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Does Nexplanon Help With Acne

The Top 4 Brands Of Birth Control Pills For Acne

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There are only 4 brands of birth control pills that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for preventing pregnancy AND treating acne. The FDA is the federal organization that must approve all prescription drugs, both brand-name, and generic brands, for their intended use.

That said, doctors will tell you that almost any combination birth control pill should help with acne.

However, these 4 birth control pill brands are special because the chemicals and specific hormones that they contain have been shown to help with acne.

The 4 FDA-approved brands of birth control pills for acne are the following:

  • Beyaz®: Drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol/ levomefolate calcium tablets

  • Estrostep® Fe: Norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, USP and ferrous fumarate tablets

  • Yaz®: Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol tablets

If youre interested in any of the above 4 brands for acne, let us help you pick the best option for you.

Nexplanon And Lab Tests

Nexplanon can interact with certain lab blood tests. These include:

  • Sex hormone-binding globulin test. This test measures the levels of certain hormones in your body. In some cases, the levels may be lower than usual for the first 6 months after you receive your Nexplanon implant. So, if you need this test, your doctor may wait 6 months after they insert Nexplanon to check the levels.
  • Thyroxine test. This test checks a thyroid hormone called thyroxine . When you first receive Nexplanon, your thyroxine levels may be lower than usual. Eventually, your levels should return to normal. So, if you need a thyroxine test, your doctor may postpone it to allow your levels to return to normal.

If you need any of the above tests while youre using Nexplanon, tell your doctor that you have the Nexplanon implant.

When To Start Birth Control After Nexplanon Removal

Your health care provider can remove the implant at any time within the three-year period. You may become pregnant as early as the first week after removal of the implant. If you do not want to get pregnant after your health care provider removes the NEXPLANON implant, you should start another birth control method immediately.

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Does Progestin Cause Acne

In most cases, an excess of progesterone causes hormonal acne. Progestin is a synthetic version of progesterone found in birth control. Some progestins activate androgen receptors and ultimately make your skin more oily, resulting in acne. But in some cases, progestins can block androgen receptors and do the complete opposite, lessening acne.

Birth Control Can Help With Acne Here Are Your Best Options

the top two pictures are from when i wasnt on nexplanon (birth control ...
  • Well-Women Care
  • Birth Control Can Help With Acne. Here Are Your Best Options

Where topical acne treatments may fail, birth control is another option that can help to effectively treat acne. For years, this has been an acne treatment that physicians have been prescribing to their patients particularly in treating hormonal acne.

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Types Of Combined Contraceptives

  • The pill- Combination birth control pills can affect the skin by decreasing the androgenic effect in our tissue and ultimately reducing the production of sebum and acne. Studies on the combination pill have found that it is effective in treating both noninflammatory and inflammatory acne. Research is lacking in terms of how different types of the pill perform in comparison to each other . However, pills with low progestin, anti-androgenic progestins are best for treating acne compared to pills with androgenic progestins. Dr. Zenovia recommends the drospirenone-containing combined contraceptives to her patients, like YAZ. To see an improvement in acne, it may take up to 2-3 months on the pill. This is because hormones need time to regulate and normalize in our system.
  • The patch- There is inconclusive data on how this contraceptive affects the skin. Some studies report an improvement in acne, while others report no improvement.
  • The ring- There is also limited research on the ring in terms of acne outcomes.

Do Birth Control Pills Help With Acne

There are two types of birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptives: combination pills and mini-pills. Combination pills contain both estrogen and progestin and with these two hormones working together, acne breakouts can be reduced or eliminated. There are a wide variety of birth control pills and the effectiveness of the pill at reducing acne has to do with the kind of progestin contained in the pill. Drospirenone for example, which is the type of progestin that is found in the birth control pill called Yaz, has been shown to be the most effective at helping with acne. The other type of birth control pill is called a mini-pill because it only contains progesterone . Mini-pills are not effective in preventing acne and can, in fact, result in an increase in acne breakouts as a side effect.

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Nexplanon And Weight Gain

In clinical studies, 13.7% of the women with a Nexplanon implant reported weight gain. The average weight gain was nearly three pounds one year after implant and close to four pounds two years after implant. While it is widely believed that hormonal birth control causes weight gain, scientists are not so sure. The cumulative evidence seems to suggest that it doesnt, but some studies do show modest weight gain using contraceptive implants such as Nexplanon or Implanon.

How Soon After Nexplanon Removal Will I Be Able To Get Pregnant

NO PERIOD FOR 5 YEARS?! My Implanon/Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant Experience

For women who are not yet planning on becoming pregnant, this means that they are wise to line up an alternative method of birth control before having Nexplanon removed. Should you be interested in another long-term birth control option, you can discuss this with your provider at the same time you are having Nexplanon removed.

