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Can You Get Acne On Your Genital Area

When You Should See Your Gynecologist

Dr. Pimple Popper on how to identify your acne and the ways to treat it

Occasional bumps on a womans vagina are a fairly common occurrence, often with fairly innocuous causes. Even though these lumps are not typically painful, they might cause pain or bleeding when they grow too large, in addition to increasing the risk of infection. As such, anyone who develops vaginal bumps or lumps should see a gynecologist to ensure that they are not at risk of a severe condition.

But if you notice any change in the vaginal area, including lumps and bumps, you should see a doctor for medical advice and treatment if necessary. It is especially vital that you see your gynecologist if your lumps:

  • Bleed

Types Of Pimples On Labia

The thought process involved with identifying a pimple on your labia probably looked something like this:

  • Hmmm. Whats that thing?

  • It definitely wasnt there yesterday.

  • Wait, was it?

  • Is that a pimple? That cant be just a pimple. Can it?

And then you spiral into the ol What if its not a pimple? inner monologue, where you reflect on every single thing youve done in the last couple months, and how those things may have resulted in whatever is happening on or around your vagina.

Were we close?

Well, the first thing to do is . Take a deep breath. Whatever that blemish is and it can be quite a few things its treatable to one extent or another. And in a lot of cases, itll clear up on its own.

However, being able to identify what kind of blemish that is, and what caused that blemish, is the first step you should take in figuring out how to remedy the situation.

The Real Treatment For Pimples:

As neither conventional medicine nor natural acne treatment addresses the root cause of genital pimples, you have to take assistance of holistic approach, which is the only genuine treatment for curing this problem. Holistic approach is effective as it is natural and does not make use of external and artificial drugs to get rid of pimples. Holistic approach instead works to clean your body from within and to strengthen your immune system that automatically provides you with the necessary support to cure your embarrassing genital pimples. Hence, as the answer to the question can you get pimples on your genitals? is in the affirmative, you have to switch over to holistic approach to treat the existing condition and to prevent its occurrence in the future.

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Acne Vs Pimples: Whats The Difference

The terms acne and pimples are used interchangeably to describe small hyperkeratotic clogged pores in the skin. They occur when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and the pores become clogged with a mixture of oil and dead skin cells. Skin hyperkeratinization, inflammation, and the presence of anaerobic diphtheroid bacteria can also cause acne.

A pimple is a single infected bump that may or may not be caused by changing hormones. Acne refers to a group of pimples, redness, or rash. Its typically persistent, although certain catalysts can cause acne flare-ups that cover a greater area of the skin.

Both acne and pimples can occur anywhere on the body but are more common in sensitive areas of the skin. The face, neck, back, and inner thigh/genital region are more prone to pimples and acne than other places, such as the legs or forearms. People who naturally produce more skin oil are also more likely to develop acne and pimples.

What Is Vaginal Acne

Red bumps along pubic area/ small spots on shaft??

Although common, breakouts along the bikini line and groin are, according to Green, “very upsetting for my patients. Without warning, many people develop sebaceous cysts or acne-type eruptions in the groin and vaginal area. It is very important to stay on top of these things as serious bacterial infections can occur.” She explains there are a couple of different types of breakouts that can develop, including a “comedonal lesion , a papule, pustule , or cyst .”

According to Peredo, one of the most common types of acne that can develop on the genitals is folliculitis. “Folliculitis is inflammation around the hair follicles, typically as a result of shaving. The hair gets trapped under the skin and becomes clogged,” she explains. “Folliculitis can also occur from wearing tight clothing and ingrown hairs. The hair in the genital area tends to be curly, so it is more common for folliculitis to occur. The key is to make sure that you have good personal hygiene after shaving.”

Ingrown hairs are easy to identify, as Green says you can often “visualize a bump underneath” that appears as a “small black dot.”

Although vaginal acne is common, Aguilar notes that “there are also a number of other conditions, some infectious, that may be mistaken for vaginal pimples such as yeast or viruses,” so it’s important to keep an eye on any type of breakouts on the groin area.

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How To Figure Out Bump Is A Pimple Or An Ingrown Hair

It’s important to note the difference between acne and ingrown hair on the vagina. Don’t jump to conclusions all by yourself if you notice bumps down there where you have removed hair. If you notice a hair trap under the skin surface, its more likely ingrown hair. But if a bump is formed in an area where you have not removed hair, it is likely a pimple.

Types Of Cysts And What Causes Them

Pimples, cysts, and bumps are more common than most people would imagine. They also show up in other areas of the body. However, when they show up on the female genitalia, in most cases it is due to a blocked skin gland somewhere close to the areas where they present.

