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Does Baby Acne Go Away

How Do I Know Its Not Eczema Milia Or Some Other Type Of Rash

How to get rid of Baby Acne in under 3 days

Since there are many skin conditions that can affect a child, it may be hard for a parent to differentiate between acne and other skin concerns. Here are a few telling details for common skin issues in infants.

Eczema:;Unlike acne, eczema is patchy, with more scales than individual pimples.

Milia: These small white bumps appear under the skin but dont have any redness around them. Because they are little cysts and not filled with pus, they wont pop like pimples.

Miliaria crystallina: A mild form of heat rash, miliaria crystallina develops when blocked pores trap sweat under the skin. Its more transient, but it looks similar to baby acne, says Rehmus.

Erythema toxicum: This common rash is more widespread around the body than baby acne. Each of the bumps has more of a blush around the back of it, says Rehmus. Its a benign rash that goes away by itself.

Viral infection: You can have rashes with viral infections, but youll notice a difference in the behaviour of the child, says Diambomba. They may not eat with as much enthusiasm, have different stools or have a fever.

When To See The Pediatrician About Baby Acne

Generally speaking, theres no need to see your pediatrician specifically for baby acne. If youre concerned about trying to prevent or get rid of baby acne on the face, or youre not sure whether its infant acne or something else, its never a bad idea to discuss it with babys pediatrician. It can be reassuring to find out exactly whats going on with babys skin and, in the case of baby acne, to hear directly from the doctor that its truly nothing to be concerned about.

About the experts:

Katie Pyle, DO, is a pediatrician at UCHealth Pediatric Care Clinic in Firestone, Colorado, with a clinical interest in newborn care. She earned her medical degree from Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Meagan ONeill, MD, is a pediatrician with Riley Childrens Health in Indianapolis. She earned her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis.

Omar Baker, MD, FAAP, is an assistant clinical professor in the department of pediatrics at Columbia University and co-president of Riverside Medical Group in Northern New Jersey. He earned his medical degree from George Washington University.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

When Should You Go See A Doctor

Next question is this: Is it really baby acne or something else?

Yep, there is such a thing as a something else

Some parents confuse acne with some other newborn skin issues including milia and heat rash, although these two are not similar at all.

Millia are small white bumps like whiteheads and heat rash is more of clusters of moist and small red bumps that are super itchy.

Then, there are other baby skin issues such as cradle cap that commonly attach the head and eyebrows, diaper rash on your little ones bum, and infant eczema that are more of like flaky red patches on the scalp and cheeks.

If youre concerned about your newborns skin and there are bigger bumps, some discharge, maybe a little bit of swelling, then you can always take a little trip to the pediatrician to ease your mind and get some professional advice.

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What Does Baby Acne Look Like

The characteristic signs of newborn acne are small red or white bumps that can appear all over the body but are usually concentrated on babys face and torso. You might also spy tiny white bumps on your newborns forehead, cheeks or near the mouth, called milia. These actually arent baby acne, per seinstead, the bumps are dead skin cells trapped in small pockets on the skins surface and tend to disappear within the first few weeks of life.

Infant acne can manifest as a crop or cluster of raised red bumps, sometimes filled with pus, and can appear anywhere on the body. Sometimes they disappear on their own; sometimes they require treatment. Unlike neonatal acne, they can be a predictor of skin issues later in life, so partnering with a pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist can help set up a smart course of treatment, says Omar Baker, MD, FAAP, assistant clinical professor in the department of pediatrics at Columbia University and co-president of Riverside Medical Group in Northern New Jersey.

Does Pregnancy Acne Predict A Babys Sex

Baby Acne: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Probably not. While one very, very small study tied worse pregnancy acne to having a girl, much more research is needed before experts can say if those pimples are related to your babys sex.;

Still want to play the guessing game? These other pregnancy symptoms might be just a little bit more reliable.

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Afew Tips That You Should Follow And How To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

1. As the whiteheads are developing, do not be tempted to pop them, pick, squeeze or scrub them, just;let;it be and;let;nature take its course.

2. What you can do is try;to;clean;her;skin;with;warm;water;around two;to;three;times a day, just to keep the dirt away from her delicate skin.;Then pat her skin dry, do this;gently; nothing should be;popping.

3. In;the affected;areas, do not use;soap or lotion.

4. Please dont use any skincare products that;have been designed;for adults;;remember;her skin pores are;yet;to develop, and these;acnes;and skincare products might be tough on her skin.

5. Try to use;natural baby;acne;treatment. This is;the;use of breast milk. It has been found that breast milk is natures excellent food and great medicine for infants due to the;antimicrobial;goodness it;is loaded;with. It has been found this is the best natural way to clear your infants;acne.;All you need to;do is dab the;affected area;with some;breast;milk, and watch the milk do;its;magic.

6. If you;feel;the;acne;has been a;little too;stubborn, you could ask your pediatrician for some assistance.;But ensure you are safe in;whatever;creams and ointments you are using on your babys skin.

