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Can Witch Hazel Help Acne

Helps With Razor Bumps

5 Ways to Use Witch Hazel | Witch Hazel Skincare Acne Benefits

Razor burn or razor bumps can develop when there is too much friction between your skin and a razor, or when your hair curls inward and grows back into your skin. In both cases, your skin becomes irritated and inflamed, leading to swollen red bumps that can be painful.

Witch hazel can be used after shaving to “remove residue left on the skin, calm inflammation, and minimize the risk of developing razor bumps,” Zeichner says.

Razor bumps arise when your skin becomes irritated and inflamed, so the soothing effect of the tannins in witch hazel helps keep them from developing. But be careful to pick out a witch hazel product with no ethyl alcohol, as this can dry out and further irritate damaged skin.

How to use it: To prevent razor bumps, apply witch hazel extract or lotion to your skin immediately after shaving to calm any irritation.

What Are The Better Alternatives

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, Paula recommends incorporating salicylic acid into your routine, an ingredient that’s incorporated into two products of her Clear range. Look for a percentage of one to two per cent concentration in your products. This will help reduce clogged pores, breakouts, oily skin, rough texture, pore size, and even increase hydration, she says.

Dr Mahto, who has oily and spot-prone skin herself, is also a fan of salicylic acid too. Its a good and safe ingredient which provides many of the benefits of witch hazel. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory on acne-prone skin, she says. Try Paulas Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, £26, or Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, £35.

If you have rosacea-prone or sensitive skin though, she recommends using gentler polyhydroxy acids such as lactobionic or maltobionic acids instead. Her top product pick is Neostrata Bionic Face Cream, £42.

Why Witch Hazel Is Good For Clearing Acne

One of the main reasons why witch hazel is good for clearing acne is because it contains a high amount of tannins. Tannins are known for their astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Although there have been no specific studies carried out on to the specific effect that witch hazel has on treating acne, there is enough research on its properties to show that it is good for getting rid of acne.

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Dry And Irritated Skin

Topical applications of distilled witch hazel , and herbal preparations of witch hazel , have been found to relieve dry skin. Witch hazels anti-inflammatory properties also help to relieve skin irritation due to rashes and sunburn. In one study, researchers found that a lotion containing 10% witch hazel extract was effective in reducing skin redness and irritation.

What Exactly Is Witch Hazel

1. Reduce Acne As a natural home remedy for acne, applying ...

Known for its therapeutic properties, witch hazel is derived from the bark and leaves of a flowering shrub found in North America. Witch hazel contains gallic acid and tannins, which have anti-inflammatory properties, says dermatologist David Bank, MD, explaining why its an ideal option for battling breakouts. Witch hazel toners and astringents provide a gentle way to remove excess oils and reduce inflammation in acne patients.

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Can Witch Hazel Ever Have A Place In Your Routine

Yes, just from the neck down and for short-term, intermittent use only. It can help soothe and offset the itching sensation from insect bites and help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of poison oak and ivy, says Paula. It can even help bruises fade faster, this being due to the tannins witch hazel contains. These can speed the breakdown of what causes a bruises color by constricting blood flow. Definitely not something that youd want on your face though.

Why You Should Add Witch Hazel To Your Skincare Regimen

9 Reasons To Add Witch Hazel To Your Skin Care Routine To Fight Acne Did You Know Using Witch Hazel In Skin Care Can Control Acne And Acne?. Reduces puffiness in the eyes. Puffy eyes are a common skincare problem, but if you have witch hazel in the bathroom, you have a quick fix! Treat varicose veins. Treat bruises. Refresh your skin. Keep moisture away. Treat the burn with a razor. Treat sunburn.

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Ok So Is Witch Hazel Bad For Your Skin

Uh…it depends. Witch hazel can cause skin issues but only if used too frequently. You should only be using witch hazel a few times a week to avoid over-drying or stripping away the skin’s natural protective barrier, said Nicole Hatfield, certified esthetician for Pomp& Founder of Radiant Beings Wellness & Beauty Coaching.

Aside from the key substance , many witch hazel products contain alcohol ingredients that over-dry the skin and sometimes do more harm than good. Some variations can have up to 15 percent alcohol, which might be irritating to certain skin types like people with dry, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Witch Hazel And Face Toners Whats The Relationship

How to Use Witch Hazel for Acne

Facial tonersIs Witch Hazel Good For Oily Skin? Or Does It Strip Moisture and Natural Oils?alcohol free witch hazel tonerDo All Witch Hazel Facial Toners Have Alcohol In Them? Should I Be Using an Alcohol Free Toner?we do not use any alcohol in our witch hazel extraction process.Is Witch Hazel irritating or sensitizing to the skin?Do tannins provide a benefit to the skin?Is Witch Hazel Good For Acne and Blemishes?Witch hazel astringentswitch hazel toners

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Okay But It Sounds Magical Why Wouldnt I Want To Use Witch Hazel

This flowering shrub plant is native to North America and Asia and is known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent , and antioxidant properties.

