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Can Baking Soda Help Acne

Tips To Prevent Your Acne From Worsening

Baking Soda For Acne And Pimple Treatment

Baking soda is fine once in a while when you need quick relief right away. But using it everyday is ill-advised. The following actions can also make your acne worse and prolong treatment.

  • Washing your face all the time – Generally, you only need to wash your face once or twice a day. Doing it too often can dry out the skin too much, resulting in an overproduction of sebum that traps dirt and bacteria.
  • Squeezing pimples – As good as it may feel, you don’t want to pop pimples. This can increase inflammation and worsen any scarring.
  • Failing to wash after a workout – The act of sweating is good for your skin. But if you leave it in place, then it traps bacteria and debris. Shower after any time you exercise.

First Talk To Your Doc

Its always a good idea to speak with your own dermatologist or doctor before you put baking soda all over yourself. There may be a better option out there.

There are more skin-safe ways to treat acne, notes Farber. In general, acids are better exfoliators and do so more gently and in a more controlled way than baking soda. Id also advocate for other derm favorites like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.

Bottom line: Know your options.

Benefits Of Baking Soda For Acne

There are some there wouldn’t be tons of articles singing its praises as a natural zit-zapping solution if there weren’t. Take a look at some notable benefits below:

  • Exfoliates: Baking soda’s slightly gritty texture means it has an exfoliating effect, says Nussbaum. And exfoliating is one key way to help keep pores from becoming clogged and blackheads, whiteheads, and red pimples from forming.
  • Offers anti-inflammatory properties: Baking soda is anti-inflammatory it’s why it’s often found in many over-the-counter topical products meant to soothe minor skin irritations such as bug bites and rashes, Gonzalez points out. And, by default, this is why it could be beneficial for quelling red, inflamed breakouts, she adds.
  • Can help balance out the pH for those with oilier skin: For context, let’s start with a quick high school chemistry class refresher: The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acidic, anything above is alkaline. “The skin is naturally acidic, with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. This is a healthy level that maintains moisture while also protecting it from bacteria and pollution,” explains Gonzalez. However, “If your skin is more acidic than average, it can lead to an excess production of sebum which can clog pores and cause acne,” adds Nussbaum. In that case, the alkaline nature of baking soda can help balance the skin and bring it back to a healthier pH, she adds.

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How Often Should You Use Baking Soda On Your Face

As with any exfoliant, do not use every day, or you may dry out or irritate your skin. One to two times per week will help slough off your dull skin cells and leave your face feeling fresher and looking brighter. Follow your baking soda facial with your moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

What This Baking Soda Face Mask For Acne Does:

Baking Soda for Acne: 12 Recipes for All Skin Types

Baking soda balances out the pH levels of your skin. In fact, pH imbalances can lead to acne. Baking soda also dries out your skin, which is why it is wonderful to use a baking soda mask for acne if you are prone to oily skin. When you combine the baking soda and water to make a paste, the baking soda works as a great exfoliator. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dirt to prevent future breakouts and blackheads. Even though baking soda is an exfoliator, it is less abrasive than salt or sugar scrubs. Using a baking soda mask for acne makes my skin so soft afterwards.

Adding lemon juice in your baking soda mask for acne is crucial. Lemon juice disinfects your skin and removes excess oil. The lemon juice will make your skin feel tight because it acts as a toner and closes your pores. Putting a dash of lemon juice in your baking soda mask for acne will help fight any current breakouts you have and prevent new acne from forming. I love how the lemon juice tightens my skin, I can actually feel it working!

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Can Baking Soda Help With Acne

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If you have a concentrated breakout and want to focus the baking soda there, make a paste from two teaspoons of the power and water. Apply directly onto the spot or bump and leave for 20 minutes.

Beside above, will baking soda bring a pimple to a head? For spot treatments, mix baking soda and a few drops of water to create a paste. Apply it to your pimple, and let it dry for about twenty minutes. Baking soda is known to draw out impurities and will bring your pimple to a head, so make sure you are ready to deal with a whitehead before using this method.

Just so, is baking soda bad for your face?

While it’s generally not harmful, baking soda can irritate the skin. Most people don’t know they are sensitive to baking soda until they start applying it directly to their skin. If you do react to baking soda, avoid baking soda products and use a fragrance-free moisturizing lotion until the irritation clears.

How long do you leave baking soda on your face?

Face mask or exfoliantof baking soda in a small amount of warm water until it forms a paste. This can be applied with your fingertips and massaged into your skin. Leave it for no more than 10 to 15 minutes if used as a facial mask.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast: 12 Dos & Don’ts of Fighting Acne

  • Do ice the zit.
  • Do apply a paste made of crushed aspirin.
  • Don’t pick your face.
  • Don’t overdry the affected area.
  • Do tone down on toner.
  • What Does Baking Soda Do To The Skin

    Baking soda is used in skin care products because it has many benefits for the skin. It can be used to exfoliate, which means that it removes dead cells on the skins surface and reveals fresher, newer skin. If baking soda is made into a paste or put on directly as a scrub, it can cleanse pores and remove excess oil and dirt. Some people even claim that baking soda can help fade scars and make acne less noticeable.

