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Does Breast Milk Help Baby Acne

Is It Bad To Switch From Breastmilk To Formula

Breast Milk To Clear Acne?

It is very important that you do not suddenly switch from breastmilk to formula. Not only is this bad for your baby, but it can also cause you painful breast engorgement. Ease your baby off breast milk slowly so that your body is able to slow milk production gradually. Take away one breastfeeding session at a time.

How Do You Treat Milk Spots

In babies, you can use gentle and age-appropriate products to clear away the spots, or better yet, just allow them to clear up on their own as they often do within a couple of weeks.

For adults, there are a variety of treatments available.

Milk spots can also be lasered off in adults as well, using light and sound energies to repair the skin. The laser breaks down the keratin cysts, resurfaces the skin and improves the stability of the sebaceous glands which are also responsible for acne.

Anshu says the condition is not often treated in adults, though, as either people dont tend to notice it or dont have an active desire to get rid of them.

But as tempting as it might be, dont try and pop milk spots ever as it will only make them worse.

What Does Baby Acne Look Like

The characteristic signs of newborn acne are small red or white bumps that can appear all over the body but are usually concentrated on babys face and torso. You might also spy tiny white bumps on your newborns forehead, cheeks or near the mouth, called milia. These actually arent baby acne, per seinstead, the bumps are dead skin cells trapped in small pockets on the skins surface and tend to disappear within the first few weeks of life.

Infant acne can manifest as a crop or cluster of raised red bumps, sometimes filled with pus, and can appear anywhere on the body. Sometimes they disappear on their own sometimes they require treatment. Unlike neonatal acne, they can be a predictor of skin issues later in life, so partnering with a pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist can help set up a smart course of treatment, says Omar Baker, MD, FAAP, assistant clinical professor in the department of pediatrics at Columbia University and co-president of Riverside Medical Group in Northern New Jersey.

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Can You Use Acne Products When Breastfeeding

Most topical acne products that are applied to the skin are safe during breastfeeding because they are found in minimal amounts in the bloodstream and are hardly ever found in breast milk. There are a few exceptions to this rule always ask your doctor first.

Other Ways To Help Clear Baby Acne

Treating Baby Acne with Breast Milk: How and Why It May Work

But while breast milk is a natural remedy, it isnt the only remedy to help get rid of stubborn baby acne. Here are a few tips to help clear your babys skin:

  • Bathe your baby. Newborns dont need to be bathed daily. But you can give your baby a bath using warm water and mild baby soap to gently cleanse their pores. Baby soap is gentle and delicate to their sensitive skin, thus less likely to cause skin irritation.
  • Dont put lotion on your babys face. Clogged pores can cause acne, so only use moisturizing body lotion thats designed for a babys sensitive skin. Also, choose baby lotion thats fragrant-free and nongreasy to avoid skin irritation. Try these options.
  • Dont scrub bumps. When bathing your baby or applying breast milk to acne, be gentle and dont scrub. Accidentally popping acne bumps can cause scarring or a skin infection. Also, take steps to prevent your baby from scratching their own acne. Cover their hands with socks or mittens, and keep their nails trimmed.

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How Can Breast Milk Help

Using breast milk to treat baby acne might seem a little far-fetched, but some people swear by this remedy.

To be clear, theres no science or research to support this claim. However, breast milk does have antimicrobial properties. This means it may reduce or destroy some microbes, like bacteria.

So if bacteria on your babys skin triggers acne, cleansing their skin with breast milk may help kill the bacteria and other impurities that block pores. This, in turn, can also reduce skin irritation and inflammation caused by acne.

Unexpected Uses For Breast Milk

Your breast milk has benefits beyond nourishing your baby! Here are some unexpected ways you can use it to help benefit your baby and yourself.

Breast milk is natures gift to humans, feeding and nourishing babies until they are strong little toddlers.

Your milk can have other benefits as well from helping clear baby acne and eczema to soothing a sore throat. Here are some unexpected ways you can use breast milk to help benefit your baby and yourself.

As always, make sure to consult your doctor before trying any home remedy.

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Other Baby Acne Notes

Baby acne can be confused with infantile acne. Infantile acne will last until about 6 months old and contain pustules and possibly cysts, not just whiteheads and blackheads. It is also more red and inflamed than baby acne. Infantile acne is linked to genetics. Your child is more likely to experience it if you or your partner had severe acne as a teenager. While baby acne is not linked to breakouts later in life, infantile acne is linked to more extreme teen acne.

Amazing Uses For Breast Milk

Mom makes face mask out of her breast milk to clear up acne and to ‘bond’ with newborn baby

Most of us already know the benefits of breast milk for feeding a baby, but did you know it has other uses both medicinal and cosmetic?