When To See A Doctor

Neonatal acne occurs when the baby is in the first 6 weeks of life. It is usually nothing to worry about and will go away on its own.

If a baby develops acne when they are older than 6 weeks, or infantile acne, a doctor should rule out other skin conditions.

Anyone concerned about their babys skin, or who suspects a condition such as chickenpox or eczema, should speak to a doctor.

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Newborn Baby Acne Treatment

Want to know how to treat newborn baby acne? Well, newborn baby acne usually clears up on its own after a few weeks but there are some things you can do to help it along.

  • Keep your babys face clean with cooled boiled water or WaterWipes vegan, cruelty-free and sensitive baby wet wipes.

  • Always gently pat babys skin when drying.

  • If youre breastfeeding, try softly dabbing breastmilk on the spots. Lots of mums swear by it.

  • Do not use acne creams intended for older children and adults or harsh products generally.

  • A final tip for treating newborn acne: Try not to pick or scratch the acne itll disappear when its ready.

  • If the problem persists or is severe, ask your doctor about prescription or over-the-counter medication that might help.

Interesting fact: Newborn baby acne is also known as neonatal acne.

When Did Your Baby Acne Go Away


How long does newborn baby acne last? Newborn baby acne usually only lasts a few days, and in the vast majority of cases is completely gone within two weeks. Sometimes spots can appear only to disappear a few hours later and sometimes they will stick around for three to four months.

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Baby Acne: Causes Prevention And The Best Treatment Methods

Even though baby acne is one of the most common skin conditions that develop in newborns and infants, watching these little bumps flare up can be a stressful time for a parent. To help alleviate that stress, the experts at Mustela have put together 11 tips for getting rid of baby acne.

Before we get to the top 11 baby acne treatment tips, lets touch on four important questions:

  • What is baby acne?
  • What does baby acne look like?
  • How can I tell baby acne apart from other skin conditions?
  • What causes baby acne?

Somesymptoms Of Baby Acne

Just like the;acne;we seeor experience in adults or teenagers, baby;acne;will appear likesmall red pimples;orbumps;developing.;You;might;also;notice thatsome;whiteheads;are;growing, and;around the;pimple,there might be;some;reddish skin.

Babies;tendto;develop;acne;on their cheeks, but it;is not limited tothis as you might notice the breakout;anywhere;on herface.;If;your;baby is;alittle;fussy;and;crying,;the;acne;breakoutmight;become;a bit;more;pronounced.;To keep thebreakout under control, try to ensure your babys fabric is soft and notperfumed, as rough material tends to irritate the skin.

Additionally, it is good tokeep;her;face dry and;clean as;saliva;and vomit thatstays;on;her;facecould;also;irritate;her;delicate;skin.

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See A Doctor If Concerned

While baby acne usually resolves on its own, its not unusual for caregivers to seek reassurance from their pediatrician. Extensive baby acne on face and body can be especially worrisome for some caregivers, even if the breakout is brief. If you dont have an upcoming appointment when you can conveniently address it, check in with your pediatricians office to see if they offer telemedicine or an online portal solution that can conveniently get you faster answers.

As always, follow your gut when it comes to babys wellness. Fever, skin inflammation, the presence of pus, or pain upon touching the affected area are all reasons to seek medical attention more quickly. Likewise, persistent baby acne that does not resolve on its own should also be addressed by a doctor who can evaluate if treatment is required.

Whats The Cause Of Baby Acne

How to make baby acne go away?

An age-by-age guide to skin rashes and conditionsThere is no known definitive cause for neonatal acne and infantile acne. Neonatal acne may be due to the transfer of maternal hormonesparticularly the male hormone androgentoward the end of pregnancy, says Yenge Diambomba, a staff neonatologist and clinical director of nurseries at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Wingfield Rehmus, a paediatric dermatologist at BC Childrens Hospital in Vancouver, suggests that yeast may play a role. Neonates tend to have a form of yeast called Malassezia in higher rates than people at other ages, she says. Its part of the changes in the normal flora of yeast and bacteria that live on our skin.

When it comes to infantile acne, there are higher than normal levels of hormones at play. There also seems to be a genetic component. In their family history, you may find that one of the parents had issues with severe acne during their childhood, says Diambomba.

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Why Theres No Need To Be Concerned About Newborn Baby Acne

While red blotches on your babys previously perfect skin might seem like cause for alarm, newborn baby acne really is nothing to worry about. It affects up to half of babies, clears up on its own in almost all cases, and leaves no scars or marks. It also doesnt harm your baby. In fact, theyll feel no ill effects whatsoever.

If your baby develops spots or a rash and youre not sure what it is, always speak to your GP, midwife or health visitor. If your baby seems unwell and has other symptoms, such as a fever, go straight to your GP.

