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Does Toothpaste Work On Acne

Bicarb Is Actually Too Alkaline

Does Toothpaste for Acne Treatment Work? Dr.Berg

On the pH scale, which measures how acidic or alkaline , a substance is, bicarbonate of soda has a pH around 9, which is mildly alkaline, and the skin has a natural pH around 5, which is mildly acidic. The difference is definitely enough to cause problems.

Also, acidic substances in the right concentrations tend to be more helpful in treating acne, like salicylic acid or lemon juice.

Toothpaste And Salt On Pimples

Besides, drying out the pimples, salt helps exfoliate excessive oil and dead skin from the pores in the skin. This helps heal the existing pimples and prevent further formation of pimples on the skin. It also helps balance the pH level on the skin leaving a healthy skin.


  • Add a little salt to enough amounts of toothpaste.
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture on each of the pimples individually.
  • Let the mixture stay on the pimples for a few minutes.
  • Rinse off the mixture with water and pat the area dry.
  • Repeat the procedure once a day for 2 to 3 days.
  • How Long Should You Leave Toothpaste On Your Spots For

    Real talk: this should not be your go-to fix. Using a little paste on a nasty zit for 30 minutes isn’t the end of the world but should not become a habit.

    ‘Toothpaste is there to clean your teeth and has abrasive ingredients that are just not meant for your skin. It is okay to use in an emergency and wont hurt to do once, but it is much better to use clinically evidenced and safe ingredients such as salicylic acid, retinol and benzoyl peroxide that have been used in clinical dermatology for years.’

    ‘You won’t damage your skin this way and you’ll be preventing suture flare-ups too,’ adds Dr Ward.

    And can I leave toothpaste on my face overnight?

    ‘While toothpaste might dry out your pimple overnight, it is not a safe long-term fix for your skin,’ notes Dr Ward.

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    How Can I Cure My Acne Or Pimple Problems

    Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are two well-known over-the-counter acne treatments. They can provide clearer skin when used together consistently.

    A diet rich in antioxidants, complex carbs, and polyphenols helps maintain healthy skin.

    • Salicylic acid
    • This ingredient is known to aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface .
    • Salicylic acid can be found in a variety of skincare products, including cleansers, scrubs, creams, and cleansing wipes.
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Benzoyl peroxide helps kill the bacteria that can cause acne.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is commonly found in a variety of products, such as face washes, creams, gels, and premoistened clothes.
  • Acne is a skin condition that can affect any skin type, so how a person with dry skin treats their acne will differ from how someone with very oily skin treats their acne. It is critical to consider a person’s skin type and the condition of their skin to begin with. This will result in a better outcome.

    Other best acne ingredients to consider when choosing skincare products are:

    • Alpha hydroxy acid
    • Acne may be prevented by keeping pores clear and associated hyperpigmentation treated by removing dead skin cells.
    • Typically found in cleansers, toners, and serums.
  • Beta hydroxy acid
  • Usually used in cleansers and toners.
  • Can reduce acne by reducing oil and inflammation.
  • Can Toothpaste Cause Pimples


    The drying ingredients in some kinds of toothpaste baking soda and SLSare the reason why some people still use toothpaste to spot treat pimples today, even without the triclosan, which was the main reason people started using the toothpaste trick, to begin with. The issue using todays kinds of toothpaste on pimples? Well, the concentrations of baking soda and SLS is much higher, and dental products than would ever be recommended for use on the skin. Therefore they can be very irritating and even cause a chemical burn.

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    Tips And Precautions About Putting Toothpaste On Pimples

    • Do not use toothpaste on pimples if you have a sensitive or inflamed skin.
    • Do a patch test to see if youre allergic to toothpaste before using it for regular treatments
    • If you have sensitive skin, dont leave toothpaste for too long, usually not more than 15 minutes.
    • Toothpaste may dry out your skin and cause irritation, patched or peeling skin if not used properly or if used too often.
    • A toothpaste that contains menthol and fluoride can cause, irritation, itching, and inflammation, especially on sensitive skin.
    • Some kinds of toothpaste may not contain three necessary ingredients like triclosan or hydrogen peroxide that fight pimples
    • Although toothpaste may be used to cure pimples, it is not a medication specially indicated for the treatment for pimples.

    Unintended Outcomes Of Toothpaste Ingredients

    The AAD recommends consulting a dermatologist before you try any natural or medical zit-zapping remedy. It also cautions consumers to avoid using toothpaste on zits, especially since certain ingredients in toothpastes can actually clog pores or irritate the skin.

    Toothpaste products may contain whiteners, synthetic coloring agents, fragrances, and other substances that may cause an allergic reaction on the skin. One case study, published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, found a mint whitening toothpaste at fault for a patient’s facial contact dermatitis. After switching to a Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste product with a different flavor and a new antiseptic mouthwash, the patient’s rash resolved.