The immunologic agents found in human milk help fight against bacteria, viruses and parasites. According to Dr. Sears, one drop of breast milk contains one million white blood cells whose main job is to fight germs. The best part of this natural medicine? Its a free, sustainable resource with no wonky side effects.

Take a look at some uses for breast milk beyond feeding the baby.

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Keep Babys Face Clean

Any residue present on your babys face can cause irritation and make the acne worse. Whether its vomit, or simply spit up milk, make sure you wipe it off.

With some lukewarm water and a cotton pad, proceed to wash your babys face gently. You can apply some hypoallergenic soap or a soap-free cleanser which is less irritating to the skin.

Avoid using a coarse washcloth on your babys face.

Natural Remedies For Baby Acne

If youre eager to test out natural home remedies to treat babys skin, its smart to first check in with your pediatrician, who can assess your childs skin and make sure those treatments wont cause any additional harm. Most natural remedies arent well studied in children, so its hard to predict what side effects may occur, ONeill says. Particularly with something you may be putting on your babys skin, you might run the risk of causing further irritation or inflammation. Some natural remedies for baby acne that you may want to discuss with babys doctor include:

Coconut oil. Coconut oil is a tried-and-true baby acne treatment around the world and one Baker recommends to his own pediatric patients. This ultra-hydrating oil can help moisturize babys skinjust add a few drops to a cotton ball and swab over babys face.

Changing your diet. Nursing? It may be worth discussing your current breastfeeding diet with your pediatrician, who may recommend cutting back on certain foods, like dairy or citrus. While these arent the direct causes of baby acne, eliminating them may help improve babys overall skin condition, especially if theyre also dealing with eczema.

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Whenyou Should Consult A Doctor

Baby acne is not something youshould have sleepless nights about as it almost goes awayon its own without the use of any intervention. But if younotice the bumps look like they could be infected, it mightbe a good time to consult a professional.

What to look out foris if your babys skin appears to bea little extra red, there is some swelling or dischargeor if there is a fever. These symptoms willneed professional help. In case you suspect she has anallergic reaction or it could be eczema, then a prescribed cream will berequired to keep things under control.

When you hit the 6-month mark, andthe acne is still present and not responding to the home treatments,it is also an excellent time to book an appointment with yourpediatrician. Once this has been looked into, the baby acne does notrecur.

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Is Aquaphor Good For Baby Acne

Does Breast Milk Treat Acne? Behind the Age

Theres no proof that Aquaphor is an effective treatment for acne and might actually worsen acne in people prone to it. However, according to the makers, Aquaphor is an effective treatment for drool rash. You can apply a small amount of Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment to soothe irritated skin on your babys face.

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Does Baby Lotion Clog Pores On Face

Baby oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it wont clog your skins pores. So if you have a dry-to-normal skin type, you can use baby oil to moisturize your face. In a 1993 study , scientists tested four different common moisturizing ingredients to see how they affected peoples skin.

Does Aquaphor Help Baby Acne

Theres no proof that Aquaphor is an effective treatment for acne and might actually worsen acne in people prone to it. However, according to the makers, Aquaphor is an effective treatment for drool rash. You can apply a small amount of Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment to soothe irritated skin on your babys face.

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Can Breastfeeding Cause Acne

A rise in serum androgen levels in pregnancy leads to increased sebum production and hence causes acne . This continues after delivery too. After delivery, it takes some time before the hormones settle down, and hence acne might occur. Moreover, for new mothers reduced sleep and increased stress may also cause pimples.

If your skin is prone to acne, you are likely to have it during breastfeeding as well . However, not all women who are breastfeeding will have the breakouts.

Can Topical Breast Milk Cure Teenage And Adult Acne


by All Things Neonatal | Mar 6, 2019 | Breastmilk |

A recent post on the intranasal application of breast milk Can intranasal application of breastmilk cure severe IVH? garnered a lot of attention and importantly comments. Many of the comments were related to other uses for breast milk . A quick search by google uncovered MANY articles from the lay press on such uses from treating ear infections to diaper dermatitis. One such article 6 Surprising Natural Uses For Breast Milk certainly makes this liquid gold sound like just that! This got me thinking as I read through the claims as to how much of this is backed by science and how much is based on experience of mothers who have tried using breast milk for a variety of unconventional treatments. I was intrigued by the claim about acne as with several family members nearing that wonderful period of the teenage years I wondered might there have been a treatment right under my nose all this time? Before going on I will tell you what this post is not. This is not going to be about telling everyone that this is a terrible idea. What this is about is breaking down the science that is behind the articles that have surfaced on the internet about its use. I thought it was interesting and I hope you do too!

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How Long Does Baby Acne Last

When it comes to getting rid of baby acne, patience is key. The acne is temporary and often clears up on its own within months. If the acne is mild and doesnt appear to bother your baby, treatment isnt necessary.

For stubborn baby acne that persists for several months after birth, or doesnt respond to home remedies, your pediatrician might prescribe a medicated cream.

