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Does Smoking Weed Give You Acne

How It Can Help Your Skin

Does Weed Give You Acne?

In interviews conducted by the Huffington Post two years ago, two New York-based dermatologists, Dr. Bobby Buka and Dr. Ariel Ostad said that while some marijuana use can have potentially negative side effects on skin health, certain forms of use could prove beneficial.

The science isn’t exact, but Buka and Ostad pointed to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of marijuana and its main active compound, THC, in their discussion of the benefits for skin health. HuffPo notes that antioxidants found in THC have been linked to blocking harmful oxygen particles that can cause aging, even likening moderate cannabis use to drinking a glass of red wine. Other research examining the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana has found credible links between the effectiveness of both topical and yet-to-be-determined treatment options for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosaceaâthough it depends on the user, of course.

Last year, Elle magazine even vetted THC’s effectiveness in face masks. “We concocted a cannabis facial that gave our own tired, dry skin a new lease on life,” the magazine wrote.

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Why Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

According to High Times, another reason why there may be a correlation between smoking cannabis and having acne is increased levels of stress. Some individuals who consume cannabis actually experience increased levels of anxiety, rather than relaxation. Increased levels of stress and anxiety can cause a spike in insulin, resulting in inflammation of the internal organs, as well as the skin.

What Is Marijuana And What Does It Do

Also called weed or cannabis, marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of dried leaves from the Cannabis sativa plant. Weed can be smoked, drank as tea or other drinks, or eaten in food and pastries. The main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol , a chemical that can be found in leaves and buds from female cannabis plants. In addition to over 500 other chemicals related to THC called cannabinoids, THC creates hallucinations, relaxation, and sedation. Although many claim that this drug is safe and non-addictive, weed can cause physical dependence, and many people have experienced adverse reactions or bad trips while high on marijuana.

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How Can You Get Rid Of Black Weed Lips

Trying out various home remedies will help you bring your lips back to their former glory.

Youd rarely need medical assistance as most of the following remedies can be followed by yourself.

Various juices and other remedies are categorized in the given table.

Fruit/Flower juice for the lips: Other remedies you can try:
Rose-milk juice mix rosewater with fresh milk and apply this mixture to your lips. Lip balms These can be very effective in daily use. Make sure that youre not allergic to it.
Lemon juice This natural cure once applied on your lips for over a minute daily can lighten your lip color Butterfat ghee This is a kind of clarified butter that will stop your lips from getting dry and dark.
Beetroot juice Its better to add a bit of lemon juice into this as well and apply on your lips for about 20 minutes Be hygienic Make sure you clean your lips when you take a wash and brush your teeth daily
Pomegranate juice same as the others, youll have to apply and leave for about 10 minutes. Water This is equally important in preventing dehydration. So, make sure you drink enough water.

Apart from the above, exfoliating is another very important step to take to mellow down your weed lips.

Can Cannabis Work To Alleviate Acne

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Speaking of holistic treatments for acne, what about cannabis? When it comes to marijuana, more research needs to be done to know for sure whether it can help clear up your complexion. We know cannabis shows much promise in treating skin conditions like psoriasis, but there isnt much out there specifically on cannabis for acne.

That said, there are certain properties found in cannabis that could help fight some of the symptoms and root causes of acne. , so it could aid against the painful swelling that comes with cystic acne.

And according to a 2008 study, all five major cannabinoids show strong antibacterial qualities, and this can help fight against acne.

These cannabinoids are:

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Medical Marijuana For Acne

Medical marijuana has a reputation as an effective painkiller, but did you know it can also work wonders on acne? In 2014, the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD a marijuana compound with significant medical benefits can regulate the amount of sebum, or oil, the skin produces, even finding CBD can control oil without drying out skin. More recently, another study designed to observe how skin reacted to CBD-based products found 100 percent of participants had noticeably better skin in just two weeks. This study was particularly notable because it is rare to have such a vast percentage of a study sample experience the same results. Besides the notable results, the amount of time it took to see improvements was just a fraction of the time it takes for over-the-counter treatments to kick in.

CBD-infused products produce notable results in skin care, including offering significant anti-aging properties, but they are also known for decreasing stress, which can contribute to acne breakouts in the first place. They also have the potential to treat serious skin conditions such as psoriasis.

