fatigue/weakness, muscle spasms, heavier periods, breast tenderness, persistent fever, and easy bruising/bleeding. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Allergic reactions to spironolactone are rare. However if you experience a rash, itching/swelling , severe dizziness, or trouble breathing, get medical help right away.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Spironolactone

Ive gotten really lucky in that the only side effect Ive experienced is being really thirsty and having to pee more than usual because spironolactone is a diuretic. Totally fine, considering my old retinoids used to make my skin flake right TF off.

Other people, though, including some of my coworkers, have gotten less lucky, with dizziness , foot and leg cramps, and irregular periods. Spironolactone can also elevate potassium levels. This is NBD if you have normal levels to begin with, but too-high ones can cause an irregular heartbeat. Scary.

Most of this stuff can be resolved by tweaking dosages, says Dr. Howe. Or by simultaneously going on the birth-control pill to even out period probs. I take the pill and spironolactone together and love it, likely because patients on both tend to report even clearer skin.

And then theres the testing and retesting. Because of the potassium issue, some MDs require that spironolactone takers come in for monthly checkups before and during treatment. Thats a lot of doc visits. I lucked out on this front too, thanks to Dr. Howe. High potassium is rare, and I dont feel its worth the trouble to the patient to haul back in here every few weeks for a blood test, he says. Hard agree. Ive never gotten a blood test on spironolactone, and Im fine.

Alternatives To Spironolactone Oral Tablet

How to treat acne from spironolactone purge | Spironolactone before and after | Products I used

Other drugs are available that can treat your condition. Some may be a better fit for you than others. If youre interested in finding an alternative to spironolactone oral tablets, talk with your doctor. They can tell you about other medications that may work well for you.

For more information about the conditions listed below, see the Spironolactone oral tablet uses section above.

Note: Some of the drugs listed here are used off-label to treat these specific conditions. Off-label drug use means using a drug for a purpose other than what its been approved for by the Food and Drug Administration .

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Other Heart Failure Drugs

Aldactone is approved to treat heart failure and reduced ejection fraction .* For this purpose, Aldactone can be used alone or with other heart failure drugs.

Examples of other heart failure drugs that may be used with Aldactone include:

  • calcium channel blockers, such as amlodipine besylate
  • diuretics , such as furosemide
  • * For details on this use, see Aldactone for high blood pressure in the Aldactone uses section above.

    Spironolactone For Acne: My Final Thoughts

    While Im no longer taking spironolactone, Im still really thankful for the medication for lifting me out from some of my lowest days. It truly worked miracles for me at first, and its a shame that it didnt work out for me in the end . Regardless, its super important to remember that medications work differently for different people and just because I experienced certain side-effects, it doesnt mean you will.

    If youre just starting your spironolactone for acne journey, my top tips would be to drink lots more water, adjust your skincare routine as you go on, dont expect an overnight fix and make sure you turn up to your blood tests theyre important.

    And remember to love yourself regardless of what your complexion looks like you are and will always be much more than your skin. If youre feeling low, connect with the were here to help you!

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    Choose Clear Skin With Apostrophe

    When nothing seems to be working against your hormonal cystic acne, it may be time to try oral or topical spironolactone.

    Fortunately, Apostrophes got you covered. With doctors in 40 states, getting a prescription for spironolactone has never been easier. All you have to do is create an account, fill out an intake survey, and let your Apostrophe doctor take care of the rest.

    Is It Safe To Use Spironolactone And Hormonal Birth Control

    2.5 months on spironolactone and tretinoin : acne

    Yes. Unless you have an existing health condition that prevents you from using the birth control pill or other forms of hormonal contraception, its safe to use spironolactone with the pill. In fact, spironolactone and birth control pills are often prescribed together to treat hormonal acne.

    If you have severe or persistent hormonal acne, your healthcare provider may recommend using a combined birth control pill and spironolactone for improved effectiveness.

    Our guide to the birth control pill and acne goes into more detail about how certain types of the birth control pill can help to treat hormonal acne breakouts, either on their own or when used in combination with medications like spironolactone.

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    Spironolactone For Hormonal Acne

    As a treatment for hormonal acne, spironolactones role in the body is a little more complicated.

    A range of factors can contribute to the development of acne. There are generally four big ones, and certain hormones are one of them.

    Despite its reputation as a male hormone, both men and women produce testosterone. Men produce testosterone in much larger quantities than women, along with very small amounts of female hormones such as estrogen.

    Likewise, women produce a larger amount of sex hormones such as estrogen, plus a smaller amount of testosterone.

    As a woman, testosterone also plays an important role in maintaining well-being, cardiovascular function, bone strength and influencing pain perception.

    Unfortunately, it can also be a serious annoyance for your skin. When your body produces more testosterone than normal, such as before your period, it can also produce more sebum a type of natural oil that your body uses to lubricate and moisturize your skin.

    When sebum levels get too high, they can clog pores and trigger an acne breakout, leaving you with whiteheads, blackheads and, in some cases, even painful cystic acne.

    Weve gone into more detail on this process in our full guide to hormonal acne, which covers the role of testosterone in the development of acne and the most common symptoms of a hormonal acne breakout.

    Although the effects of spironolactone on acne arent immediate, most studies show that its an effective treatment for hormonal acne.

