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Can Vaseline Help With Acne

Can Vaseline Help Acne

Uses of Vaseline |How to Reduce hormonal acne| 5 Different ways to use Vaseline for Skincare|

Although your pimples may look like everyone else’s, there are many different causes that can affect the way you should treat your acne. Before you jump on the Vaseline and acne bandwagon, it’s important to determine why you’re breaking out.

Dry skin, oily skin, makeup, hormones, and medications are just a few things that are known to clog pores. Since Vaseline is an oil that creates a heavy barrier on your skin, people who have acne caused by dry skin would benefit the most from Vaseline. Vaseline can help preserve your skin’s natural oils or lock in your moisturiser for an ultra-hydrating effect.

What Are The Haters Saying

There are two sides to every story. And that applies to Vaseline for acne as well. While there are many supportive stories on Reddit forums, you will also find people that simply do not believe there is any truth to the theory Vaseline helps with acne.

You might call them haters, but they are just trying to find the truth. Some dermatology experts say that because petroleum jelly is inherently comedogenic, it can clog the pores. And instead of healing acne, it will cause acne.

And while petroleum jelly has some anti-inflammatory effects, it can diminish the look of redness, it might not heal your acne.

With that in mind, here are some other potential side effects of using petroleum jelly for acne.

  • Allergies, some people are sensitive to the ingredient and can manifest allergy-like symptoms
  • Irritation and adverse reactions
  • If you do not allow for the skin to dry or clean it properly before applying Vaseline, you risk bacteria or fungal infections
  • Check with your doctor before using Vaseline around the nose, as there are aspiration risks
  • Last, but not least, in some cases, people report that Vaseline actually clogged their pores
  • Remove eye makeup thanks to the oil in the petroleum jelly. It is safe to use in the eye area
  • On your hair, you can use to save split ends caused by sun and wind exposure. Split ends are usually caused by dryness of the hair, and jelly helps add shine to the hair

So Is There A Way You Can Use Vaseline To Benefit Your Beard

Yes, after applying a good moisturizer such as coconut oil, you can now apply Vaseline. It will help you lock in moisture and help you fight a frizzy beard.

However, applying Coconut oil alone is good enough.

But if I were you, I would just invest in a good beard balm or oil that I can apply both on my beard and skin beneath it without worrying about adverse side effects.

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If you have acne, you want your skin to be well-lubricated at all times to help your skin barrier repair itself, says Yale dermatologist Mona Gohara. Otherwise, youre just going to create more acne and breakouts.

But even without the derm seal of approval, the internet has already dubbed Vaseline as a skin-saving holy grail.

I wanted to come here and sing my praises for Vaseline for acne on my chin, wrote one of the zillion slug-life devotees on Reddit. My have been relentless for months but the Vaseline has been a dream. Besides smooth and less red it keeps the skin so soft that whiteheads rise to the top of the skin, and, after a while, can literally be wiped or washed off. And, as another acne-prone user wrote after slathering her skin in Vaseline before bed, I woke with glowing, non-oily skin! No new bumps! And the that is trying oh-so-hard to heal looks like it went through days of rehab. Im amazed.

Can Vaseline Help With Beard Itch

How Vaseline With Vitamin E Oil Can Change Your Skin ...

Vaseline can help with beard itch that is caused by dry skin under the beard since vaseline is excellent at locking moisture in. Apply beard oil with oil like coconut oil before using petroleum jelly to lock in moisture when treating beard itch.

There are several causes of beard itch such as poor beard hygiene, acne breakouts, and excessive use of poor beard grooming products, ingrown hair, and dry skin.

Vaseline helps in treating dry skin by helping lock in moisture.

However, continuous use of Vaseline to treat dry skin beneath your beard may result in acne break out especially if you have sensitive acne-prone skin.

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How Vaseline Works On The Skin

Another fact about petroleum and mineral oil is that our skin wont / cant absorb it. It also provides no nutritional or moisturising benefit to the skin at all.

What Vaseline does do however is provide an occlusive barrier over the skin. Some people will claim that Vaseline makes a good moisturiser for the skin. This is not strictly true. It may make the skin feel more moisturised but its not the same as actually moisturising the skin.

Coming back to the fact that Vaseline cant be absorbed. If the stratum corneum doesnt absorb the ingredient, then its not truly moisturising or hydrating the epidermis. What Vaseline does do however is it prevents the skin from losing moisture. By providing an occlusive barrier over the surface of the skin, then water cant evaporate from the skin. Retaining moisture in the upper layers of the stratum corneum. Sounds like a good thing right? Well, Yes and No.

As well as preventing water loss, Vaseline also prevents other things from leaving the skin. Including sweat and waste materials. Aside from sounding gross, by trapping acidic sweat and toxins against the skin surface can cause irritation leading to dermatitis.