There are different types of cysts that are more common in the genital region:

  • Bartholin cysts are usuallylarger in size they grow faster, and can be more painful. They tend to show up mainly on the lower portion on either sides of the vagina or labia majora.
  • Skene’s duct cysts are usually smaller. They are usually not as painful. However, since they tend to appear close to where you urinate , if they are somehow squeezed or they erupt, they can be painful or burn from the acidity of the urine.

Sweat glands can be found in many different areas of the body. One such area is the genital area. The condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa causes sweat glands to become clogged. Depending on the extent of the clogging, and the care that is taken, when this happens, unpleasant things that could happen include but are not limited to painful cysts, infection, and very bumpy, hard, scarred skin tissue. We would recommend that you enter Hidradenitis Suppurativa into your search engine to find out if your skin lesions resemble those you see. This condition does require ongoing medical management, so if you suspect that you have HS, see your doctor right away.

Other culprits include but are not limited to the following.

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What Are Vaginal Pimples

Since the vagina is the canal that attaches your uterus to the outside world, the vulva and labia are actually where you’ll see acne, says Dr. Bhuyan. Vulvar acne shows up in red bumps, and is a form of folliculitis, which is an inflammation around the hair follicles.

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So how is this different from facial acne? While facial acne usually forms due to a collection of oil and debris, vaginal acne is caused by an infection due to bacteria that forms around your pubic hair follicles, Dr. Bhuyan says.

When To See A Doctor

Pimple, Ingrown Hair, or Herpes?

A person should seek medical advice and treatment, if the cause of the vaginal pimples is unknown, if they persist, or they get worse. Pimples that are very painful, large, or pus-filled can be drained by a doctor.

Most cases of vaginal pimples will clear up on their own or with self-administered treatment. Making lifestyle changes and alterations to personal hygiene routines may prevent future outbreaks.

If unsure, consult a doctor who can advise on prognosis and available treatments.

Preventing vaginal pimples can be done by adopting some common practices, including:

  • avoiding or reducing contact with irritants
  • treating any medical conditions that lead to pimples
  • wearing cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothing
  • practicing good personal hygiene

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How To Treat A Pimple On Your Labia

Often, pimples on your labia will clear up without treatment. But if they dont, a health care provider can prescribe treatment. Avoid touching labia pimples, as squeezing or popping them can spread bacteria and exacerbate the problem.

You might also want to stop shaving your pubic hair for a while. Using chemical products and creams on your vulva is generally not recommended because the area is delicate. Antihistamines can effectively treat contact dermatitis.

Medications to eliminate warts are applied directly to the lesion, and many procedures are usually needed before they work. If medications dont help, a health care provider may suggest removing warts by cryotherapy, electrosurgery, or laser ablation.

Treatment of a Bartholins cyst depends on the size of the cyst and severity of the infection. In some cases, home treatment prescribed by a health care provider is enough. For other cases, surgical drainage of the cyst might be necessary. If an infection occurs, a health care provider might also prescribe antibiotics to treat an infected Bartholins cyst.

Apply Mixture Of Corn Starch And Warm Water

Apply this mixture over the vaginal pimples and leave it for around 15 minutes. Then rinse it off using warm water. Dry the area by patting a dry towel. Notably, corn starch can soak excess oil in the vaginal area and prevent any other acne breakout. And, warm water can suppress the development of the pimples.

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At What Point Should You See Your Physician Or Dermatologist

Unfortunately, it’s super-difficult for you to identify exactly what a bump might be. Dr. Bhuyan adds that even physicians aren’t totally sure at first glance they have to examine, investigate, and run tests. So if a bump around your vaginal area either doesn’t resolve in a few days or it’s unusual in any way like it’s painful or draining fluid it’s generally a good idea to see your primary care provider. “Harmless bumps like cysts, vaginal acne, and ingrown hairs usually go away in just a couple of days and on their own,” she says. “They often don’t need further intervention.”

But if you’ve had any new sexual partners or sexual intercourse without using a condom, there is a chance you might have an STI. While STIs like genital herpes, syphillis, and molluscum presents as bumps on your vulva, some are totally painless, so you might not even notice them. If there’s any suspicion that you might have an STI, definitely go to your doctor and get tested.

How To Treat And Prevent Vaginal Acne

I am so worried about these pimple

Although bumps on your vagina are much more hidden than the ones on other body parts , that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same level of care. “A healthy vagina needs the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body similar to the way we care for our face,” says Dr. Shepherd. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to prevent pimples on your vagina and relieve discomfort from existing bumps.

Keep your vaginal area as dry as possible.

Make sure you change out of any moist or sweaty clothes after a workout.

Try benzoyl peroxide.

As far as bumps go, benzoyl peroxide can be used externally in the bikini area. To treat bumps once theyre there, medicated body washes with benzoyl peroxide can be helpful, says Dr. Farber. If you have sensitive skin, opt for something with benzoyl peroxide 5% or less to prevent irritation. These washes can also be used as maintenance prior to shaving. Just make sure you keep it on the external skin don’t use it directly on the vulva without evaluation from a physician.

