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How Good Is Proactive For Acne

Proactiv+: Best For A Combination Of Blackheads Whiteheads And Pimples

Proactiv MD | Acne Solution – Before & After

If youre like most of us with acne, you probably dont have just pimples or just blackheads you probably have a combination of everything. If thats the case, the Proactiv+ system might be the best option for you. Instead of using solely benzoyl peroxide, this formula includes a product with salicylic acid as well.

Salicylic acid may sound harsh, but its actually a very gentle exfoliant that sinks deep into the pores to break up oil and dead skin cells. This helps treat and prevent blackheads and whiteheads, which form when excess oil and dead skin cells get clogged in a pore. When combined with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid can significantly improve your acne.

The Proactiv+ system also comes with three steps: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Pore Targeting Treatment, and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator. Unlike the original Proactiv solution, Proactiv+ is a bit more expensive at US $29.95 for a 30-day supply. It also may be a bit too strong for those with dry or sensitive skin. The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator and the Pore Targeting Treatment both contain 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator contains 0.5% salicylic acid. Even though those numbers are all very safe, using all three twice per day could cause problems if you have dry or sensitive skin. If youre worried, you should start by using each product once per day and gradually work your way up to twice per day, and you may want to add a moisturizer to your skincare routine.

Proactiv Review: Final Verdict

Acne can be a persistent problem that causes by physical and mental scars, due to the psychological complications.

Proactive is known to be a particularly popular brand in the United States.

Founded in 1995, this company has filled over 20 million orders and provides a prescription-strength acne solution without the need for a prescription or a visit to a dermatologist.

The Proactive brand is backed by hundreds of positive reviews on their own platform, as well as on third-party platforms, such as their product listings that can be found on Amazon.

While most people report positive results after using these products, there are a couple of users who have experienced some mild adverse reactions when using the Proactive three-step system.

The product does seem to be effective, but customers interested in the system should ensure they do their research first and ensure the ingredients are appropriate for their skin type.

So, what do you think about our Proactiv review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Is Proactive Good For Skin

Proactiv contains acne-fighting ingredients that may help treat mild to moderate acne breakouts. It won’t help you if you have severe acne or cystic or nodular acne, though. Keep in mind that a good skin care routine should focus on keeping skin healthy, in addition to targeting and fighting acne.

Thereof, does Proactiv make skin worse?

People should be aware that with most acne treatments, you may see an initial flare up when starting treatment, as cell turnover speeds up. But, the skin should begin to clear up after the first few weeks. If it gets even worse, the products may be irritating the skin too much, adds Dr.

Beside above, what skin type is proactive for? Designed specifically for acne-prone skin, Proactiv® Solution delivers micronized benzoyl peroxide deep into your pores to help stop acne-causing bacteria in its tracks and prevent new breakouts from forming.

Similarly, you may ask, how good is proactive?

For some people, Proactiv does a good job of clearing up acne . But for others, Proactiv just isn’t effective. The result you get is completely dependent on your skin and the severity of your acne. The more important question becomes whether Proactiv works for you.

What is better than Proactiv?

AcneFree Clear Skin Treatments Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Acne Solutions System Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System La Roche-Posay Effaclar Acne System

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Side Effects Of Proactiv

Clinical trials have shown at least 50% of people have some type of adverse reaction. These are mainly dryness, skin infections and infestations and nasopharyngitis . A few people in trials have also experienced burning at the application site, influenza, sinusitis and gastroenteritis.

Even though Proactiv has these active ingredients in a very low concentration, the products can still be irritating, says Cheung. The most common complaints that I have heard are dry and flaky skin.

People should be aware that with most acne treatments, you may see an initial flare-up when starting treatment, as cell turnover speeds up. But skin should begin to clear up after the first few weeks. If it gets even worse, the products may be irritating the skin too much, adds Dr. Cheung.

While the majority of people wont see more than the common side effects mentioned by Dr. Cheung, there are other rare but serious side effects to be aware of.

The FDA has issuedconsumer warnings about potentially severe side effects that products such asProactiv do not list on the product label. There have been 131 severe allergic and hypersensitivity reactions to these products, with 44% of these requiring hospitalization.

If you have an allergic reaction or other side effect from Proactiv or any skin product, report it to the FDAs MedWatch program to help protect other people.

Back Acne And Body Acne

Proactiv® Solution 3 Step Anti

What causes body acne? Because acne starts in a pore — a hair follicle and its attached oil gland — it can happen almost anywhere on your body, not just on your face. The ears, neck, chest, back, scalp, shoulders and buttocks have the greatest density of pores, making them fertile grounds for acne. The same hormones, plugged pores and proliferation of bacteria that produce acne on your face are at play with body acne.

Chest, shoulder or back acne, sometimes called “bacne”, is more common if you live an active lifestyle. It can be worsened by constant rubbing from shoulder straps and athletic equipment. Severe cystic acne on the torso is generally more common in males and tends to scar easily.

The good news? The same medicines that work on facial acne are effective for body acne. Proactiv+ also has specially formulated medicated products to deal with body acne breakouts. Cystic, scarring acne frequently needs prescription medications to bring it under control.