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    What Are The Other Home Remedies Which Can Help In Treating Acne

    1. Honey

    Honey is a popular acne home remedy because its all-natural and provides some antibacterial benefits. Many people who use honey for acne say that theyve had good results with it, but there are also plenty of skincare enthusiasts who dont notice any difference. While some people find that mixing honey with baking soda makes an excellent way to treat acne, others may experience dryness or irritation after using these substances together. Those who want to try using honey on their skin should consider testing it alone on a small area before putting it all over their face.

    2. Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural product thats used for many purposes. Many people say that using apple cider vinegar on their face helps treat acne, but others arent sure if it works as well as theyd like. After washing their face, those who want to try this treatment should mix water with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the skin. Apple cider vinegar can be potent on its own, so people shouldnt use it undiluted unless theyre sure that their skin can handle it.

    3. Lemon juice

    4. Green tea

    5. Aloe Vera

    6. Green Tea Extract

    7. Turmeric

    8. Rose Petals

    9. Witch Hazel

    10. Almond Oil

    11. Lemon Juice

    Is Baking Soda Really A Holy Grail Beauty Ingredient Expert Weighs In

    Acne, Pimples and Blackheads : How to Remove Blackheads With Baking Soda
    • Editorial13 Oct 2021, 16:11 IST

    Baking soda is a powdery substance often used for cooking and baking. However, several beauticians and tutorials have been suggesting using this ingredient for skincare as it contains alkaline composition and antimicrobial properties. The claims further say that these properties can help neutralize inflammation and kill bacteria on your skin.

    HZ spoke to Dr Ajay Rana, World-Renowned Dermatologist & Aesthetic physician and Founder & Director of ILAMED who helped in debunking quite a few myths around the same. He said, “Although there are popular claims about baking soda being an ideal beauty care ingredient, it is, however, imperative to understand that it will not be able to remove the acne marks from your face and can even disbalance the skin’s pH balance.”

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    Who Can Get Acne Scars

    Anyone who does not properly care for their acne can get acne scars.

    Inflamed acne, a lack of treatment, irritation from picking at the acne, or your genetics can put you at risk to develop acne scars. Whether you are in an at-risk group or not, proper acne treatment is the method to prevent scarring.

    Benefits Of Baking Soda For Skin

    Baking soda is one of the most affordable natural remedies for skincare, and it doesnt require any special equipment or materials to use.

    Lets look at some of the benefits of using baking soda for skin

    1. Baking soda is a natural exfoliant.

    2. Its gentle on the skin, so it wont irritate sensitive or dry skin.

    3. It can be used to remove makeup and cleanse your face.

    4. You can mix baking soda with water to make a paste for an intense scrubbing treatment that will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

    5. The powder helps maintain the pH balance of your skin.

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    Baking Soda With Olive Oil

    Olive oil has natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing properties that help to treat not only acne scars but all types of scars. When olive oil is mixed with baking soda, it helps to remove the dead skin cells and lightens up the acne scars. Olive oils moisturizing nutrients penetrate into the skin to moisturize deeply and soften the skin texture to reduce the acne scars.

    Process 1:

    • Mix baking soda and olive oil into a paste.
    • Apply on the scars and massage it for 5 7 minutes.
    • Wash off with lukewarm water.
    • Follow this process regularly.
    • Add a few drops of water to a teaspoon of baking soda for acne scars.
    • Rub this baking soda onto the affected areas.
    • Wash it off completely and pat dry the skin.
    • Apply a sufficient amount of olive oil to the skin.
    • Massage it for a few minutes and leave overnight.
    • Wash it off with water the next morning.
    • Repeat this process 3-4 times a day.

    Baking Soda With Apple Cider Vinegar

    Is It Safe To Use Baking Soda To Treat Acne?

    This process has two parts, you have to follow baking soda masks one day and then apple cider vinegar soaks the next.


    • Mix baking soda and water to make a paste.
    • Apply this paste on the clean and dry acne scars.
    • Allow it to dry naturally and then wash it off thoroughly.
    • The next day, soak a clean cloth in an apple cider vinegar solution.
    • Add a little water to the vinegar if you have sensitive skin.
    • Wring out the soaked cloth to remove the excess vinegar.
    • Dab on the face or the skin area where there are scars.
    • Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with water.
    • Repeat the same process regularly to get complete relief.

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    Is Baking Soda Good For Skin

    Yes! Baking soda has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Also, its gritty texture helps remove the dead skin cells that trap excess oil and grime that cause breakouts. Overall, its a great product for your skinas long as it is used correctly. Being a powerful exfoliator, its best not to scrub your skin with baking soda. Apply it gently so that you can carefully exfoliate without damaging your skin.

    Although some people simply mix water and baking soda to make a mask, we love the addition of honey and lemon. Lemon is antibacterial, honey is naturally hydrating and baking soda is anti-inflammatory. In other words, this trio of ingredients can help to cleanse, soothe, moisturize and take away redness.