Skip the creams and use a warm compress instead.

Consider a cortisone shot.

Just as cortisone shots are an option for especially severe facial acne, they can also work on your bikini line. “For more immediate relief, visit your dermatologist for a quick injection of cortisone to calm down a larger lesion,” says Dr. Farber.

Donotpop pimples anywhere near your vulva.

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Rodial Super Acids Daily Azelaic Acid Serum

“Found in certain grains like wheat, rye, and barley, azelaic acid is a natural organic compound that decreases inflammation, removes dead skin cells, and has antibacterial properties,” says Gaither. Formulations with at least 20%, like Rodial, have been noted to be an affective acne treatment, she adds.

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Got body acne? Here’s the secret to clearer skin all over:

You Have Sebaceous Cysts

Between sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, working up a sweat at the gym, and wearing constrictive underwear practically every minute of the day, your vagina definitely doesnt get nearly as much fresh air as it needs.

A constantly stuffy environment between your legs and incessant rubbing against clothing can lead to the growth of sebaceous cysts .

Theyre often found in the groin area, says Dr. Espey. They can become infected, but the infection usually stays right in that area. Warm soaks and a visit to the doctor might be needed to treat sebaceous cysts, says Dr. DeLucia, but theyre nothing to lose sleep over.

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You Have A Bartholin’s Cyst

If the weird bump or lump is near the opening to your vagina, it may be a Bartholin’s cyst, says Allison Hill, MD, an ob-gyn at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles and co-author of The Mommy Docs’ Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth.

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You have glands on each side of your vaginal opening that are responsible for helping you get wet down there and stay nice and lubricated for fun times, but occasionally these can get blocked or backed up with fluid. The cyst on its own isn’t a huge deal but sometimes they get infected, becoming painful and pus-filled, Dr. Hill says.

If the cyst is small and painless, your doc will probably tell you to wait it out, and it will likely go away on its own. But if it becomes large and/or painful, you need to see your doctor right away. They can drain the cyst and prescribe antibiotics if necessary, she says.

Why Popping A Pimple Near The Vagina Is Never A Good Idea

This Lipoma Is in âOne of the Worst Possible Placesâ? | Dr. Pimple Popper

There’s a chance you’ve developed some sort of plan of attack for treating a pimple on your chin or forehead. Perhaps it involves not picking at it , a spot treatment you swear by, a special antiacne cleanser, or specific guidance straight from your dermatologist. But do you know what to do when a pimple pops up near the vagina like on your vulva or near the genital region?

If you’re in the dark about vaginal pimples , keep scrolling to learn more about the common causes behind them and how to safely treat them.

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Desert Essence Organic Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties and effectively cleans pores. “It also helps to maintain the natural moisture of the skin, providing soothing relief while also balancing oil secretions from the sebaceous glands,” says Gaither.

Undiluted tea tree oil can be irritating, so make sure to dilute with water and test on your forearm before using in v-town.

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You Have An Infected Sweat Gland

Sweat glands are everywhere, including in your groin region, as any girl who’s ever worn light-colored leggings during a workout can attest. And those sweat glands can get infected, causing swollen, painful bumps on your vagina area, Dr. Hill says.

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Women who work out in tight leggings are particularly at risk for this afflictionespecially if you don’t shower right away, she says. Staying in your damp workout pants, undies, or swimsuit, especially those that aren’t made out of wicking fabric, traps the sweat against your skin which can cause your sweat glands to become blocked or infected.

Proper hygiene, including thoroughly rinsing your vaginal area with clean water and a mild soap if you want, and changing into dry clothes as soon as possible, will prevent most of the bumps on your vagina, she says. Otherwise, they’ll probably go away on their own but if they show signs of infection, call your doctor.

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How Are These Conditions Diagnosed

Pimples are easily managed with changes in your personal hygiene or by using over-the-counter treatments.

If the bumps dont respond to treatment or if you notice painful, fluid-filled blisters after having sex see your doctor right away. Your doctor may be able to make a diagnosis just by looking at the bumps.

Your doctor can confirm a diagnosis with one of several tests.

Pimples Or Bumps On Your Penis: Causes & Treatment


Noticing a new pimple on your penis can be a worrisome experience. Whether you see a red bump, blister, or anything unusual on your penis, you are probably asking, Can you get pimples on your penis?

While it may feel embarrassing, it is always important to seek answers from a medical professional about what is causing the problem. Depending on the appearance of the pimple on your penis and the level of discomfort it causes, there could be many root causes, ranging from certain STDs to razor burn to hormonal changes.

The clinical team at Rapid STD Testing is here to answer your questions about penis pimples or bumps that might have you worried.

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