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Proactiv Skin Care Products

Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator Review


  • HannahOriginal review: May 18, 2017.Reply

    I HIGHY recommend Proactive.It works great for me. Most of you guys are probably allergic to it or something. Or youre not using it right. Ive been using it for 2 years and it leaves my face smooth and soft. When I first started using it burned the first couple of times I used it, but after I used it for a while, I guess my face got.use to it. I works wonderfully. But if u dont use it twice a day, youre face will break out more. But just be sure to use it twice a day thats all.

  • Jessie TaylorOriginal review: Aug 28, 2016.Reply

    Ive been using Proactiv+ for a little over 3 years now. Worked great with managing my acne. However, I noticed right around the 3 year marker, I gradually started breaking out more. Now, almost 6 months later, my skin looks the worst its ever looked. Ive lost my faith in this product unfortunately. Everyones skin is different. Acne also varies for each person too. But for me, it has stopped working.

  • kelsOriginal review: Feb 11, 2016.Reply

    Dont say its false advertising cause its not, your skin changes every so often so of course it wont react the same to products you used to love. I love Proactiv and it works on me,but I know it doesnt work on everyone. Thats just common sense.

  • country boyOriginal review: Jun 15, 2015.Reply

    I dont know if its working but i put rubbing alchol on it and it works every day and night

  • How Is Proactiv Different From Other Acne Products

    Proactiv is different from other acne products in that its not simply a cream, a gel, or a lotion. Instead, its a multistep skin care regimen that consists of several products.

    There are different types of Proactiv kits, each with different products and variations of the active ingredients, but most kits include a cleanser, toner, and an acne-fighting gel treatment to use on a daily basis.

    Depending on your skin and type of acne, you may not want to target acne with every step in your skin care routine. Some skin care experts believe that it may damage your skin barrier.

    Talk to your dermatologist to find out if using Proactiv products is the right skin care routine for you.

    Proactiv is upfront about the fact that there can be side effects from using their products. Most of the side effects are minor and temporary. Serious side effects are rare.

    Some side effects may include:

    • a red rash at the site of treatment
    • dryness, itchiness, or peeling, usually after several days of use
    • stinging or burning right after use

    Theres usually a period of adjustment when you first start using Proactiv. Youre more likely to experience side effects for a few days or weeks after starting this product, as your skin gets used to the ingredients.

    In rare cases, some people may have a severe allergic reaction to Proactiv when they first start using it. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

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    Analysis Of 2k+ Reviews For Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment

    BestViewsReviews analyzed 23000 reviews for 31 products in the Facial Skin Care Sets & Kits

    We analyzed a total of 2222 reviews for this product out of which, 255 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

    The analysis indicates that around 41% reviews were positive while around 53% of reviews had negative sentiment.

    When To See A Doctor

    Easy morning skincare routine for acne-prone skin | proactiv

    Acne isnt a life-threatening condition. Even if your acne is ongoing, it typically wont pose a risk to your health.

    But acne can affect your emotional health and well-being, and lead to anxiety and depression. If your acne is interfering with your everyday life, or making you feel self-conscious, make an appointment to see your doctor or dermatologist.

    Some insurance plans have recently added acne care to their covered conditions, so it might be less expensive than you think to get medical care.

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    What Is The Most Effective Acne Treatment

    Dietary changes can help address the systemic inflammation that causes acne. For instance, a high-fat, high-sugar diet increases systemic inflammation and results in an increase in a hormone called cortisol, says cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Ariel Ostad. Cortisol is responsible for an increase in oil gland production, thus increasing acne breakouts.

    Its important to eat low-glycemic carbohydrates to control inflammation, adds Ostad. He suggests eating complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, quinoa and steel-cut oats, along with plenty of fresh vegetables for their antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties.

    For skin outbreaks that are still troubling you after dietary changes, most dermatologists would agree that any acne treatment regimen should include a retinoid and topical antibiotic, says Cheung. If the acne fails to respond to that, adding an oral antibiotic or anti-androgen is usually the next step.

    For severe cases of acne, the most effective treatment is Accutane, but we reserve this medication for severe cases of acne only, since monthly monitoring with blood tests is required as it can affect the liver and cholesterol, adds Cheung.

    Treat Your Acne Breakouts Effectively

    To effectively treat acne you have to unplug pores, kill the acne-causing bacteria and reduce swelling. You canât do one without the other two and expect results. Proactiv+ combines effectively formulated, high quality ingredients within an easy-to-use system to help stop the acne process that can be surreptitiously occurring in any one of the 10,000 pores on your face.

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    After Your Skin Is Clear

    If you stop using Proactiv+, in all likelihood your acne breakouts will come back. Because acne lasts six to seven years in the average teen and 20 years in adult women, when acne-prone skin goes untreated, breakouts return. Given the length of time of the acne process, your breakouts will very likely surface, maybe not the following week, but four to eight weeks after stopping the products. Continuing all three steps of Proactiv+ twice daily is your best defense against future breakouts, just as brushing your teeth twice a day helps keep your mouth cavity-free. The overall skincare benefits of the Proactiv+ system make it more than worth your while.