Older generations often used this botanical ingredient to treat bug bites, sunburns, bruises, and minor wounds. Nowadays, most people use it as a facial toner after cleansing and its been said to balance oily skin and is often used as a treatment for acne.

How To Safely Use

Where to Buy Witch Hazel

Look for witch hazel in pharmacies, health food stores, stores that sell beauty products or online. Extract derived from the witch hazel plant can be used topically or taken internally just like medicine. Depending on how you use witch hazel, it can help stop manage skin conditions like acne and skin redness or other types of issues like diarrhea, colds, mucus colitis, vomiting, coughing, the flu and more.

The most popular way to use witch hazel extract is to dilute it with a carrier oil and then apply it directly to the skin, either as a serum, lotion, toner or homemade face wash. Doctors and holistic healers recommend it for itching, pain, redness, swelling and other wounds, even for people with sensitivities to most topical treatments.

But the benefits of witch hazel arent limited to the skin. It also has considerable antioxidant and has antibacterial properties, which means it can fight symptoms caused by all kinds of illnesses. This is why its used for soothing sore throats, toothaches, coughs, hemorrhoids, ear infections and allergies.

What to Look for in Witch Hazel

Witch hazel products include Hamamelis water, distilled witch hazel extract and witch hazel tea. Ideally you want to be sure to purchase a pure organic witch hazel. Its also important to always check that the ingredient label, looking for the correct species name: Hamamelis virginiana.

  • anti-aging serums
  • makeup like lipsticks and blush
  • diaper creams
  • and many others

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Does Witch Hazel For Acne Work

Witch hazel, in its pure form, has properties to effectively improve acne symptoms. It is a natural astringent that helps dry up excess sebum on the skin a common characteristic of acne-prone skin.

Witch hazel can help relieve mild to moderate signs of acne, as studies have found it to be effective against inflammation.

These anti-inflammatory properties may be effective in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory acne. For noninflammatory acne, it could possibly offer benefits through its astringent qualities, by drying up whiteheads and blackheads, a type of blemish often associated with this type of acne.

Tannins found in witch hazel play an important role in tightening pores and reducing the presence of oils. Two specifically, hamamelitannin and gallic acid, target inflammation to effectively relieve the irritated and inflamed skin associated with outbreaks.

Witch hazel toners, another topical treatment, has a multitude of skin benefits and can help soothe the symptoms of acne in the following ways:

  • Alleviating inflammation associated with acne breakouts
  • Drying out acne blemishes and tightening the skin
  • Removing impurities, makeup and oil from the skins surface to clear pores
  • Calming irritated, red skin

That being said, there are negative side effects reported based heavily on anecdotal experiences in addition to conflicting reports.

How To Use Witch Hazel For Acne And When

Can Witch Hazel Help Acne?

Lock Your Skin Moisture

As you know, dry skin is a leading cause of acne. This is why you are going to want to use witch hazel. Once you have finished cleaning your face, apply some witch hazel to it. This will lock in all of that moisture and will stop your skin from coming too dry. This will, ultimately, reduce the chance of dead and flaky skin cells from blocking up your pores and causing inflammation.

Witch Hazel Acne Spot Treatment

Do you have dark acne spots? If your acne spots hurt, then apply the witch hazel to it. This will soothe the skin quite quickly. It is not going to get rid of the acne right away, but you are going to feel much better.

Just Get some witch hazel and put it on a cotton pad. You should then apply this cotton pad to your acne spots and hold in place for about five minutes. Repeat this process once a day until the acne disappears.

Protect Your Skin Pores

If your skin feels oily or dirty, then apply some witch hazel to it. This will just cause all of that dirt and grime to just come off. At the same time, applying the witch hazel to your skin will constrict those pores. This will stop them from becoming clogging and, ultimately, that is going to reduce the chances of you dealing with an acne flare-up.

Onslaught Your Pimples With Witch Hazel

Get Rid of Blackheads

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Rosewater And Witch Hazel On Acne Scars

While witch hazel in its pure form is the best solution for acne and acne scars, try this recipe that also uses rosewater and tea tree oil. Heres what youll need:

  • ½ cup Rosewater
  • 5 tbsp Witch Hazel Extract
  • 5 to 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and stir well. Pour into an opaque bottle. Use a ball of cotton to apply the product on your face a few times a day. Placing the bottle in the fridge can add to its skin soothing properties.

What Is Witch Hazel Exactly

Witch hazel originates from the leaves and bark of Hamamelis virginiana, which is a type of shrub thats native to North America and Japan, says Deborah Longwill, DO, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Miami Center for Dermatology. Once harvested, its distilled to bring out the plants active chemical compounds.

The liquid thats extracted from the witch hazel plant has a reputation for decreasing bacteria and inflammation in the skin, making it a super-popular ingredient in acne-fighting skin care products.