    So, whether you’re picking a treatment for your acne or a toothpaste for your teeth , the important thing is to pick a product with ingredients that you feel good about and that will help you avoid any unintended consequences. Read the ingredient lists to prevent possible allergic reactions or irritation, and consult your medical provider for advice.

    What are your go-to acne remedies? Show us your fave complexion clearer by tagging on Instagram!

    The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Tom’s of Maine.

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    Can Toothpaste Get Rid Of A Pimple

    Heres the gist: You get a zit, you slather it with toothpaste before bed, and then you wake up with clear skin. Wow, magical! Amazing! But not real. Toothpastes are usually filled with drying ingredients like alcohol, which is probably where people first got the idea to put them on pimples, says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor at Yale University. But if you know even one thing about your face/your skin/your organs in general, you should already know that they DONT LIKE ALCOHOL . Which brings us to

    Does Toothpaste Work For Acne

    Does Toothpaste Cause Acne? Acne Treatment Advice

    Although there is so much argument out there as to whether toothpaste is good for the treatment of zits/pimples, but its effects on the skin is more paramount. Some people argue it is not good because it causes burns. Others encouraged the use of it with proven results. It pissed me off to see people arguing like crazy because it worked for someone and not for the other.

    Whatever category you belong, we have to understand certain things when considering toothpaste as a remedy for acne treatment.

    First, we have to understand that different people have different skins and thus get different reaction.

    Second, certain toothpaste actually causes burns, for example, Crest. Find out which toothpaste is good for you. Many people prefer Aquafresh because of its mildness on the skin.

    Third, find out if you can leave it on your skin overnight. For some folks, they can afford to do so without experiencing any burn.

    If you have acute acne, you may not consider this option. Toothpaste really doesn’t get rid of acne, but it makes them noticeably smaller and clears them up faster.

    However I will recommend you only apply toothpaste on the particular spot where the zit is after you must have washed your face with warm water. Rinse immediately when you notice any itching or burning sensation.

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    Reasons To Use Toothpaste On Pimples

    Toothpaste is used as a home remedy for pimples because it has ingredients that are useful in dealing with pimples. The notable useful properties in toothpaste include triclosan, silica, hydrogen peroxide, calcium carbonate and baking soda . With these properties, toothpaste works in many ways to cure pimples.

    Side Effects Of Using Toothpaste On Acne

    Using toothpaste on acne can cause some side effects associated with its abrasive ingredients and include:

    • Burning
    • Redness
    • Skin irritation

    Using toothpaste on your skin can also alter the pH balance of the skins surface as the pH of toothpaste is more alkaline. Baking soda, another common ingredient, is alkaline as well, and may cause further irritation.

    Other common ingredients in many toothpaste brands are foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium fluoride both known to be harmful to skin.

    Antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan, sodium bicarbonate , mint extracts and hydrogen peroxide may aggravate skin and cause acne symptoms to worsen.

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    Calcium Carbonate In Toothpaste Helps Dry Up The Pimples

    Toothpaste contains calcium carbonate, which is an ingredient that helps dry up pimples by absorbing excess oil on the pimples. This ability of toothpaste to dry pimples is an important property since it makes them shrink, diminish and eventually disappear.

    With time the pimples dry up and shrivel to form dead skin tissues that gradually defoliate and the pimple disappear. As it dries up the pimples, calcium carbonate also removes excess oil from the affected area. This clears out pores and helps the skin return to its normal condition.

    Go For Organic Toothpaste

    Does Toothpaste For Acne Really Work?

    Organic toothpaste does not usually contain any fluoride and unnecessary growth hormones. In addition, they tend to be more natural and hence they do not have many other chemicals that are usually present in inorganic pesticides. Despite this, organic toothpaste still contains the active ingratiates that dry up and hence get rid of pimples on your skin.

    The crucial ingredients present in most of the organic toothpaste include baking soda and tea tree oil. Besides, it contains other natural substances like aloe, myrrh and eucalyptus oil, which have both soothing and antibacterial properties. For these reasons, organic toothpaste is arguably the best option for removing pimples at home.

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    Does Toothpaste On Pimples Actually Work

    As we have mentioned above, a toothpaste generally has ingredients that are necessary to cure your pimples fast. Accordingly, it is an excellent and effective home remedy for pimples. Better still, it is affordable, readily available, easy and convenient to use.

    However, some kinds of toothpaste do not have the necessary ingredients that help cure pimples. Others even have chemicals that may be harmful to your skin as they may cause irritation and damage to it. Hence some toothpaste may not actually work well on pimples and produce desirable results. That is why you might have read online posts that dismiss the use of toothpaste on pimples as an exercise in futility.

    In addition, toothpaste may work well when used to treat pimples in some individuals but not others. So, if it does not work for you, it does not necessarily mean that it does not work at all. Online reviews from those who have tried using toothpaste on pimples show that when the right toothpaste is used with the correct procedure, there are positive results with this treatment.

    Therefore, use the right kind of toothpaste on pimples. It should have the required ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Also, make sure that you follow the right procedure to get good results and avoid subjection your skin to unnecessary irritation and damage.