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Does Nexplanon Help With Acne

Nexplanon is a type of hormonal birth control that looks like a small plastic rod and is inserted just below the skin. Nexplanon, in particular, is a progestin-only contraceptive. The progestin used is called etonogestrel and in some studies ~12-13% of those using Nexplanon have reported new or worsening acne.

Side Effects Of Nexplanon Insertion And Removal

Since Nexplanon is an implant thats placed under your skin, you may experience some side effects after the implant is inserted or removed. These side effects werent common in clinical trials, but they may still occur.

Some side effects from Nexplanon insertion and removal may include:

  • bruising

If you have side effects after Nexplanon insertion or removal that are severe or bothersome, tell a doctor. They can suggest ways to decrease these side effects. If you experience any symptoms of Nexplanon moving, see a doctor or go to the hospital right away. They will help determine the cause of your symptoms to see if its due to Nexplanon.

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How Fast Do They Work

It takes about 7 days for the pill to take full effect. So use extra protection, like condoms, for those first 7 days.

The implant starts working almost immediately if your doctor implants it in the first 5 days of your period. If you and your doctor decide to start Nexplanon in the middle of your cycle, youâll need to use condoms for around a week to be sure youâre protected.

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Consult With Your Healthcare Provider

The Nexplanon Birth Control Implant Made My Skin Break Out With Acne ...

While we are master estheticians and acne specialists, we are not doctors. The information that we provide for you is based on research and our experiences with hundreds of acne clients. Decisions regarding your medications and birth control options should be made through conversations with the physician who knows you best. We suggest that you share this information with your doctor while choosing the best birth control method for you.

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Certain Oral Contraceptives Are Approved For Acne Treatment

Oral contraceptives are one of the most effective methods for preventing pregnancy. Commonly called birth control pills , theyre also becoming a popular treatment for another condition that affects many women: acne. When other acne treatments have not been successful, birth control pills may be the answer.

Exactly how does birth control help with acne? Birth control affects hormones, and hormones play a major role in acne. Hormones called androgens promote the production of sebum, an oil made by your skin. Too much sebum can lead to clogged pores and bacterial growth, which create breeding grounds for acne.

Women usually produce low levels of androgens, but hormonal changes related to their menstrual cycle can raise androgen levels and, consequently, trigger acne breakouts. For some women, acne persists throughout their cycle. Even during perimenopause, when a womans body prepares for menopause, hormonal changes can continue to promote acne.

Birth control pills that contain both the hormones estrogen and progesterone reduce functional androgen levels, thereby reducing sebum production and acne. Pills that contain only progesterone can actually make acne worse.

Which types of birth control pills treat acne?

The best choice for one woman may not be right for another, says Dr. Dunn. Some women need higher levels of hormones for the most effective results with fewest side effects, while others do better with lower levels.

Tell The Doctor About All Medical Conditions And Medications

Some pre-existing conditions significantly raise the risk of side effects, so the doctor needs a complete medical history including medical conditions and all prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and dietary supplements being taken. Make sure to tell the healthcare provider about:

  • Pregnancy

A healthcare professional may decide Nexplanon is too risky and suggest an alternative form of contraception.

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What Is The Best Birth Control Pill For Acne

The best birth control pill for acne is a combination pillone that contains both estrogen and progestin. The FDA has approved four such birth control pills for the treatment of acne: Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep Fe, Beyaz, and Yaz.

The type of progestin the pill contains can also affect a birth control pills efficacy, per a study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. According to their findings, drospirenone was the most helpful in preventing acne, while levonorgestrel and norethindrone were the least helpful.

In fact, one combination birth control pill that contains norethindrone acetate, Lo Loestrin , can actually cause breakouts , so it should probably not be taken if you are looking to clear up skin problems. Bottom line: Not all birth control pills treat acne or treat it with the same level of effectiveness.

Are There Side Effects

How to treat acne | Dr. Anjali Kumar

Most birth control medications have side effects, though theyâre different for each woman.

Both the pill and the rod could cause:

  • Headaches

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Where Can I Get A Contraceptive Implant Fitted Or Removed

You can get the contraceptive implant for free, even if youre under 16, from:

  • contraception clinics
  • sexual health or genitourinary medicine clinics
  • GP surgeries
  • some young peoples services

Some GPs or practice nurses are able to fit and remove implants, so youll need to check at your GP surgery.

Alternatively, most sexual health clinics will be able to do this for you.

Common Nexplanon Side Effects

Because everyone reacts differently to hormonal medications, side effects may be different for everyone. Most side effects get better or go away within a few months of having Nexplanon placed. But side effects may not improve for everyone. If you find side effects to be too bothersome, let your healthcare provider know.

Here are 10 of the most common Nexplanon side effects to know about, along with how often they happened during clinical trials:

  • Whitish-yellow discharge from the vagina

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Dizziness

  • Irregular bleeding, like spotting, irregular periods, or heavy periods, is also common with Nexplanon. About 11% of people end up having it removed because of this side effect. And although less common, mood changes can also lead some people to stop the use of Nexplanon.