What Petroleum Jelly Does To Your Skin

Apart from being an ingredient in Vaseline, many beauty products contain petroleum jelly to help keep moisture in the skin. It does this by forming a protective, waterproof layer over the skin. It may be listed on beauty and skincare products as petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin oil, or liquid paraffin.

Having a waterproof layer on your skin may seem like a good thing, but the problem is that petroleum jelly doesnt allow your skin to breathe. This means that it doesnt allow moisture to enter your skin. Petroleum jelly could also aggravate problems like acne and rosacea because it can lock in dirt and grime in your pores.

So, all petroleum jelly does is softening your skin but without any other health benefits for your skin. For example, natural oils are much better for your skin because they contain nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and antimicrobial properties that protect your skin naturally.

However, there are many who promote the benefits of using petroleum jelly for dry skin. For example, Dr. Andrew Weil says that all types of harmful substances are removed from petroleum jelly during the refining process.1 Dr. Alexa Kimball from Stanford University Medical Center says that petroleum jelly is an excellent moisturizer and doesnt cause allergic reactions.2 Also, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology says that industrial grade mineral oil may be comedogenic, however cosmetic grade mineral oil is not.

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How To Avoid Greasiness

A little petroleum jelly goes a long way. But if you donât want it on your fingers at all, use a small spatula to put on a thin layer wherever you want to use it. If you moisturize your hands or feet, just put on gloves or socks after. But keep in mind that oil-based products may stain fabric or carpet.

Creating A Physical Barrier


The same oily film that seals in moisture also creates a physical barrier on the skin. This barrier protects against harsh elements and environmental pollutants that can damage the skin.

While Vaseline is typically safe to use on the face, it may not be suitable for everyone. Below are some potential risks of using Vaseline on the face.

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Amazing Uses For Vaseline

Zoe knows a lot about simple ingredients and how they can be used around the home, in the kitchen, or in a beauty regimen.

Clever ways to use petroleum jelly around the house.

The bathroom cupboard is home to all manner of long-forgotten lotions and potions. Sitting alongside the expired medicine and rusty nail scissors, you’ll find the humble pot of Vaseline. A tub of petroleum jelly is a staple of most households, but it would seem that most of us are seriously under-using this wonder jelly. Vaseline can be put to many good uses, not only on your body, but also around the house.

Does Aloe Vera Vaseline Help Acne

Its safe to use Vaseline as a moisturizer for your face, but there are some things you should know if youre doing this. Vaseline and your skin Vaseline works as an occlusive ingredient.

Vaseline keeps your skin from losing moisture, so certain blended petroleum jelly products may be more effective at actually moisturizing. Locks in moisture Vaseline locks in any moisture on your face without adding other ingredients that might irritate your skin. It can sometimes to be too thick to apply Vaseline underneath makeup or too thick to have on for daily activities. .

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Using Vaseline For Acne May Give You Good Results

Since using Vaseline for acne shows a lot of potential, you may be able to get impressive results. It’s always best to do a patch test before you try any home remedies to be safe.

Are you ready to get your acne under control fast? If so, the professionals at Dr Aesthetica Cosmetic Beauty Clinic would love to help you get the soft and clear skin of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about our skin care services and to book your appointment.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Vaseline

Vaseline with Vitamin E Oil on Face to Remove Dark Spots ...

To save on skin care, dermatologists recommend using petroleum jelly to: Relieve dry skin, including your lips and eyelids. Dry skin can flake, itch, crack and even bleed. Since ointments are more effective and less irritating than lotions, consider applying petroleum jelly to dry skin, including your lips and eyelids.

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May Contain Carcinogenic Substances

Whats even more worrying about using petroleum-based substances is that they may contain cancer-causing compounds.

The Environmental Working Group found that many cosmetic products that are petroleum-based contain a cancerogenic substance called 1,4-Dioxane. This has been found in around 22% of cosmetics including baby soaps and body lotions. Although EWG rates Vaseline as having no cancer risk,5 they recommend that consumers must choose products carefully, with an eye toward avoiding potentially hazardous ingredients.6

A report published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology on the cancer-causing effect of mineral oil and petroleum based products found a connection between mineral oil and cancer but not with petroleum jelly. The researchers found that petroleum jelly didnt have an effect on tumor growth whereas mineral oil sped up tumor growth.7

So, it seems that there is much controversy if rubbing petroleum jelly on the skin will actually cause tumors and currently the link is not established yet. However, why take the risk when much better natural emollients are available? Is it not better to use natural oils that dont just soften skin, but provide nutrients and help keep skin healthy? Especially, when its been scientifically proven that petroleum jelly does have health concerns associated with it.

Who Should Avoid Vaseline

Avoid Vaseline on your face if you have oily or acne prone skin as it can be comedogenic. Avoid Vaseline as a way to treat sunburns and burnt skin. Since its oil based, it can aggravate your symptoms and worsen the injured area. Very important avoid Vaseline if your skin is dirty!