    Does Spironolactone Make You Break Out

    When you first start taking spironolactone you may experience an increase in acne breakouts, but these will resolve once the medication slowly starts to take effect this is entirely normal. It takes time for spironolactone to regulate hormones, and for the skin to react and begin healing.


    Spironolactone is an established medication that is FDA-approved to treat specific health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, edema and hyperaldosteronism.

    As an anti-androgen, spironolactone can treat and prevent acne by suppressing hormone activity and reducing the presence of oil on the skin. While low-dose spironolactone is the norm for acne treatment, there is still on-going research and discussions as to what the optimal dose would be.

    This medication is for those with moderate-to-severe acne symptoms, for treatment-resistant acne and for those who do not want to take birth control to treat their acne. There are a number of side effects associated with this medication, some severe.

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    Should I Take Spironolactone For Acne

    When you hear the word acne, you probably think of the facial varietybut acne can crop up in many different places all over the body, and the solution isnt as simple as slathering yourself in your favorite OTC pimple cream or investing in expensive skincare.

    If you have severe facial acne or acne that affects your back, chest, buttocks, or arms, you may need to see a dermatologist to get your breakouts under control. And if youre female, you may be prescribed a common blood pressure medication called Aldactone for treatment of acne.

    What does a blood pressure medication have to do with treating acneand why is it typically only prescribed to women? Heres everything you need to know about using spironolactone for acne.

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    How Does Spironolactone Help Hormonal Acne

    Spironolactone for Acne [Acne Treatment]

    Androgens are male hormones but they are also present in women. The main androgens in the body are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone.

    Hormonal acne can occur if hair follicles are very sensitive to androgens, even when androgen levels are normal. Hormonal acne also occurs if androgen levels are raised or in conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    In some women, hormonal acne is caused by a sensitivity to Progesterone.

    Spironolactone can help control hormonal acne because it blocks the effects of androgens and progesterone on the skin.

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    Spironolactone Is Safe For Long

    Sure, the everyday side effects of spironolactone are minimal, but what about the long-term risks of being on it? Breathe a sigh of relief, because it falls under “very safe” on the spectrum of medications. Although it’s not associated with cancers in humans, both Dr. Zeichner and Dr. Shah note that spironolactone does have a black box warning because high doses have caused tumors in rats.

    However, if you are planning on getting pregnant, you shouldn’t take spironolactone. “Theoretically it can cause birth defects, so you should use contraception if you are on it,” says Dr. Zeichner.

    Spironolactone Oral Tablet And Pregnancy

    Spironolactone shouldnt usually be taken during pregnancy, unless theres no suitable alternative treatment to be used.

    Based on the way this medication works and data from studies in animals, spironolactone could cause a male fetus to become a female.* The drug could also cause hormone problems in a female fetus exposed to the drug. Limited data about spironolactone use in humans hasnt shown a link with other birth defects.

    If youre pregnant or planning to become pregnant, talk with your doctor before taking spironolactone oral tablets. Theyll likely recommend a different treatment for your condition.

    * Sex and gender exist on spectrums. Use of the terms male and female in this article refers to sex assigned at birth.

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    How Can Pandia Health Help

    When used in combination with birth control pills, spironolactone is typically more effective. Speaking of which, dont forget to with Pandia Health to get your birth control delivered for FREE. If you have an existing prescription, you can transfer it to our pharmacy and get it shipped right to your mailbox. We also prescribe the pill, patch, and ring to patients in select states. Check out our resources today and join our community of people with uteri who are empowered to take charge of our reproductive health.

    Spironolactone Oral Tablet And Alcohol

    Spironolactone / Yasmin Initial Breakout

    Spironolactone doesnt directly interact with alcohol.

    But if you have certain side effects from spironolactone, drinking alcohol could make this worse. These side effects include:

    Its also worth noting that alcohol could worsen the condition youre taking spironolactone to treat.

    For example, regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase your blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends that people with high blood pressure limit their alcohol intake.

    Additionally, if you have cirrhosis thats a result of alcohol use, its recommended that you dont drink at all.

    If you drink alcohol, talk with your doctor about how much is safe for you to drink.

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    Does Spironolactone Increase Potassium Levels

    One of the main side effects of spironolactone is that your potassium levels can increase, resulting in muscle cramps or heart palpitations. While some doctors log your baseline potassium levels and keep checking over the following months, that practice is changing. A study from 2015 that had tracked women from 2000 to 2014 concluded that if youre healthy, with regular potassium levels, you dont need routine monitoring.

    However, your doctor may want you to avoid consuming too many high-potassium foods and beverages, such as sports drinks, bananas, kiwis, avocados, mangos, and coconut water. You may also be counseled on how to spot signs of hyperkalemia.

    What Helps Get The Best Results

    When taking hormonal therapy for acne, it helps to:

    • Give the medication time to work

    • Take the medication at the same time every day

    • Use everything on your acne treatment plan

    • Keep all follow-up appointments with your dermatologist

    • Contact your dermatologists office right away if you experience signs of a serious side effect, such as cramping in your leg or arm

    Hormonal therapy is an option for many women with stubborn acne, but its not always the only option. A dermatologist can tell you what can help clear your stubborn acne.

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