    Other Home Remedies Using Baking Soda

    The same properties that lead people to try baking soda for acne treatment also make it a good solution for several other everyday skin issues, such as sunburn, bug bites, or poison ivy/oak/sumac. Baking soda has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with all three of these skin conditions, especially bug bites. The swelling around bug bites makes them itch even more, so if you can bring the swelling down, you might be less likely to scratch it, which will help it heal faster.

    You should be a little more careful with the sunburn, however. Sunburn dries out your skin, and so does baking soda.

    Youll want to use a very diluted solution of baking soda and water, or baking soda and honey.

    Although reducing inflammation helps with plant-induced rashes, they may benefit most from what also makes baking soda a possibility for acne treatment: its power to break down oils. Many plants that cause rashes give off oil that clings to skin, which is why it can spread when you touch the rash and touch another part of yourself, someone else, or even your clothes or bed sheets. The oils cling to your skin and transfer to whatever else you touch. Baking soda breaks down oils and lifts them from the pores, so if carefully applied and removed, it could help treat plant-induced rashes like poison ivy/oak/sumac.

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    Baking Soda And Aloe Vera For Acne

    A paste of aloe vera and baking soda can help you get a relief from acne. Aloe vera is well-known for its use in helping to treat damaged skin. In the journal Annals of Plastic Surgery scientists showed that a topical application of aloe vera can help speed up the healing of skin wounds.8

    How to Use

    • Mix some baking soda with aloe vera gel to form a smooth paste and gently apply to your acne and pimples to help with the healing process.
    • Rinse off with warm water and gently dry your skin

    Risks And Side Effects

    DIY: Baking Soda Mask to fight Acne

    Using baking soda on the face could be potentially harmful. The harsh texture could irritate the skin its neutral pH could interfere with the skins normal pH.

    Generally, skins pH should be slightly acidic around 4.5 to 5.5 pH. Acidic pH is at the bottom of the scale, from 0 to 7. Alkaline substances range from 7 to 14. Baking soda has a pH of 9, which means its alkaline and will lower the pH of anything acidic it comes into contact with.

    Skins natural acidity, the acid mantle, helps to protect it from bacteria and damage from the environment. If the skins pH is neutralized, its natural protections are compromised. Baking soda can strip the oils that are naturally produced by the skin, leaving the skin prone to harmful microbes and increased sensitivity.

    Some of the side effects of using baking soda for acneespecially overusing itinclude:

    • Extreme dryness

    If you experience adverse side effects from using baking soda for acne, discontinue use immediately.

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    How To Heal Acne Scars Fast

    Applying face wash or lotion containing AHAs and BHAs causes mild exfoliation and exposes fresh skin underneath. Regular use of AHA and BHA on the face can reduce the appearance of scars and uneven pigmentation. Skin peels and serums containing vitamin C have a lightening effect on acne scars in about three weeks.

    Baking Soda Yogurt And Lemon

    You Will Need
    • 1 drop lemon juice or lemon essential oil
  • Mix all the ingredients to prepare a creamy paste-like mixture.
  • Apply it on the affected areas and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry.
  • Follow up with a face serum or moisturizer.
  • Why This Works

    Lemon, along with baking soda, helps shrink the skin pores and unclog them. Yogurt helps keep your skin moisturized .

    Note: If you have highly sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with water before using it.

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    How To Cut Down On Oil Production Safely

    Some people with a very oily skin type may show some improvement when using baking soda for acne, but we believe there are better options. Although baking soda may work for some, it could also be causing irritation.

    When baking soda is applied to the skin, it dries out some of the excess oil, which could clear up acne. But the baking soda may dry out too much oil, and remove that protective layer we discussed earlier. Without any protection, the skin is extra sensitive to any kind of irritation, and the dryness itself could be irritating. This means acne could return shortly after using baking soda, making it seem like it simply wore off and you need to apply more, when the reality is the opposite.

    Why Baking Soda Is Good For Acne

    Baking Soda for Acne Scars: 12 Uses that Really Help ...

    Baking soda has a number of properties that makes it an effective way to alleviate and prevent outbreaks of acne.

    Acne causes spots and pimples to appear on the skin. Dr. Kathleen Romito on WebMD says that acne is caused when oil and dead skin cells clog the skins pores. If the pores become infected, the result can be swelling, redness, and pus.1

    Baking soda has a slightly grainy feel making it an effective exfoliant to remove excess oil and unclog pores. Baking soda can also reduce redness and infection in spots and pimples. For example, a study published in 1997 found that baking soda has antibacterial properties.2 A baking soda paste can also help treat acne by drying up excess oil.

    Even though baking soda is alkaline, it can act to neutralize and balance pH levels on the skin.3 The journal Annals of Dermatology says that pH levels on the skin are affected by sebum secretions and the presence of acne.4

    Baking soda can help relieve acne because it also acts as a mild anti-inflammatory agent on wounds and skin lesions.5

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