    Does Putting Toothpaste On Pimples Work Best Kind And How To Use It

    Applying toothpaste on pimples is one of the common home remedies used to treat them. But does toothpaste on pimples actually work? Is putting toothpaste on pimples good or bad? What kind of toothpaste works well on pimples? Online reviews and pictures taken before and after treating pimples with toothpaste show that particular toothpaste can actually cure pimples when they are properly used, especially overnight.

    A pimple is a small bump on the skin caused by a cloggedpores or hair follicle. Pimples are also called zits. They constitute a form ofacne and they consist of papules and pustules. Other forms of acne arecomedones, which consist of whiteheads and blackheads. Nodules and acne cystsusually constitute a form of severe acne.

    Pimples are blemishes that many people find disgusting because they cause pain and are unsightly, especially when they are in open areas like your face, chin or neck. Therefore you will definitely want to get rid of pimples as soon as they appear to have your beautiful sparkling skin back again.

    There are many causes of pimples, including, hormonal imbalances, skin type, poor diet, sweat, and the use of certain skin care products that may lead to clogged pores. However, some of the factors that cause pimples are genetically inherited from our parents.

  • Toothpaste on Pimples Before and After
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    Why Do People Use Toothpaste On Pimples

    Toothpaste has been used as a home remedy to spot treat a pimple for decades. So while we now know that this is not an effective acne treatment, youre probably wondering, why did people start to use toothpaste on their pimples in the first place? Well, many types of toothpaste are used to contain an ingredient called triclosan, an antibacterial and antifungal agent used in some consumer products, including toothpaste. However, due to increasing evidence of its health and environmental toxicities, in 2016, the FDA concluded that it was not GRAS/GRAE , meaning it has effectively been banned.

    Therefore, some kinds of toothpaste containing both triclosan and baking soda and alcohol did have some benefit in treating individual pimples. And while some kinds of toothpaste still have these two ingredients, they are not the most effective way to spot treat, can result in side effects, and will not prevent future acne from forming.

    Do More Harm Than Good


    Although its not clear exactly how and where this trend got started, some likely reasons are:

    • Many toothpaste formulas once contained a chemical called triclosan that could work to kill the bacteria that causes and worsens breakouts.
    • Some ingredients commonly found in toothpaste, such as baking soda, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, are known to be drying, which could help shrink a zit.
    • According to Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, a board-certified dermatologist, the menthol in toothpaste can create a tingly feeling that may temporarily reduce pain and swelling.

    So, its not totally out of left field to believe this home remedy could work. But there are several reasons why you shouldnt use toothpaste as your go-to acne treatment.

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    Does Toothpaste On Pimples Work Why You Should Avoid It

    07 Mar, 2021

    If youve got blemishes, youll try practically anything to get rid of them. From pimple creams to facials, prescription medications to your best friends never fail method, youre just desperate to get rid of your bumps.

    One home treatment that many of us have heard about is using toothpaste on your pimples. Sounds interesting, and itd be great if it really worked!

    Unfortunately, putting toothpaste on pimples doesnt work to remove the bump. In fact, its actually a bad idea to put toothpaste anywhere on your skin and can make your blemish worse and cause irritation. But why?

    Lets dive in to understand what causes blemishes, why toothpaste — and a few other weird pimple hacks — dont work, and what you can do to get rid of blemishes naturally and effectively.

    Does Applying Toothpaste On Your Pimple Actually Work A Dermatologist Weighs In

    Priyanka Mody |

    We’ve all been through days when we look at the mirror and find out a new friend has made an arrival. Pimples can be difficult to deal with especially if you do not have acne-prone skin and it just appears out of the blue. Well, lets be real here, we all hate pimples and over the years have tried weird and unusual ways to deal with it. From squeezing it to using neem paste to even applying toothpaste, weve tried it all.

    Applying toothpaste on a zit or pimple is quite a popular hack across the world. In an interview with Vogue, even Kareena Kapoor Khan admitted to using this hack to get rid of pesky pimples.

    For the unversed, rumour has it that applying a dab of toothpaste on your pimple can help you get clear skin overnight. Toothpaste is filled with ingredients that dry the skin and in turn help in getting rid of that uninvited guest. But, while getting rid of a pimple is all that were looking for, it can turn to be harmful to the skin.

    While it does dry up the zzit and gives results, using toothpaste as a skincare remedy for pimples might prove to be harmful in the long run. Looks like we have our answer here! Were off to research on better ways to deal with acne and zits, let us know if youd like to know that.

    Do you use toothpaste on your pimples? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Toothpaste Wont Help Heal Acne

    The ingredients in toothpaste can help dry out your zit. But drying out your zit definitely wont make it go away.

    What usually happens when applying toothpaste over an already inflamed area is it just dries out the top layer of your skin, without killing the bacteria inside the follicle.

    Which all in all, is a pretty bad solution to go about.

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