If you found our newborn baby acne treatment, causes & signs handy and are seeking more information on your little one’s skin – check out our articles on our Parenting Community below:

Learn About Smart Cures For Baby Acne On Smartmom

Crystal P 0 likes

My niece had this same problem when she was a baby, I believe my sister got some kind of cream from the doctor to clear it up. I wouldn’t use anything without asking a dr first bc you wouldn’t wanna chance making it any worse

Ali’s m 0 likes

It will go away on its own just be patient. Eczema lotion helps with the dryness

Guadalupe G 0 likes

My baby is two weeks as well and had the same problem, but it was because we kissed him soo much, we kept away from his face a few days and the acne went away & we put lotion on him, almost gone now, just like 3 bumps left

Morgan S 0 likes

Leave it alone. Use a warm wet wash cloth to wipe it off a couple times a day. Dont put topical cream and don’t pick it. My son had it for three weeks all over. I was told to do that and it healed it’s self.

Morgan S 0 likes

Lotion will make it worse 🙁

immortelle 3 likes

We wiped our LO’s face with wet warm cloth and used Aveeno baby eczema lotion a couple times a day. It cleared up in a few days 🙂

Chanett F 1 like

Use breast milk I did for my son and it cleared up nice and quick

Jess L 1 like

Coconut oil

Olya T 2 likes

I applied Breast milk, she had it all Around her face and cheeks and it cleared right up

KW 1 like

Baby acne is normal. I would still lotion the face if it’s becoming dry. The dryness will be more uncomfortable than a few pimples.

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Is It Normal For Baby Acne To Spread

While it usually appears on the head, it may spread to the eyebrows and upper body too. Infant eczema: Skin appears dry, flaky and red, usually in patches around the cheeks and on the scalp. The rash then spreads, often to elbow creases and behind the knees, and progresses to fluid-filled pimples that pop.

When Should You Speak To A Doctor


As with all things baby-related, its best to consult with their pediatrician anytime you have a concern. Generally, you can just make a note to bring it up at the next well-baby visit. But if your babys acne is characterized by blackheads, inflammation, pus-filled cysts, or pain, go ahead and call the pediatrician ASAP. They might want to rule out an allergic reaction, rash, or other skin conditions.

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Newborn Acne Vs Infantile Acne

It’s important to note there’s a significant difference between acne in a newborn and acne in an older baby.

Infantile acne can appear in babies around 6 weeks of age. It’s not nearly as common as newborn baby acne but it’s much longer-lasting, lasting from a few months to several years.

Just like with newborn baby acne, infantile acne typically is harmless and goes away on its own. But, in some severe cases, it causes scarring and may be treated with prescription medications.

If your baby is older and developing acne, bring it to the attention of your pediatrician.

What Cream Is Best For Baby Acne

1) Fight & Prevent Baby Acne With A Gentle Cleansing Product Its best to use one thats specially formulated for newborns. We recommend using a product that contains micellar water, like Mustelas Gentle No Rinse Cleansing Water, so it does not dry out their sensitive skin.

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What Else Could It Be

People may also confuse other skin conditions, such as erythema toxicum neonatorum and chickenpox, with baby acne or eczema.

Erythema toxicum neonatorum is a harmless skin condition that may occur within the first couple of days of life. It causes small spots and pimple of 14 mm in diameter on the arms and legs. Notably, the rash does not appear on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. It typically clears up by itself within 5 to 14 days.

Chickenpox is a contagious skin disease that causes a rash of blister-like spots and pimples on the stomach, back, and face. The rash can spread across the whole body and tends to occur alongside itching, tiredness, and fever.

Chickenpox can lead to severe complications in babies, so anyone who suspects chickenpox in a baby should take them to see a doctor immediately.

Bottom Line On Baby Acne

Baby eczema vs baby acne, THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

Faith with baby acne at five weeks of age.

Albeit unsightly, baby acne is completely normal and common and poses no risk to your bundle of joy. Its tempting to look for a quick fix, but its best to be patient. The human skin has so many built-in protections, fail safes, and processes that are best carried out with minimal meddling. Take time to marvel every precious inch of your baby and know that the baby acne will be gone soon!

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What Causes Pregnancy Acne

Its not guaranteed that your face will break out during pregnancy, but theres a good chance that zits or splotches will strike even if youve never been plagued by pimples before.;

The breakouts, which tend to hit sometime around;week 6 of pregnancy, have to do with hormone surges, of course. Specifically,;progesterone causes your glands secrete more oil, called sebum.

All that extra sebum can clog up pores and cause bacteria to build up, leading to breakouts.

How Can Breast Milk Help

Using breast milk to treat baby acne might seem a little far-fetched, but some people swear by this remedy.

To be clear, theres no science or research to support this claim. However, breast milk does have antimicrobial properties. This means it may reduce or destroy some microbes, like bacteria.

So if bacteria on your babys skin triggers acne, cleansing their skin with breast milk may help kill the bacteria and other impurities that block pores. This, in turn, can also reduce skin irritation and inflammation caused by acne.

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