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Can Cannabis Help Treat Acne

While THC does change hormone concentrations which can potentially impact levels of acne, cannabis is made of thousands of different compounds, many of which have anti-oil and anti-inflammatory effects. Among these compounds is cannabidiol which is a non-psychotropic compound commonly used as a muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety. CBD is present in cannabis and hemp, and has recently been shown to help treat acne.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory which means it helps alleviate swelling and redness caused by injury or infection. CBD, also, directly interacts with the ECS of skin cells to counteract sebum production and decrease the number of sebocytes sebum producing cells. Together, these effects of CBD help decrease the amount of inflammation surrounding acne, and inhibit the number of cells that often clog pores.

While this may help treat acne, there is currently no strong scientific support for acne scar treatment by CBD. However, moisturization and hydration of acne scarring areas have been shown to decrease darkness and severity of these regions which many of these creams will provide.

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So What Did You Eat Last Night

Just about everyone who has consumed a hybrid or indica strain has had the munchies even those who have consumed certain sativas, too. When the munchies arrive, they dont make you crave healthy foods. Instead, you begin raiding your fridge and cabinets for everything that is remotely greasy, sugary, crunchy, salty, or sweet. Before you know it, your snack stash is wholly gone, and your belly is full in a blissful, albeit bloated state.

The consumption of unhealthy oils, fats, excessive salt, and too much sugar, are all widely linked to acne and an increase in blemishes, or irritations on the skin. Therefore, while smoking marijuana itself doesnt cause acne, the ingredients in the food you turn to when you have the munchies are a contributing factor.

Faq About Marijuana: Can Smoking Weed Cause Acne

Why Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Acne?

You might be aware of marijuanas effects on liver, lungs and other body organs but do you know how does it affect your skin? With the use of Marijuana being increased, the questions such as Can Smoking Weed Cause Acne?, How Can Weed Smoke Harm my Skin are the most asked ones.

While any kind of smoke is bad for your skin, we will look into the relationship between weed and acne. We are not here to judge anyone, if smoking weed is good or bad, we will assist you to find the detailed solution to your query.

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Will Smoking Marijuana Exacerbate Skin Diseases Like Psoriasis And Rosacea

Smoke, in general, is known to worsen skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. But actually, studies have found some links between the beneficial compounds found in marijuana and these inflammatory skin conditions.

The main characteristic of psoriasis is the rapid growth of skin cells, called keratinocytes. One recent study shows that cannabis can actively slow down the growth of immature cells. This means that cannabinoids may be an effective skin remedy for treating skin conditions caused by excessive cell growth. Allergic reactions are common causes of skin conditions, especially in the case of eczema. Some studies have indicated that cannabis has properties that can regulate the immune system, effectively reducing inflammation of the skin. And the newest research indicates that topical, anti-itch, cannabinoid drugs can be an effective treatment for chronic skin conditions.

Stress Cannabis And Acne: What Is The Solution

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, potentially neutralizes and decreases the paranoia and anxiety sometimes caused by THC. For this reason, having the perfect balance between CBD/THC in the cannabis you consume can work wonders. A great way to start is by picking a strain with a higher CBD percentage and a lower THC percentage.

Options include:

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Changes In Hormonal Levels

The reason teenagers are more likely to develop acne is due to an increase in testosterone levels during puberty. One study suggests that marijuana usage increases a persons testosterone levels, which could, in turn, increase acne production.

This relationship is why marijuana affects your mood and pain levels. When theres a change in hormonal levels, sebaceous glands can enlarge and begin to produce more sebum. And when theres an overproduction of sebum, this sebum can get trapped in hair follicles which then cause those annoying, red bumps that we like to call acne.

What Exactly Is In Weed

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Before we jump into the connection between weed and your skin, lets break down what exactly weed is made of. Perhaps youve never given it much thought as you roll up but, trust me, the following information are essential if you really want to know if weed does cause acne.

Basically, weed is grown from a cannabis plant. No surprise there, right?

The Cannabis plant has three species: Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Scientists have identified at least 483 types of compounds in weed but not all of them have been thoroughly investigated. Among these compounds, lets focus on three:

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Changes In Hormone Levels

Marijuana acne can also occur as a result of hormonal changes. Smoking weed can affect your hormone levels, and any imbalance can lead to acne. A common hormone that causes acne, particularly in teens going through puberty, is testosterone. A recent study on marijuana use and testosterone concentrations among American males found that marijuana use can cause acne by increasing testosterone levels.1

Specifically, the THC in cannabis impacts the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that plays a role in regulating body temperature, thirst, and hunger. It also connects the nervous system to the endocrine system, which is responsible for balancing your hormones. In other words, marijuana can cause acne by affecting your hormone levels or endocrine system. This hormonal imbalance contributes to the enlargement of sebaceous glands , causing them to release more oil than normal, which can clog pores and lead to acne.