Vaseline is an occlusive that will lock in whatever is on your face. So dirt, oils and sweat? If you apply Vaseline over that it will get locked into your skin and likely cause you to break out.

A clean, moisturized face is really important if youre using Vaseline.

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Removes Pesky Eye Makeup

The petroleum in Vaseline makes it oily AF and therefore very effective at removing stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara. Plus, its safe to use around the sensitive eye area.

As one dermatologist notes, all this makes it an excellent option to add to your nighttime routine, since the residual product will seal in hydration while you sleep.

Aloe Vera Can Potentially Help Your Acne

Can Vaseline Help Heal Acne Scars?

Aloe Vera Is an Anti-InflammatoryThere’s a good reason that aloe vera is used for so many skin problemsit has anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera May Boost Effectiveness of Acne Treatment MedicationsThe benefits of aloe vera may go beyond just soothing irritated skin.

Aloe Vera Can’t Erase Acne Scars but May Help With HyperpigmentationAloe vera can’t fix depressed or pitted acne scars. You may be surprised to find that the “aloe” gel you’ve bought contains very little aloe vera.Just don’t expect aloe vera to be a miracle cureit’s not.

Most importantly: If you’re using any prescription acne medications, ask your dermatologist before adding aloe vera gel to your acne treatment routine. .

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Tricks For Minimizing The Appearance Of Scars

Lets go over four tips and tricks for minimizing the appearance of scars. Some common ingredients in these scar treatments include aloe vera, cocoa butter, Vitamin E, honey, and other hydrating materials. Vaseline and Aquaphor can also help soothe and reduce the appearance of scars.

Consider Cosmetic DermatologyIf youre struggling to minimize your scars even after keeping them out of the sun and applying topical treatments, seek advice from a cosmetic dermatologist. While none of these procedures will completely eliminate scar tissue, they can greatly minimize the appearance of scars while also benefiting your skins appearance in other ways. .

Heres Why A Dermatologist Says You Should Never Use Vaseline To Treat Acne

If you’ve ever spent time on Reddit’s Skincare Addiction forum, you may have come across the theory that a $3 tub of Vaseline could be the answer to all skin woesespecially acne.

Claims about Vaseline’s pimple-fighting powers tend to pop up every so often on the Internet. Last year, a Reddit user suffering from cystic acne named raw_m raved that petroleum jelly was “a dream” that helped heal their persistent breakouts.

“Besides being smooth and less red my favorite thing about the Vaseline is that it keeps the skin so soft that whiteheads rise to the top of the skin and after a while can literally be wiped or washed off,” raw_m wrote, adding that the formula also seemed to help new breakouts heal faster.

There are many similar testimonials on Reddit, but many other users ask the same question we have in the comment section: Can something so thick and goopy actually get rid of pimples?

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We love Vaseline as much as anyone petroleum jelly is incredible for softening rough cuticles, taming unruly brows, and soothing cracked winter skin. Plus, dermatologists often recommend Vaseline for people with eczema. But should those with acne-prone complexions really be applying it to their faces? We asked Ted Lain, MD, a board-certified dermatologist from Austin, Texas, to weigh in.

“Petrolatum is inherently comedogenic, which means it will clog the pores,” he says. “It wont heal acneit will literally cause it.”

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What Else Can Vaseline Be Used For

The time you should stop using petroleum jelly is if it causes a breakout. “Even though Vaseline is considered non-comedogenic, it’s best to avoid use on the face if you are at all acne-prone,” explains Rackett. Wnek agrees, saying, “The downside to petrolatum is that it can feel heavy, tacky, and greasy. So you may want to avoid using it on the face especially if you have oily skin.”

No matter which product you opt for, here are some unexpected ways to use petroleum jelly in your beauty routine :

Does Vaseline Help With Acne

How To Remove Pimples Using Vaseline

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Vaseline is a multi-purpose, occlusive balm that works for just about anything and everything your skin may need. Lip balm, moisturizer, cracked heels, chapped skinthe list goes on. Is there anything it cant help? Well, maybe acne depending on your skin type. Heres what you need to know about using Vaseline for your acneand why you may not want too.

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Use Vaseline To Soften Dry Cracked Feet

As a home remedy for dry feet and cracked heels, Vaseline works great. For best results, slather your feet in Vaseline and put on a pair of socks, which will help your feet absorb as much as possible. It can also soothe, heal, and protect your pet’s paws, especially in winter.

Note: The socks may not ever be the same again, even after washing, so dont use your best pair for this job.

Is Vaseline A Useful Home Remedy For Acne

By Dr. Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Double board-certified dermatologist

For many years, it was popularly believed that Vaseline was an acne-causing substance and should be avoided like the plague by anyone who was acne-prone. Believe it or not, this belief turns out to be more fiction than fact for the majority of acne sufferers in the world, and there are a plethora of examples to prove it.

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