    Not all Nexplanon side effects are bad, though. Some people find that their period gets lighter or goes away while using it. During studies, almost 34% of people said they had less frequent bleeding while using Nexplanon. And about 22% said their period went away completely.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of The Birth Control Pill

    There are some common side effects for the birth control pill including weight gain, nausea, breast tenderness, lighter periods, and spotting between periods. These side effects are common and should not be dangerous to your health. Certain symptoms could be an indication of more serious side effects such as shortness of breath and chest pain. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it could be a sign of a heart attack. Some patients may be at risk for developing gallbladder or liver disease as a result of taking birth control pills. Severe side effects can be avoided if you disclose your medical information to Dr. Green during your initial consultation.

    Which Preparations Of The Pill Are Better

    Does Nexplanon Help With Acne

    A recent scientific review showed no differences in efficacy between different preparations with different progesterones. This means your doctor can prescribe the combined oral contraceptive pill with a lower chance of side effects and they may still work effectively to reduce acne. Pills that are effective have Ethinyl estradiol and a progestin. The progestogen can be one of â norethindrone, norgestimate, drospirenone, for example, all of which are FDA approved.

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    When Is Birth Control Recommended For Acne Treatment

    Birth control pills can be effective against all types of acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, and inflammatory acne. Your healthcare provider may recommend trying birth control for acne treatment when other options like topical acne creams and oral antibiotics have failed. Since birth control is relatively safe, it may be prescribed before other acne medications with harsher side effects like isotretinoin are recommended.

    The Best Types Of Birth Control For Acne

    Levin, who also works as a clinical instructor at Mount Sinai, says Ortho Tri-Cyclen, a popular brand of birth control, has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of acneic skin. Along with Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep, and Yaz are two other brands of birth control cleared by the FDA for acne treatment. Yaz contains the hormone progestin drospirenone that is known to be especially effective in the reduction of hormonal acne.

    While certain brands of birth control carry the FDA’s approval as an acne treatment, others are still prescribed off-label with some success. Other times, people who are prescribed oral contraceptives for other indications find that a bonus “side effect” is an overall reduction in their acne symptoms. OB/GYN Sara Twogood, MD, notes that all oral contraceptive pills can have the effect of being anti-androgenic, meaning that they can lower the level of androgens like testosterone in the body. Androgens are one factor that leads to the development of hormonal acne, so blocking them can help to improve acne over time.

    “There are no set requirements or parameters for starting birth control pills for acne. The decision about when or if starting the pill to help control acne should be individualized,” says Twogood.

    Nava Greenfield, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group, agrees: “Each person may respond differently to different forms of oral contraception, so finding the one that works for you is important.”

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    Birth Controls Effect On Acne

    The hormones in combination birth control pills can help reduce acne. The pills decrease the circulation of androgens, which decreases the production of sebum.

    The pills must contain both estrogen and progestin to be effective against acne. The minipill only contains progestin, so it doesnt improve acne.

    Many combination birth control pill brands are available. Each contains its own variation of hormones. Pills prescribed for acne should contain progestin with low androgenic possibility. This means the progestin has less androgenic side effects, such as oily skin and acne.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following pills for use in the treatment of acne:

    • Beyaz, which combines drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol, and levomefolate calcium
    • Estrostep Fe, which combines norethindrone acetate, ethinyl estradiol, and ferrous fumarate
    • Ortho Tri-Cyclen, which combines norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol
    • Yaz, which combines drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol

    However, other combination pills that arent on this list may still help to improve acne.

    What Should I Tell My Healthcare Provider About Before Using Nexplanon

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    Talk to your healthcare provider about using Nexplanon if you:

    • Have diabetes
    • HIV medicines
    • Hepatitis C Virus medicines

    Ask your healthcare provider if you are not sure if your medicine is one listed above.

    If you are taking medicines or herbal products that might make Nexplanon less effective, you and your doctor may decide to leave Nexplanon in place in that case, an additional non-hormonal contraceptive should be used. Because the effect of another medicine on Nexplanon may last up to 28 days after stopping the medicine, it is necessary to use the additional non-hormonal contraceptive for that long.

    When you are using Nexplanon, tell all of your healthcare providers that you have Nexplanon in place in your arm.

    NEXPLANON is a birth control option to prevent pregnancy in the long term. It is an implant that can last up to three years. It is not an Intrauterine Device . Nexplanon is an arm implant that is placed under the skin of the upper arm on the inner side by a healthcare provider. A thin, flexible, and small contraceptive can be over 99% effective, just like a contraceptive pill.

    This contraceptive implant prevents pregnancy when it releases hormones that can thicken cervical mucus and prevent the ovary from releasing eggs.

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