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

There is no evidence that smoking weed causes acne, but it could make existing acne worse. This effect may occur due to behavioral changes relating to marijuana or because of the effects of smoking on the body.

Smoking weed can change a persons behavior. They may feel lethargic or have an increased appetite. Diet, hygiene, and stress are not causes of acne, but these factors could make breakouts worse if a person already has acne.

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Can Weed Not Be The Only Reason For Dark Lips

Apart from purely cannabis smoke, black lips can also be caused by general first-hand or second-hand smoking. Weed might not be the only reason either according to the following list.

  • Sucking on your lips Even by excessive smoking this may occur or it could even be just a bad tick that you have.
  • Allergic reaction Allergic reactions involving lips such as certain lipstick or lip balm products could be the cause. Some may even be allergic to certain toothpaste as well.
  • Getting dehydrated This can also be an outcome of heavy smoking since your lips would dry up due to the weed smoke.
  • The heat produced Since smoking involves heat, you must be careful in smoking as this heat from whatever source like pipe or joint could turn your lips darker.
  • Too much caffeine Caffeine causes gradual stains in not only your lips but also your teeth.
  • What Causes Acne Breakouts After Quitting Smoking

    Does THIS Cause Acne? | Weed, Hot Showers, Sleep, Fruits? (EP. 2)

    Vaping has adverse effects on skin health, such as triggering the ageing process and facilitating acne breakouts, especially when quitting the habit. Note that any reduction in nicotine consumption puts the smokers body in stress mode and the body responds by secreting extra hormones resulting in massive skin oil surges.

    This means a buildup of dehydrating products that werent bothering your skin while smoking. Besides, some diet also affects the skin after smoking. For instance, diets rich in iodine, such as the common table salt, and seafood such as the shellfish, have been known to trigger acne breakouts after quitting smoking.

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    The Bottom Line On Weed And Acne

    Essentially, the research out there says that smoking weed doesnt cause acne.

    However, other factors definitely do. Things change in your hormone levels and the foods you eat when youre stoned and the effects of potentially carcinogenic marijuana smoke may all play detrimental roles in your skin health.

    Hims & Hers has strict sourcing guidelines to ensure our content is accurate and current. We rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We strive to use primary sources and refrain from using tertiary references.

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    If Youre Getting Acne We Can Help

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    Inconsistent Quality Among Products

    Because there is little to no regulation within the industry, there are no rules governing product descriptions and labels. Not only that but the contents of products, including the amount of CBD, vary from brand to brand. Its essential for an individual to do their homework, understanding whats in the product before purchasing and knowing how much CBD comes in each dose.

    Use Moisturizer After Washing/applying Acne Fighting Agent

    Does Smoking Weed/Marijuana Cause Acne

    Dry skin will overproduce oils to compensate for the dryness which can cause increased breakouts. When purchasing a moisturizer, make sure that it is non-comedogenic, which means it wont clog your pores.

    You may also want to consider utilizing a cannabis CBD-infused moisturizer, as they have additional restorative properties. If you have oily skin, use a light moisturizer to prevent a greasy feeling on your skin. In the winter, you may find you need a heavier moisturizer to compensate for increased dry skin.

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    Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Acne

    Theres no real evidence that smoking marijuana causes acne flare-ups. But munching on empty carbs after you smoke it can lead to breakouts. There is a link between high-glycemic index foods and acne. Avoiding empty carbs when you crave a snack after smoking can help. THC was first thought to increase testosterone levels. This hormone increases oil secretion all over the body, and is particularly evident on the face. Hormonal acne is often triggered by high levels of testosterone. But recent studies show that THC lowers testosterone.

    Cannabinoids are emerging as a new treatment for acne and other inflammatory diseases. Another compound found in marijuana, CBD, may actually decrease the formation of comedones and the production of sebum. Cannabis compounds may also help regulate the immune system and inhibit pro-inflammatory chemicals. However, the smoke exhaled when smoking weed, like tobacco, can irritate and exacerbate acne.

    Try our FREE dermatology search engine and get peace of mind within a second.

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