    What is Acne?

    Beyond Acne

    Which Proactiv System Is Right For Your Skin Type Follow This Guide To Find Out

    Top 10 Best Selling Acne Treatment Products from Amazon

    As a child, I distinctly remember the Proactiv commercials of the early 2000s. Each 30-second slot was star-studded with the young Hollywood starlets of the time, like Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys. I remember wanting the products as a young, pimply teen simply because each person had seemingly perfect, clear skin that radiated against the crisp white backgrounds.

    Now, the savvy and informed beauty shopper understands that skin isn’t one size fits all. Not be left in the tracksuit and flip-phone past, Proactiv listened to the growing needs of consumers asking for varied product formulas depending on individual skin types. Now, the brand offers several products in each of its three streamlined systems to address your biggest skin concerns. If you’re curious about which Proactiv system might be best suited for you, we’ve curated this guide to help. As always, talk to your dermatologist before starting a new skin-care regimen to be empowered by your potential choice. In the meantime, keep reading ahead.

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    Proactiv: What Do They Sell

    The Proactive brand only specializes in skin care solutions that are aimed at the most common skin condition, Acne Vulgaris.

    This condition affects millions of people and causes them to experience emotional difficulties, often leading to social isolation because of low self-esteem.

    All of the products offered by this brand is included in a system.

    These systems consist of multiple items that are used in combination with each other to help deliver a more effective approach to the treatment of acne among users.

    The company started out with the original Proactive 3-Step Acne Treatment System in 1995.

    Since then, they have updated their corporate identity and have perfected their acne treatment products based on more recent scientific studies and breakthroughs.

    This has led them to develop one of the most potent over-the-counter acne treatment systems on the market.

    The brand now has three different systems on the market.

    The original system is still available, which they are constantly improving as new research becomes available.

    In addition to their original three-step acne treatment solution, the other two acne systems have also been introduced more recently.

    • The ProactiveMD 3-Piece System.
    • The Proactive+ 3-Step System.

    The ProactiveMD system has been developed from the ground up to provide a potent formula that primarily utilizes retinoid.

    The system is also available without a prescription.

    Heres What You Should Know Before You Order

    Okay, now you have a better understanding of how Proactivs three systems differ from each other and which one is best suited for your skin, but there are still a few things you should know about Proactiv before ordering.

    First, todays Proactiv products are much more safe and effective than they used to be. In the past, some Proactiv products have contained up to 7% benzoyl peroxide, which is far too high. This concentration is likely to cause itching, burning, redness, and could lead to more acne instead of less. We mention this because even if you had a bad experience with Proactiv in the past, that doesnt necessarily mean youll have a bad experience with their current products.

    Second, if you decide to try Proactiv, you may want to order your products from Amazon rather than from the Proactiv website. This is because Proactiv has a bad reputation for customer service. When you buy their products, you are automatically enrolled in membership and Proactiv will continue to bill you and send you more products each month until you cancel. Even then, Proactiv has been known to continue billing its customers until they cancel their credit card completely. According to, customers have reported unauthorized billing, difficulty cancelling orders, unhelpful customer service, and refund denials, despite their supposed money-back guarantee.

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    Relying On Benzoyl Peroxide

    Both the Proactiv Solution Renewing Cleanser and Repairing Treatment rely on 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. While an effective treatment for many skin diseases, benzoyl peroxide also causes dryness and irritates the skin, which can lead to early signs of aging.

    For some, particularly for people of color, acne can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a visible discoloration of the skin in impacted patches. Due to the irritation that it causes, benzoyl peroxide may increase the chances of this discoloration occurring.

    Additionally, benzoyl peroxide can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage, increasing possible early signs of aging further.

    Good Short Term Fix But Long Term Damage

    Proactive Acne Solution Review

    I used proactive from the age of 19 until about 26 on and off and it did definitely get rid of my pimples. But over the long term I ended up with dermatitis on the inside of my right hand from where I put the toner if I had no cotton balls. It has gone on for years now and I’m 32 and nothing helps how itchy it is and my skin breaks all the time. I also noticed that it permanently dried my face out. Prior to proactive I had greasy skin and after using it it is dry constantly…like itchy dry. I have to put cream on my face everyday to stop the i…

    Purchasedin June 2013for $80.00.

    I used to work at a Proactiv Solutions kiosk back when they still had kiosks. There were so many things that we had to say or were not allowed to say to customers. I ended up being basically held back at night by two of my superiors, being threatened, blackmailed and interrogated by them, and they weren’t even too clear about what I did wrong. Apart from that I don’t think the people working for them really used these products themselves.

    This stuff caused severe swelling and redness to my daughters face including her eyes. This company is a money making scam. They know their product has the potential to cause this type of reaction. So why can’t they provide small sample products for people to try and test so we dont have to waste our money on over priced chemicals.

    Purchasedin August 2019at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store.

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