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Witch Hazel Benefit #: Tones Skin

I would suggest using as a toner for those with normal to oily skin, says Bankits antiseptic properties help zap bacteria. Simply dab a few drops onto a cotton round and rub it over your face after youve cleansed. You can also try a product like Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner , which contains a blend of herbal extracts like raspberry leaf.

How To Use Witch Hazel For Acne

HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE & ACNE SCARS FAST | Skincare Routine, Using Witch Hazel to Remove Acne

Uses of witch hazel for acne People have been using witch hazel for centuries to naturally treat acne and get rid of acne blemishes. One of the most popular ways to use witch hazel is to dilute the extract with vegetable oil and then apply it directly to the skin. You can use it as a lotion, facial cleanser, serum or toner.

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Should You Be Using Witch Hazel Experts Break Down The Benefits

PSA: Witch hazel is not synonymous with your old Sea Breeze Astringent.

The harsh, alcohol-filled toner options of the past have, almost entirely, been replaced with kind-to-skin offerings that are spiked with nourishing ingredients instead of stripping ones. To dispel the many myths surrounding witch hazeland to find out who should be using itwe tapped skin experts for a quick Ingredient 101.

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Why Witch Hazel Could Be Making Your Skin Concerns Worse

Derived from the witch hazel plant, youll often find it as hammamelis virginiana water on your labels. Known for its antioxidant and astringent properties, its a core ingredient of products aimed at soothing redness, and those with oily and acne-prone skin types. One such example is Simples new Daily Skin Detox range. The six-piece collection, featuring a Micellar Cleansing Water, Polishing Face Scrub, Face Wash and more, combine the plant extract with thyme, zinc and vitamin B3 to help reduce shine, clear skin and fight blemishes.

Similarly, Boots has also recently released a Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range that features a Blemish Stick, Concealer Stick, Pore Strips, Cleansing Wipes and even a Back Spray, all formulated with the needs of the breakout-prone in mind.

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Can Everyone Benefit From It

While its generally safe for all skin types, it may be more effective if youre on the oily side. The tannins and alcohol content of the toners and astringents that it’s added to might be too drying for those with sensitive or dry skin, says Dr. Bank. To ensure you dont dehydrate skin, look for formulas that are alcohol-free or have nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera.

How To Use Witch Hazel For Acne A Step

When used as a natural remedy for acne, witch hazel can ...

If you like using natural products on your body then witch hazel is possibly one of the most versatile products you can find. It has so many amazing properties that its very commonly recommended for many different types of skin therapies.

One of the highly recommended uses is specifically for acne treatment where it can bring extremely effective results.

Unlike many other medicated products or those using chemicals and mild acids, you dont have to worry about side effects from this very natural product. When you use witch hazel directly on your skin you will be able to take advantage of some of its natural properties.

Misumi Pore Purifying Toner

#1 Rated Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

Firstly, it acts as a great antibacterial agent to reduce one of acnes root causes. Secondly, it works as an anti-inflammatory which reduces the severity of an acne outbreak and helps to cure the scarring left behind.

On this page you will find out exactly what products contain the best proportion of witch hazel so that you can take full advantage of its benefits. Well also give you some tips on how to best include it in your daily cleansing routine.

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How Does Witch Hazel Help Fight Acne

Acne is considered an inflammatory skin disorder, says Miami-based board-certified dermatologist Roberta Del Campo, MD. Therefore, minimizing skin irritation or inflammation is key to successfully treating itand witch hazel can help with this on a few different levels:

It sops up oil

Witch hazels astringent properties have a drying affect, helping to remove excess oils from the skin, says Dr. Zeichner. Reminder: A pimple begins as a clogged pore, often due to excess sebum production. In turn, using witch hazel to remove that oil from your face can possibly halt breakouts before they have a chance to set up shop.

It reduces acne-causing bacteria

When your skin produces excess oil,bacteria thrive in it. This spurs inflammation in the clogged pore and before you know it, bam, you have a red, angry pimple. The tannins in witch hazel have antimicrobial properties, meaning they can help reduce bacteria growth on the skin, and in turn, potential breakouts, says New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules.

It calms irritation

Finally, the anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel may temporarily calm the appearance of red or blotchy skin by soothing the area and triggering your blood vessels to constrict so that your pores appear smaller less red, says Los Angeles-based board-certified dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, MD.

When And How Often Should Witch Hazel Be Used

Think of witch hazel as a temporary speedy fix rather than a long-term solution to skin problems. If youve suffered an insect bite, a dab will quickly ease itching. Sunburn? It can help tone down the redness and lend a cooling effect. If its your time of the month and youre feeling extra oily, it can be helpful to use pre-make-up.

But opt for alcohol-free formulas, making a beeline for those loaded with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and rosewater that will go some way to counteracting any drying effects.

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