But dont use over-the-counter medication to treat your babys acne. These products contain ingredients that might be too harsh for your babys skin.

Keep in mind, too, that baby acne can mimic other conditions like eczema, an allergic reaction, rash, and milia. See your pediatrician if you believe your baby has another skin condition.

How Long Does Newborn Baby Acne Last

Newborn baby acne usually only lasts a few days, and in the vast majority of cases is completely gone within two weeks. Sometimes spots can appear only to disappear a few hours later and sometimes they will stick around for three to four months. Recurrences can happen but are generally very mild.

It sounds awful, I know, but when my baby first developed the acne all I could think once I knew it was nothing to worry about was, Oh no, shes not perfect anymore. What will people say? Of course, nobody said anything. Well, nothing unkind anyway. If I brought it up , they just shared stories of their own childs ailments, from newborn baby eczema to newborn baby cradle cap, and how theyd also been a mix of concerned and embarrassed which actually really helped and made me feel less like a Disney villain.

Sarah, mother to Molly, 1

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British Mom Makes Jewelry Out Of Her Own Breast Milk

Its the breast medicine money can buy.

Its no secret that mothers milk boasts many wondrous medicinal properties. However, one enterprising mom devised a surprising use for the multifaceted mammary juice by fashioning it into a face mask to cure her infants acne. A video detailing her MacGyverd pimple remedy currently boasts over 4 million views on TikTok.

I made the mask purely out of boredom and just to have a little fun, explained first-time mom Linh Ta under the video, adding that shes learning things as she goes. She formulated the unconventional treatment after noticing red bumps riddling her babys face.

In the clip, the inventive parent can be seen taking a dry wipe into which shes carved eye and mouth holes and soaking it in a bowl of the natural infant elixir. Ta then places the milk-infused wipe over her infants face so he resembles a fun-size slasher flick villain.

Currently, there is no science to support breast milks efficacy as an acne antidote, according to Healthline. However, the life-giving substance does boast anti-microbial properties, meaning that, in theory, cleansing an infants skin with it may help eradicate bacteria and other impurities that can clog pores.

Indeed, many online blogs tout the organic formula as a foolproof way of clearing up both infant and adult complexions.

Either way, Tas creative acne antidote made a splash online.

Your baby is going to LOVE these photos when they are like 16 years old, joked one enamored fan.

Men Are Drinking Human Breast Milk To Get Ripped And Fight Cancer But Is It Safe

Aden: Baby Acne Breast Milk On Face

However, one armchair pediatrician invoked a sometimes-disputed theory that infant acne was caused by hormones the baby gets from you during labor/childbirth.

Its unknown what causes baby zits however, the condition generally clears up within a few days or weeks, according to Healthline.

This isnt the first time breast milk has been touted as a medicinal Holy Grail. Last August, a fraternity of health nuts went viral for imbibing the so-called panacea in an attempt to get ripped and fight cancer.

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Do Not Pick At The Bumps

You may be tempted to pop or pick at the bumps on your babys face. Do your best to resist this urge. Breaking open the acne does little good in the long run and can lead to infection and scarring.

You might even cause your babys sebaceous glands to kick into high gear and produce even more oil. That extra oil on your babys skin can cause yet another acne breakout.

Mild Soap And Warm Water Cure To Baby Acne

Acne can be formed due to clogging of pores on the skin with oil. When you see symptoms of baby acne on your newborn take a routine of washing it twice a day using warm water and Gentle Soap. This helps in opening the pores to allow a free exchange of gases and removal of sweat from the skin which has a tendency of attracting bacterial.

breast milk naturally cures infant acne rash on face

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Why Is Breast Milk Best For Your Baby

Breast-fed infants also are less likely to be a victim of sudden infant death syndrome, and studies show that infants fed breast milk are significantly less likely to develop allergies. Breast milk also can help an infant develop a normal immune response to vaccines.

Causes Of Acne When Breastfeeding

Best Way How to Get Rid Of Baby Acne on Face in Newborn

While hormonal changes are said to cause acne, the exact cause has not yet been established . Below are some of the possible reasons for acne in women who are breastfeeding.

  • Lack of sleep and increased stress
  • Dehydration
  • Fried, spicy foods, moderate processed foods
  • High androgen increases sebum production and may cause acne
  • The small pores present on the skin surface are connected to the sebum-producing glands under the skin by a canal, which is also known as a hair follicle. At times, the sebum, hair, and dead skin cells can collect and form a plug. The bacteria present in the plug causes swelling, and eventually leads to acne
  • An increase in sebum production in the last few months of pregnancy and during breastfeeding might also cause acne
  • Endocrine system conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Women with Cushings syndrome

Some of the above causes are generic and might cause acne irrespective of whether a woman is breastfeeding or not.

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